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Electric motor ATB SEVER

Electric motor ATB SEVER in between products and brands, European, electric motors available in the market, one of the برندهایی that has much, can play an important role in various fields played does.

Electric motor ATB SEVER now with design-to-day needs of industries in the areas of industrial complex, such as power plants, nuclear and thermal energy, mines and coal and copper (drilling, transportation, forklifts) mines and under زمنی., the refineries, etc. rigs, oil and gas, and… provide and is. Technology of these products is such that in the special conditions the water and air as well as good practice. The electric motors in terms of design, frame, and also design characteristics of the variety, quite a lot have, and for this reason, their application to a scope limited to specific campaigns.

Company introduction electric motors ATB SEVER

The start of the activity, the company ATB SEVER the year ۱۹۲۳ back as one of the earliest manufacturers of electrical machines rotating in South East Europe were known. The company in the span of about a century of activity changes in specific features and interesting in the design of electric motors is brought, that is, products that already sell high in the world.

In the year ۲۰۰۵ and with the assignment to the private sector, as part of a trading system ATB Austria accordingly and name it to the ATB SEVER find change. Company ATB SEVER over 90 year, which is because the high quality in the manufacture of electric motors, synchronous low voltage, high voltage, and generator types in the world has long been famous. At present, the company with over 370 people, staffing, etc. in addition to producing all kinds of electric motors and generators, manufacturing for the production of equipment and machinery industry, mining and energy, with more than ۲۵۰ People Power as well.

The company in forty-five years, recent apps, the other to slave labor until the most advanced and the most complicated solutions for the technical production of electric motors to work with them. Now the company’s products in the field of engineering services for the Electrical Industry, Mine, metallurgy, iron and non-metals, industry, and the management of Water Resources, and many other industries are handled,. The products of this company over ۵۰ country in the world is issued. With regard to the items listed electric motor ATB SEVER in the market of Iran is standing right there.

The direction of the technical consultation and inquiry the price of electric motors with the experts Sam equip in touch.
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Types of electrical motors, ATB SEVER

Electric motor ATB SEVER , including products that can be used in different fields, to be employed, and the variety technically an upper body design is. The electric motors in terms of design characteristics of the samples in the different three-phase and single phase , and in the category electric motor TEFC., the electric motor and the Navy. Dahlander and electric motor atex are that each of them has a specific profile of their own. To choose the electric motors to consider factors such as the number of pole, size frames with electric motors, the power output as well as the operating voltage, are very important. To summarize, we can electric motor synchronous Sur for following him:

  • Electric motor typical TEFC, three phase, class, efficiency, IE2 and IE3
  • Electric motor typical TEFC single phase
  • Electric motor explosion-proof ATB SEVER
  • Electric Marine ATB SEVER
  • Electric motor mixer machine drawing oil ATB SEVER
  • The electric sleep, rims
  • Electric motor Dahlander

Of structural features

According to the operating conditions and the use of electric motors for each application and for each industry, the variable is of structural features play an important role in the application and selection of electric motors ATB SEVER have. In the case of structural features, the electric motors in the following cases worth mentioning are:

  • The use of cast iron foundry for the frame electric motor to raise the mechanical strength and chemical
  • The use of steel casting for the part fitting the device to the various tools
  • Possibility of installation of the device to form the base and flange according to System Type
  • The use of cooling systems based on different standards for each motor
  • Noise and vibration, very low

explosion-proof electric motor atb explosion-proof electric motor atb (2)

Technical specifications electric motor TEFC three phase ATB SEVER

Of the features in the electric motor ATB SEVER, there is the criterion of good for the category, the electric motors are considered. Including technical specifications of the electric motors can be pointed to the following:

  • Designed based on international standards in the field of electronics
  • Offering various ways rotatable with respect to models with electric motors
  • Offering a maximum power output between the two kW up higher than ۴۰۰ kW according to different models
  • Generated based off the use frequencies ۵۰ and ۶۰ Hz separately
  • The possibility of using devices in the voltage range between 200 V to 690 V
  • Having a number of Poles to a variable between the ۲ up ۸ pole
  • Having a standard insulation Class F/B
  • Its degree of protection IP55
  • Use the system cooling based on the standard IC411
  •  Catalogue of motor ATB SEVER

The application of the electric motor SEVER

Of structural features and technical specifications of the electric motor ATB SEVER the possibility to matter which of the devices in various fields to use. Designs taken on the electric motors in the application of them in the following be possible:

  • The engine in the power plants, nuclear, and thermal
  • Electric motor used for a variety of Crane
  • Application in the industries of steel and iron
  • Electric motors used in industries ceramic tile
  • الکترومور used in cement industries
  • Applicable in transport, loaders and lifts industrial
  • The possibility of use in underground mines and the mining
  • The possibility of use in refineries and rigs exploitation of oil and gas
  • Applicable for chemical and petrochemical industry, and a variety of mixer and agitator

These items can be applications معمولیتر and easier in the fields of industries such as conveyer systems and conveyors, and other similar items, they added.

Buy electric motor ATB SEVER

According to the cases where the expression was, if you intend to buy electric motor company SEVER to you, it is necessary to choose the engine a few factor to consider. In this electric and for some sizes special crust, aluminum is used, which must be due to the application of their size, sex and frames to choose from.

Important factors, such as the maximum power output, the operating voltage, etc. how to install electric systems and conditions, and the operational environment, in choosing the appropriate device influence are. For this reason, the study catalog, electrical motors, ATB SEVER in this case, the Can tips right to be.

Hope the information expressed is able to give you in selecting the appropriate options according to the conditions of the operational help. Although this information public and are for the purchase and selection of electric motors need to learn is specialized. If in case, technically, the inventory and price electric motor ATB SEVER need advice, you’re interested in, with our experts at equip please contact us.

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