Polyelectrolytes are polymers that, through an ion-generating mechanism, can be linked to an electrically charged polymer molecule throughout the chain. The electric charges are due to the presence of ionizable functional groups along the polymer chain. Hence polyelectrolytes are polymer… Read More »Polyelectrolyte

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is an inorganic white compound, which has been used in many different products for about 100 years. Due to its non-toxic and non-reactive properties as well as high brightness, it has many applications. It is one of the… Read More »Titanium Dioxide

Aerial bundled cable

Aerial bundled cable mean? Aerial bundled cable is in direction of transmission and distribution in the airline used, in fact, a bunch of power cables and coating that are in the rig and the foundations of the distribution of electricity,… Read More »Aerial bundled cable

water pump

What is a water pump? A water pump is a mechanical device for moving and transferring all kinds of liquids that, by increasing the pressure, causes the liquids to move to a higher height (with increasing head) or even lower (pond or… Read More »water pump

water hammer

Perform calculations to water hammer One of the main foundations of the original design of the pumping station and transmission lines, water for the protection of valves, etc. fittings, pumps and tubes, the calculation blow the Ram is. Company industry… Read More »water hammer

Industrial Gearbox

what is Industrial Gearbox Geared up in the dictionary, the Persian language means the gear box can be, but in the so-called one of the instruments transmission system power is among the motors (manufacturer of BE) and the Consumer be… Read More »Industrial Gearbox

Dosing pump

The dosing pump, as its name implies, can determine the amount of fluid passing through. Dosing pumps are used in industries where some liquid must be added to the main fluid. For example, for chlorination, a dosing pump is used… Read More »Dosing pump