Module Siemens

The introduction of the module Siemens

Siemens module for the particular application, design, and produced. Representation, Siemens, Iran variety of modules, Siemens will introduce you to, and explanations it offers. With Siemens in Iran to be associated.

A variety of modules:

  1. SM
  2. FM
  3. IM
  4. DM

Module SM:

Module SM (Signal Modul) includes input and output cards, digital and analog, Siemens (DI , DO , AI , AO) is . In fact, these cards are free Siemens PLC with the outside world is established, they somehow that the input data will be taken, after the necessary changes, and according to the program written changes in the outputs of the PLC through the cards output with Siemens PLC in اتباط are applied.

Module FM:

FM (module, function) in the system for industrial automation in Iran. FM abbreviation dictionary Function Module and can be. From the series of cards of Siemens, which is that in the case of the public, and ordinary is not used and is reserved for specific situations can be. Despite modules FM from the description of the tasks, the CPU is reduced, and this is very important advantage is considered.

Sample cards :

  • Fast Counter
  • Position Control
  • PID Control
  • CNC Control


A variety of modules, FM, Siemens, Germany :

  • S7-300 FM350-1 (this type of module counter and pulse encoder an incremental can be considered as and has functions counter ۵۰۰KHz can be. To connect ۵ and ۲۴ volt a channel is considered. )
  • S7-400 FM453 ( if looking for module positioning of the brand Siemens are you the model meets the requirement of yours. This module can be server Motors and stepper motor, the positioning does. )

Module IM (interface) :

Module IM’s when you will need that in the control system to over ۸ module must have access and the module interfaces the ability to connect up ۳۲ module’s possible track. Can be applied to PLC, central (CC) units development module (EU), it connected. It is important to keep in mind that in each unit development ۸ up can be used.

ماژول زیمنس ماژول زیمنس

ماژول زیمنس

Module DM Siemens in Iran :

Module DM for booking an optional module of the future goes to work . Because sometimes, in the design of the project, need to add a module will need to find the will. This module is the direction of the booking The ماژولی that the slot itself has not been used .

Sales module Siemens at the dealership :

All modules in the representation of Siemens are available. For order entry way communication, we keep in touch. Sell all the modules, Siemens, face-to-face and recorded the order of the ways of communication can be. Send the order to all over Iran and the world by representing Siemens of Germany in Iran

Module analog input Siemens code 6ES7331-7PE10-0AB0 one of the modules analog input, 300 series, Siemens is the profile of it in the tab additional description, you’ll see.

Also, datasheet in this module, analog input Siemens code 6ES7331-7PE10-0AB0 you can find the link to the face download.

A variety of modules, input and output, Siemens SIMATIC S7-300:

  • Input modules and digital output ( Digital modules )
  • Input modules and analog output ( Analog modules )
  • Module, digital or analog the elephant Saif ( F-digital/analog modules )
  • Module digital explosion-proof ( Ex digital modules )
  • Module analog explosion proof ( Ex analog modules)
  • Module, function, or a function ( Function modules )
  • Processor communication ( Communication processors )
  • Specific modules ( Special modules )
  • Connections ( Connections )

In the products next to a breakdown in the case of each, we talk.

Module analog Siemens ( Analog modules )

Application modules, input and analog output Siemens is as below:

This modules to perform the automation and control of complex processes that require variable analog in the range of have are used.

This modules for connection stimuli analog and analog sensors that an interval measure they are used.

Modules analog Siemens to sub categories are divided into:

  • Series SM-331 modules analog input
  • Series SM-332 modules analog output
  • Series SM334 modules input and analog output

Input / output modules, analog input or analog output for the automation system are.

Sensors and actuators analog through these modules can be connected are.

The design of these modules, respectively, the following:

Modules Analogue has design specifications are the following:

  • Red LED designed the module for errors group.
  • Connector to connect the front that in the back of the entrance door is protected .
  • The junction of the label or labels on the front of the in.
  • Pin connectors for the wiring inside of the entrance door.

Modules HART for the use of devices with HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) in the automation system SIMATIC S7 and PCS 7 are used.

All converters, etc., sensors and actuators, and HART, who for the connection of HART protocol used, they can easily to these modules are connected.

Note :the converter conventional technology, 4 to 20 MA without HART protocol can also be with IM153-2 to the ET 200M is connected

Module analog input ( ANALOG INPUT )

Feature modules:

  • Resolution 9-bit to 15-bit with sign (with different times convert), can the parameter be.
  • Different domain measure (the default settings, the domain, the current / voltage with the use of modules, the scope of the measurements for the mechanical adjustment can be همپنین, precise adjustment, with the “hardware configuration” through the PG can be done.)
  • Feature interruption; or (module interrupts وخطاهای diagnostic limited to the CPU, the PLC sends.)
  • Error detection; can (module diagnostic information widely to the processor sends.)
To connect ترانسمیترهای voltage and current, etc. the thermocouple data. resistance thermometer resistance are usually used.
Module analog inputs to connect a PLC to signal the analog process will provide. They have to connect the transmitter or ترانسمیترهای voltage and current, etc. elements of heat. resistance and thermometer, and resistance are suitable.

For inquiries, price, module analog input Siemens code 6ES7331-7PE10-0AB0 with the MPs control a call or message us here.

Overview the wake of LCD series, S7-300, Siemens

System, mini PLC, modular, for the range of low and medium.
With a wide range of modules, for optimal compatibility with task automation.
Ability to use flexible through the implementation of simple structures, distributed and network versatile.
Handling the user-friendly design, no need to fan .
In the form of increased duties, and the need to expand, the problem is expandable .
Has a range of integrated functions for integration .
System automation safe to plant with increased safety requirements for production technology.
Generated based on the S7-300.
Modules, input / output, extra, ET 200S and ET 200M with modules related to safety easily connect are.
Communications relating to safety via PROFIBUS DP with profile PROFIsafe.
From standard modules can be used in addition to the applications of non-safety also used.

Continuity of the production of photoluminescent si series, S7-300, Siemens

With respect to the Siemens family system SIMATIC S7-300 / ET 200M is generally up to the year 2023 will be available. Then, also, which products up to ten years longer, as well as spare parts will be available.

For inquiries, price, module analog input Siemens code 6ES7331-7PE10-0AB0 press the top button with the MPs control a call or message us here.

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