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Shop be the industry representative, the official import of motor Siemens, siemens , the German models

The brand of the electric motor of the best type of electric motor in the surface world, which is, that in several types in the world produced and supplied. But in the Iranian market a few types of different types of Gearbox, Siemens is available.

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Types of electric motors available in Iran

Electric motor three phase Siemens

Electric motor single phase Siemens

Gearbox Siemens low voltage

Motor Siemens high-voltage

Gearbox Siemens Marine

Motor Siemens brake housewife

Gearbox explosion-proof


Electric motor Siemens 1500 round
1Three-phase, 0.37 kW, leggy
2Three-phase, 0.37 kW flange
3Three-phase 0.55 kW, leggy
4Three-phase 0.55 kW flange
5Three-phase 0.55 half flange
6Three-phase 0.75 kW, leggy
7Three-phase 0.75 kW flange
8Three-phase 0.75, half flange
9Three-phase 1.1 kW, leggy
10Three-phase 1.1 kW flange
11Three-phase 1.1 kW half-flange
12Three-phase 1.5 kW, leggy
13Three-phase 1.5 kW flange
14Three-phase 1.5 kW half-flange
15Three phase, 2.2 kW, leggy
16Three-phase 2.2 kW flange
17Three-phase 2.2 kW half-flange
18Three-phase, 3.0 kW, leggy
19Three-phase, 3.0 kW flange
20Three-phase, 3.0 kW flange small
21Three-phase 4.0 kW, leggy
22Three-phase 4.0 kW flange
23Three-phase 4.0 kW flange small
24Three-phase 5.5 kW, leggy
25Three-phase 5.5 kW flange
26Three-phase 7.5 kW, leggy
27Three-phase 7.5 kW flange
28Three-phase 11 kW leggy
29Three-phase 11 kW flange
30Three phase 15 kW, leggy
31Three phase 15 kW flange
32Three phase 18.5 kW, leggy
33Three phase 18.5 kW flange
34Three-phase 22 kW, leggy
35Three-phase 22 kW flange
36Three-phase 30 kW, leggy
37Three-phase 30 kW flange
38Three-phase 37 kW, leggy
39Three-phase 37 kW flange
40Three-phase 45 kW leggy
41Three-phase 55 kW, leggy
42Three-phase 55 kW flange
43Three phase 75 kW, leggy
44Three phase 75 kW flange
45Three Phase, 90 kW, leggy
46Three-phase 110 kW, leggy
47Three phase 132 kW, leggy
48Three phase 160 kW, leggy
49Three-phase 200 kW, leggy
Electric motor Siemens 1000 round
1Three-phase, 0.37 kW, leggy
2Three-phase 0.75 kW, leggy
3Three-phase 0.75 kW flange
4Three-phase 1.1 kW, leggy
5Three-phase 1.1 kW flange
6Three-phase 1.5 kW, leggy
7Three-phase 1.5 kW flange
8Three phase, 2.2 kW, leggy
9Three-phase 2.2 kW flange
10Three-phase, 3.0 kW, leggy
11Three-phase 4.0 kW, leggy
12Three-phase 4.0 kW flange
13Three-phase 5.5 kW, leggy
14Three-phase 5.5 kW flange
15Three-phase 7.5 kW, leggy
16Three-phase 11 kW leggy
17Three-phase 11 kW flange
18Three phase 15 kW, leggy
19Three phase 18.5 kW, leggy
20Three-phase 22 kW, leggy
Electric motor 3000 round Siemens
1Three-phase 1.5 kW, leggy
2Three phase, 2.2 kW, leggy
3Three-phase, 3.0 kW, leggy
4Three-phase 4.0 kW, leggy
5Three-phase 5.5 kW, leggy
6Three-phase 7.5 kW, leggy
7Three-phase 11 kW leggy
8Three phase 15 kW, leggy
9Three phase 18.5 kW, leggy
10Three-phase 22 kW, leggy
11Three-phase 30 kW, leggy
12Three-phase 37 kW, leggy
13Three-phase 45 kW leggy
14Three-phase 55 kW, leggy
15Three phase 75 kW, leggy
16Three Phase, 90 kW, leggy
17Three-phase 110 kW, leggy
18Three phase 132 kW, leggy
19Three phase 160 kW, leggy
20Three-phase 200 kW, leggy

About electric motor Siemens


Electric motor Siemens, siemens of Germany, in accordance with the global standard, all parameters applied to reduce the consumption of energy, which is of the most concern, the standard today is to consider the data. These rules in the European standards EU (European Union standards), which reduce energy consumption, its main purpose is to consider is.

The company siemens , Germany, manufacturer of engine electrical for general purpose and Industrial, has been that the supply of product quality and to the user alloy suitable for increase the length of life of motor and improve its performance in a variety of conditions to observe them, that’s why can be the brand siemens, Germany’s most prestigious brand electric motors named.

The history of Siemens

The company Siemens of 1847 founded in Germany and began to work . This company during all these years, tried on it, so that product quality and international standards produce, and in this regard, all the rules and options European EU have been adhered to is . These rules and standards, in the direction, production quality, along with reduced, more and more consumption of energy.

