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Pump piston | specification, selection and purchase

Pump piston on the side of this is that a device with the mechanism of the relatively simple, to one another. a choice especially for some industries, the specific time is considered. This pump is in the category pumps positive displacement are from a compartment, etc., one or more piston and multi-device control are made. Pumps , car washes, household and industrial fogging and some Dosing pump of this type of pumps. The performance of the pump with the displacement of the piston inside the cylinder to form the top to the bottom or horizontal movement is the same, the pressure on the environment and to decrease when the pressure of the air above the spring retainer Valve is the valve open and result in fluid enters.


This reciprocating motion, leading to the suction fluid into the pump chamber, and on the other hand, pumping it from the output part, the pump piston is. The simplest functional is that a pump can do. Therefore, to better understand the performance of these pumps and their application in different fields of industrial, stay with us in the continuation of more of them at your disposal, we will.

The pump piston is

Pump piston (Piston Pump) can be seen as one of a variety of pumps, industrial, introduced in that category pumps positive displacement are classified. This pump a piston and diaphragm to displace fluid use. In these pumps, often from the tap (Valve), the single-sided input and the milk output is used. Pumps piston in the general case, as a pump, Rotary, and Rotary are known that from a wheel or a rotating shaft to move the piston use.

The piston used in the pumps piston to a the Central Shaft is connected that the performance of it almost like the crankshaft, the engine of the car. When the shaft of the machine by electric motors or by any stimulus else revolve, move circulation, it turns into reciprocating motion piston inside the cylinder is. This جابجاییها lead to the change of the internal pressure in the cylinder pump piston, thus also creating suction and pressure to move fluid, etc. field, move the valve input and output, also can be provided, so that the pump could be fluid to transmit.


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Numbers call:

Components, pumps piston

A pump piston, small or large, from a few main part of which is composed of all of its activities to those areas is dependent. Cylinder (Cylinder), the plunger (Piston), the input valve or Valve, suction (Suction Valve) and Valve outlet or discharge valve (Discharge Valve). On the side of the boxes, an electric motor to work is taken to the shaft of the actuator device is connected. The design of the pump shaft, and also the number of پیستونها and cylinders, it may be from one model to the other vary. So even though the input and output of the pump is the same, but may be in part the interior of any model of them changes, there will come that naturally, the performance of pumps piston also affects.


Pumps piston in a variety of different components, sub and Spare like bit confusing, and milk also have:

  • Accumulator (Pulsation Damper)
  • Pressure valve breaker (Pressure Regulator)
  • Gage pressure gauge (Pressure Gage)
  • Gun and Lance (Gun & Lance)
  • The filter of the pump piston (Filter)

The performance of the pump piston

The performance of the pump piston starting to work with electric motors and thereby rotate the shaft of the machine starts. Network, the pumps, the one or more piston that is connected inside the cylinder, move the sweep operation. On both sides of the pump, both an input and an output intended to allow the transmission fluid with the use of pumps exist. When the shaft of the device, causing the retreat of the piston to the top or to the side behind it. the air inside it to browse the less time and some sort of vacuum, there pops that result in Valve or inlet valve opens and the fluid to the inside of the pump transition is given.


The second phase of the move the pump piston includes a back shaft of the device or the crankshaft to the original state. This move again, the pressure of the fluid inside the piston to breathe, which results in the closure of the inlet valve is. But this pressure causes the opening of the valve, the output of the pump is the result of fluid inside the pump pressure is very high, and for blow out. Now may be the number of cylinders, and the design, they are different from each other that continues, the more of them we will.

The importance of the existence of accumulator (Accumulator) in the high-pressure pump

In the previous paragraph noted that the withdrawal of fluid or the fluid from the pump piston for a customer and this is the stream hit directly into the outlet pipe is. This volume of stress can impact differently on systems have different, and it is natural that a lot of calculations designed to affect the. So here have a solution to be considered that the intensity of impact absorption, and neutral, and the fluid slowly and steadily pumping be.


The best strategy for the use of the accumulator on the side of the pump piston is. Fluid out of the pump directly into the tank is being directed. So after you have hit the fluid to be absorbed, etc. much easier and with less severity than it is outside. In the meantime, in the upper part of accumulator A the inlet valve, air for, check valve, there is this trend to steadily continue.

