RO Sea Water Desalination

Purchase and price of marine desalination machine

Desalination of sea water more than ever is considered an important solution to compensate for the lack of water. Sea water makes up 71% of the earth’s surface and 97% of the world’s water.

Seawater purification includes several methods, one of the best methods is using reverse osmosis.

If you intend to purify sea water, you should work with a reliable and reliable company in this field. MFA with more than 30 years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of sea water desalination, we provide related services to industrial units, agriculture, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. To contact us and get the price of the sea water desalination machine, just fill out the form below.

Sea water purification

The seawater desalination device is used as an advanced technology to reduce dependence on fresh water sources, increase production and efficiency in agriculture and industry, protect the environment and reduce economic costs related to water purification.

These devices are especially used in agricultural applications (greenhouse, garden, water well, agricultural land, farm, etc.).

For all uses, whether industrial, agricultural or public, if sea water is available, these  salt water purification devices can be used. For this reason, farming with sea water is very popular among farmers .

Is it better to produce pure water or a sea water desalination machine?

The price of the RO sea water desalination  machine is much lower than the water evaporation machines to produce pure water and in addition it can produce more water.

Of course, it goes without saying that these reverse osmosis seawater purifiers  (or RO seawater purifiers) are not only used for desalination of seawater, they are also used for desalination of very salty and brackish waters.

What countries use these devices?

In countries like Saudi Arabia, these devices are used to produce drinking water, and one of the most important applications is the construction of reverse osmosis devices to  purify sea water  .

We at MFA are at your service with years of experience on domestic and foreign projects. To know the price of sea water treatment in Iran or agricultural water treatment, just contact us. It should be noted that these water purification devices are manufactured and produced with different output power, each of which has a different efficiency. 

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Seawater purification and desalination methods

Seawater purification includes several methods. One of the best methods in this case is to use RO reverse osmosis method. RO sea water desalination is the most common device for desalination and purification of sea salt water. To buy this device or get more information, you can fill out the form on the page or call.

Application and benefits of purchasing reverse osmosis sea water purifiers

By purchasing RO sea desalination water and even industrial water purification to convert sea salt water into drinking (fresh) water, you will benefit from the following benefits and applications:

  1. Preparation of salt water to fresh water conversion device to produce water needed for rapid growth of livestock and poultry
  2. Purifying sea water for agriculture  and providing suitable water for agriculture, especially in greenhouses
  3. Supplying and producing water for pharmaceutical and sanitary equipment factories
  4. Purchase of sea water purification device to provide suitable water for petrochemical, textile, paper and dye factories 
  5. Converting sea salt water to fresh water to produce water for steam and combined cycle power plants
  6. Purification of sea water to produce water for dialysis machines in hospitals
  7. Industrial waste recycling
  8. Creating sea water purification devices with low cost and cheap price
  9. High power in the amount of purified water
  10. Low depreciation in marine desalination parts due to their low maintenance cost

Price list of marine desalination machine

You can order your desired volume with a free consultation through the contact number listed on the site.

  • RO devices with an output of 50 cubic meters
  • RO devices with an output of 100 cubic meters
  • RO devices with an output of 150 cubic meters
  • RO devices with an output of 200 cubic meters
  • ro sea desalination devices with an output of 250 cubic meters
  • RO devices with an output of 300 cubic meters
  • RO desalination plant with an output of 35,000 cubic meters
  • ro device with custom output –>> no limit

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