Electric motor Siemens, one of the most prestigious and the most advanced electric motors available in the world, and this reputation has caused that the electric motor Siemens in the world, one of the brands selling electric motors, and is of course that this credit and the sale of random has developed, and observe all standard tips and safety in the motor could make the company this size and prestige finish.

Engine features, Siemens, Germany

Aluminium, etc. being lightweight, standard, being, etc. a variety of different sizes for various uses on the side of the optimum being the consumption of other energy advantage electric, and Siemens can be . This company is one of the multinational companies and International, which is by Ernst Siemens in Berlin, Germany, was established .

Today, the company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, but in different countries, the office and factory, there are different . Depending on the type of electric motor, country, manufacturer, and its performance electric motors of Siemens, price, and variety .

Siemens according to different industries and even different areas with water, and his death is different and the specific conditions tried diverse products and conditions in the same area and the specific work to produce . Including the company’s products can be applied to electric motors, explosion-proof noted . Electric motors of Siemens in a variety of base and…. flange, etc. the base and flange, etc. half of the flange and the base and half a flange can be manufactured.

The amount of sale, electric motor siemens

Electric motors, Siemens, Germany is without doubt one of the best-selling electric motors in the world and Iran. In Iran, the company’s products from 0.12 kW up to 400 kW is presented. That can be from a variety of IT products and General Electric Motor, explosion-proof named. Saving energy in both user and general industrial applications the company Siemens in the design and production of electric motors has been. Electromotors Siemens with voltage levels for different levels of various industrial and various uses, accessible, and supply can be.

Siemens electric motor under a product name Simotics has combined. The company Siemens, Germany with over 150 years of experience in the construction and production of electric motors is a leading and the most manufacturers world is considered that the extensiveness of the productions, and full respect for most standards is one of the best choices for the entire spectrum of consumer, industrial, and public Allah is.

Shop be the industry representative, official, import and sale of products, Siemens of Germany, with over 15 years of experience in the provisioning and supply of all industrial products and industrial automation , offering a variety of electric motors, Siemens, Germany with a warranty to consumers is appreciated.

الکتروموتور دریایی زیمنس

Frequently asked questions about the Siemens products

Electric motors, Siemens, making what country is it?

This product in Germany, designed and produced.

Types of electric motors, Siemens, available in the market, what are the?

This product is in Model, single phase, three phase, and with the skins cast iron and aluminum is available in the market.

Do electromotors Siemens with a warranty supply to be?

Siemens their products with warranty and after-sale services can supply and in some representation, warranty valid offer.

Brandi called optical electric motors, Siemens, what role there?

The products of Siemens the first time by the family of light in Iran entered and the brand credible as compared to other importers can be.

Advice and selection of products of Siemens in Iran, how?

Set power industry is ready to provide a free consultation before purchase to all loved ones.


– Voltage range 208 – 230 / 460 V, 575 V, 60 Hz

– Suffering Power1 – 400 HP (0.75 – 300 kW)

– Designed based on standard NEMA

– Has a small size frame 140 to 440

– With 2, 4, and 4-polar with the frequency range of 60 Hz

– Has a cooling surface (t.e.f.c.) With the degree of conservation IP54 / IP55

Benefits of using:

-Increase efficiency with the rotor of copper cast die-cast is :

The engine of the rotor is made of copper cast die-cast made. راندمانی far higher than what the standardNEMA what has been presented in the commodity.This option reduces the cost of maintenance of the engine and thus reduce the consumption of energy can be.

-The possibility of changes is very easy to flexibility:

The base of نصبی can be made with a base of aluminum, which has 8 holes, and cast iron خاکستری colors are changing him.This type of facilities makes changes easy on the engine in order to increase flexibility, the motor is placed. Also, with this method, the cost of انبارداری and repair and maintenance also is reduced.

-Design is any type of need is covered

The motor of Siemens with skins آلومنیومی or standard handheld machinery which use this type of engine are in the use of diverse امکانپذیر he makes. Both types of engines are referred to in class efficiency of the supply as well.Each of these types of engines for efficiency, the particular use case is.

Application of upload:

Motors of NEMA suitable for a variety of uses in industry, such as car storage., the textile printing, the branches of petrochemical and other items, such as a conveyor belt, and کانویر used.Industrial HVAC(heating, etc. ventilation and air handling) of the engine are very style, which in its kind موتورهایی with username, General applied can be transferred. even with the shell of aluminum or standard handheld machinery is used. For example, in industries dough and the paper motor task very heavily in the conditions of very hard is responsible for that for this purpose, the engine of the shell standard handheld machinery-choice are appropriate. The engine of SD100 IEEE 841 of the type of motor that is that you have the specifications, even beyond the standard of IEEE 841 has been the choice is very suitable for the use of hard, such as industry, oil and petrochemical, and shall be.

motor of Siemens, making the country Germany and has a one year warranty and ten years after-sales services are.

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