Types of piston pumps

According to the number of پیستونها, and the number of cylinders used in pumps piston, it is possible to change in different parts of the pumps there. In fact, how to move the piston inside the cylinder and how to displace fluid within the pump factors that can be different models of these devices to determine their. Now ۴ model of the pump piston in the market, there are:

Pump piston lift, or lift, (Lift, Piston Pump)

In this type of pumps, etc. the piston handled can be used to control the device and also control the tap input device helps the liquid to the high transmit. In the lower part of the stroke (Stroke), or the course of the devices, the flow of fluid through the control devices, which in the piston of the spoils to the side of the upper part of the cylinder and the cylinder moves. Therefore, after the transfer of the fluid in the upper part of the cylinder, etc. the piston to the previous state should be, and this trend continues.

Pump piston power or force (Force Pump)

In this type of pumps, etc. the piston moves from the top to the bottom, leading to the motion of a fluid at the valve Inlet cylinder and cause it moves, the lower part of the cylinder is. Finally, under the pressure of the piston, the liquid inside the cylinder, come down and to the side of the valve output is being directed.

Pump, piston, thrust (Axial Piston Pump)

This pump can be used in pumps handling positive the alliance that has several Pistons in a row are determined. When the shaft moves, etc. پیستونهای pump to the axis and parallel to the Switch, they are in a result of the fluid, and the transmission is given. This pump is the best option for compressor air conditioner car air conditioner car), pumps, separate, and also pumps used in hydraulic motors are.

Pump piston radial (Radial Piston Pump)

Why choose this name for the pumps, in. the Pistons in the direction of the radius of the circle is. You can consider a circle, each of which پیستونها as the radius of this circle move. The shaft used in the pumps of centrifugal type and is relocating it around an axis, causing the movement went back, the piston inside the cylinder and, consequently, the transmission fluid is. Pump radial piston fluid with high pressure, Dubai, down and swing without pumping it. The efficiency of the pump radial piston is high, and the noise a little creating.

The materials used in the construction of the piston pump

The materials employed in the design and manufacture of pumps piston mainly to the application of the pump depends on. In any case, the materials used for the chamber and the cylinder, the pump should be resistance, have adequate. In order to avoid the influence of the environment on the body of the pump, as well as resistance against rust, and the fluid is. it is necessary that from resistant materials, conditions, corrosive used. For this reason, some of the types of materials used in the pumps piston includes the following items are:

  • Cast iron with tensile strength. high strength and high resistance to scratches and withstand the force of the offers that for pumps pressure washer is suitable.
  • Plastic materials are cheap, and the resistance, high against rust and chemicals have. So in pumps small submersible pumps low pressure are used.
  • Alloys, steel and stainless steel against rust and chemicals, safety and resistance are good, and tensile strength, they are compared to plastic, the better, and the reason for pumps pressure filling to go.

Next to these three groups. another material include aluminum, powder coated brass, bronze, etc. of ceramic and nickel alloy for both pumps piston used to that still use them under the environmental conditions and the application of the pump is located.

Applications piston pump

Generally, the pump piston to the pressures of high output between ۱۰۰ up ۱۰۰۰ handled once they are. Pumps in the construction of fountains strong pressure are used and why, as Carwash pumps also are known. This pump can expect high pressure and Dubai, the bottom was found that in some of the factories and workshops are used. From the pump body, stainless steel can be used for devices desalination used, as well as for factories, carbonated drinks, too, are right.

piston Pumps in industries like steel industry and metal industry, oil and gas, as well as the following are used:

  • Fuel injection and chemicals
  • Cutting metal, glass, stone and ceramic
  • Transfer and pumping substances like paint or liquid chocolate
  • Test tube and hydrostatic test
  • کارواشهای traditional and household and industrial washing
  • Used to remove grease, sediment and rust

Advantages and disadvantages of the piston pump

The main advantages of pumps piston can be used in a few cases, the following summarized:

  • Cover domain, compressive strength, very wide
  • The possibility of power management and power without a change in the speed of the fluid flow
  • The low rate of pressure changes and the speed of the stream output and stable, being it in different conditions
  • Good control on the output current for the transfer of liquids گرانرو such as slurry and fluid similar

But it is natural that for this category of pumps, disadvantages also exist that can be pointed to the following:

  • The cost of the repair, maintenance and operation of these pumps are usually heavy.
  • Speed current output, they are low.
  • Stream them for a customer has been and you need to accumulator are.

Brands, the manufacturer of the pump piston

Some of the companies producing the pose and brands of pump piston

Buy pump piston

The pump piston is a good option for transition color, transfer شیرینیها and cocoa concentrated, transmission fluid گرانرو, transmission, syrups, edible, and similar items. This pump for Radial and axial application have more, and the possibility of a change in design, they are there. For the purchase of pumps piston must be factors, such as, body conditions, install the device, environmental conditions, and the fluid under consideration for the transfer to be considered. To get more information about the types of pump, piston, etc. technical specifications and inquiry, with experts Sam equip please contact us.