Soft starter analog

Soft starter analog

Soft starter, analog, or the same way the extent the software engine in the categories pressure, poor Siemens placed. Soft Starter can the pressures of mechanical and electrical to stop them. Soft Starter with their performance, thereby increasing equipment life can be. Diversity that the soft starter of Siemens in the production line have. fits the need of every section. Bootstrap software engine in the suffering of different ۲۲۰ up ۶۹۰ Volt and also ۵٫۵ up ۱۲۵۰ kW are produced. In addition to soft starter, analog, Siemens can, depending on the type of project and need digital type, it will choose.

Paper proposal : a catalogue of the soft starter Siemens

difference soft starter, analog and digital

:How to install in the soft starter digital settings by Keypad with viewer are done. While in analog models through some Potentiometer or deep Switch device can be done.

:Associated with the industrial network in a soft analog of this functionality does not exist, but in digital, the ability to communicate with the industrial network is possible.

Features soft starter :

Contactor bypass
Input/ output (analog, casual, fashion, digital)

The most commonly used models, various soft starter Siemens :

Some of the applications of Analog soft Starter include:

  • Pump vacuum
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Compressors
  • Exhaust fans/Blower/Exhauster
  • Mix Can
  • Conveyour
  • Blower axial
  • attractive fan
  • Fans had thrust (Axial fans) (low-inertia-low load)
  • Powder a
  • Pumps big
  • Crushing upload/crushers
  • Mills, hammer
  • Stairs animated

Article : common questions softcore starter

Price Siemens :

Due to the removal of some of the features non-essential models, the prices to be competitive and also to the day.

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