Homogenizer or Homogenizer one of the laboratory equipment is that for the homogeneous preparation (Homogenization) and the crushing range of liquid and solid materials used. Machine homogenizer for the physical, material desire to a small size and uniform makes. Homogenize the material by the use of the device homogeneous mechanism compared to the older techniques, causing the production quality samples than with the possibility of environmental pollution less, the probability of publishing the disease appealing. noise is less and the speed higher.

Application homogenizer

Homogenizer in many research fields and scientific, such as medical, legal, microbiology, etc., biotechnology, etc., veterinary medicine, chemistry, geology, etc. فلزشناسی., The Biology, Ecology, control, food, and soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition applications. From homogenizer for homogenizing storage and crushing substances such as soil, plants, food, etc. components of the body, creatures, such as bones, teeth, hair, blood, fungus, bacteria, and… used. One of the oldest applications of it a Triphase, homogenized milk, and Q-dispersion of fat in the liquid part of it.


Types of homogenizer

Homogenizer ultrasonic (Ultrasonic)
Homogenizer, high pressure (High Pressure)
Homogenizer Willow mill (Bead mill)
From a variety of homogenizer only model Willow liking functionality homogeneous storage and crushing both liquids and solids and other models only the capabilities of a liquids have. One of the main products of the company دامل (Domel) machine, Bead Mill can be. This device has the ability to homogeneous storage a wide range of materials, solid and liquid, there is.

Different parts of the machine homogenizer

The main body of the device
The container for the sample has dimensions of sex and versatile for various applications (usually of stainless steel, Stainless Steel and Teflon, PTFE)
The orb of metal with different size

Homogenizer how it works

To grind the sample, the solid to the smaller dimension, initially solid sample, along with the orb of metal in the container for the sample is placed on the main body of the machine, homogenizer in place, embedded to be placed. After adjusting the intensity of a swing on the device homogeneous manufacturer based in Hertz (Hz), and the time of the swing, the sample container desperately to move accordingly, and this move secures the clash of the solid sample and the orb and convert it into pieces smaller and more practical for uniform provides.

In the case of liquids also move within the sample, causing the mixing of two-phase miscibility invincible and dispersion, uniform, they are in each other can be. In fact, fast-moving, causing the smaller of the phase immiscible and put it in the other phase can be.

Company ray of light Examiner exclusive representative of equipment, general laboratory includes homogenizer Mill Mix, a variety of centrifuges typical and refridgeration, etc. a variety of shakers and incubators typical and refridgeration with a 5 year warranty prepared for any services in the field of laboratory equipment can be.