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پکیج تزریق اتوماتیک فلوکولانت و پلیمر

We produce

online analyzers

Water Treatment probes (pH, ORP)

Dosing Pump Parts(diaphragms, valves, …)

Chemical Injection Packages

WTP (Hydrocyclone, …)

WWTP (Sewage Treatment, …)

Oil & Gas Packages (CIP, Odorizer, Dry Gas Filter, …)

پکیج تزریق اتوماتیک فلوکولانت و پلیمر

دوزینگ پمپ

فروش بویلر دیگ بخار در سایزهای مختلف
Steam Boiler

پکیج API 675 تزریق مواد شیمیایی

Mahar Fan Abzar Co. provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from pumps and dosing packages, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, laboratory instruments, to a broad range of nano measurements. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in Mahar Fan Abzar Co.

پکیج تزریق آب ژاول

Main Products:


Process Pumps and Packages,

Online Chlorine Analyzers and Systems

Water & Waste Water Treatment Packages

Steam Boilers

Metering Systems for Polymers


Scanning Probe Microscope(STM, AFM, SNOM, MFM, LFM)


Contact Angle Measurement and Tensiometry,

X-Ray Photonelectron Microscope

Physical Vapor Deposition Coating

Metering Pump

Main Customers:

Oil and Gas, Water and Waste Water Treatment companies, Research Centers

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