What Hematite is?

Hematite with the chemical formula Fe2O3 is one of the minerals, the iron is in the dictionary, meaning blood red gives, and from the words of the Greek hima comes when the net is in ترکیباتش 69.94% of the element iron and 30.06 و percentage of oxygen is in the colors gray, red, dark or light, with a weight of 5.26 g cm cube is . Seeming forms Fe2O3کلوخه and khaki or crystal can be found Fe2O3 net that flower اخرا called red colors accurate statistical tool Gray and Persian Gulf countries, Iran also can be found.

Decomposition of hematite to magnetite and iron in terms of temperature 1457 and the pressure of oxygen in an atmosphere happens. Fe2O3 unstable when in network magnetite all ions in two valence iron to trivalent, the converter are … produced . Stone, hematite, or stone walls, a stone is very precious, which is hematite, a form of iron oxide were immense, dense, and has the property of very high failure light as well .

Hematite for the extraction mean?

Fe2O3در its kind, a stone valuable features unique and unique . Fe2O3هنگامی that shaved pussy gets to the color of the metal, shiny, turns, but in the normal color of its own . Fe2O3مثل gemstones, sapphire, and Garnet has the structure of a triangular crystalline . هماتیتی that in nature, is magnetic, but can be applied on it a process done, and it is magnetic also help .


The healing properties and metaphysical

The first time humans حدود164000 years ago from Fe2O3در Engraving and writing on the stone they used and in Poland Fe2O3حدود 5000سال ago for the first time, were extracted . Hematite properties therapy is very much well . From Fe2O3برای reduce the problems of blood very popular, well some believe that the stones hematite iron absorption and the flow of oxygen in the blood increases . Fe2O3در reduce muscle cramps, the role increase relaxation, reduce pain, raising the focus is on the science of feng shui Chinese from Stone, valuable Fe2O3بخاطر relaxing and energizing, very used . For general told Stone hematite relaxing, energy enhancers and won the thoughts nagging annoying well . ” Of course, attention is paid to the treatment of the problems mentioned must be under the supervision of a physician, the relevant case, the treatment was, and the content solely beliefs of sex, astronomy, rocks is ”



Hematite iron ore

Hematita u oligisto

Hematite from mine veseloe ( province of Northern Cape, South Africa )
CategoriesMineral oxide
Class4.CB.05 ( flaw ) (Dana)
Chemical formulaFe2O3 _ _ _
Physical specifications
ColorFrom brown, red blood, red, clear, and Scarlet, Brown to grey, steel and black iron is variable
RayaTile red
ShineFrom metallic to matte
System crystallineThree interior points in common. class hexagonal مقیاسه
The habit of crystallineMassive
Failure, fractureTorn up under the cone
Hardness5 – 6 on the Mohs
Density5.27 g cm square
Refractive indexn ω = 3.150 – 3.220; n e = 2.870 – 2.940
MagnetismMagnetic after warming
RadioactivityRadioactive is not
The main types of
اخرای redMixed hematite and clay
Hematite, brown or لیمونیتIron oxides, hydrated, which including all kinds of it can be گوتیت and لپیدوکروسیت noted
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The properties and characteristics of hematite

هماتیتظاهر is highly variable, there are masses of reddish-brown, etc. mass ochre, etc. a mass of gray, silver, dark, crystals, grey, silver, black, or masses of dark gray. Common to all of them bar the red brick. Sparkle under the metal metal, dull or earthy, there is. 1 in the reflected light, color, white, or gray to white, with a tinge of bluish reflections and internal red blood takes. 2 has a hardness between 5 to 6 on the Mohs and the density of 5.27 g cm square. Slowly in hydrochloric acid solution can be . 3

Hematite in the system, Polygon, etc. class, hexagonal اسکلنوهدرال crystallized can be. This is a few form of لوگوفنگیت And ماگمیت is Connie, the latter which in the system of cubic crystallize can be . In a state of pure, hematite contains 69% of the iron is 4 and may contain traces of titanium, aluminum, steel, plastic, manganese, and water. This is the core member of a group mineralogy, is the name of your group (hematite), No. 5, the analog-ferrous کوراندوم, etc. اسکولایت and کارلیانیت is. 1

Price of hematite

Generally, the crystals are tabular {0001}, to rarely prismatic [0001] or scalenohedral form. Sometimes also the Rhombus faceted, {1011}, which creates crystals in the pseudo-cubic to be. Often gains the following parallel to the {0001} or for Rose (“Rose of iron”) can be found. In other cases, in lumps grow up or layer occurs. This mass can be compressed columnar or fibrous, etc., sometimes radiant, etc. رینیفرم, etc. بوتریوئیدی or استالاتیکی have. 1

Hematite deposits in متاسوماتیسم contact appears, can be the origin of the hydrothermal have, a mineral auxiliary in igneous rocks, or it is the product of weathering rocks ferrous be. It can also be part of the preferences that the origin of sedimentary be.

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الیگست ground in the cave آلتامیرا was found that about 15,000 years ago as the color red was used.

Hematite Stone, the most important of iron make. Also, industrial applications, there are different: the type of red, from ancient times as a pigment is used, get-together, for use on objects and walls, and for the mark on the cow. Now, as part of the cover liners for the protective paint on the structures of iron and steel is very important.

A variety of hematite


Hematite اسپکولاریت or اسپکولاریت

Have the color grey to silver radiance metallic, below is metal. Like the mirror, the little looks, hence its name, “payable” (this product minerals from the change pyrite and magnetite is). This can be in the habit of foliar or a table, or for crystals without هدرال occur.

Hematite khaki

Color is willing to redness there. in addition to these features, this is when touch the skin, the stain does. The contents of minerals else inside it can be observed that if the crystals are white and transparent, they are probably the minerals on the are like the Hemi مورفیت or calamine and اسمیتسونیت, etc. carbonate on that treatment with hydrochloric acid are identified. When attacking a sample of hematite khaki with the acid, it can be seen that a little bit in acid solution and the color yellow comes to hand.


The application of hematite

Mineral oxide

Class of minerals, oxide and هیدروکسیدی one of The دههایی in which the minerals based on the classification, Strunz classification, they are, and Code 4 to the group are assigned.In this class 04 the following types include: oxides, etc. هیدروکسیدها, etc. وانادات in. آرسنیت in. آنتیمونیت in. بیسموتیت xHamster sulphite xHamster selenite in. تلوریت and یدات upload.


04.D – metal: oxygen = 1:2 and similar

  • 4.DA with Cation tiny: the family silica
  • 4.DB with Cation size medium. The chain of the Octagon, the edge of the common
  • 4.DC cation size medium. Sheet Octagon edge of the common
  • 4.DD with Cation size medium. Frames Octagon edge of the common
  • 4.DE with Cation size medium. With a multi-faceted, different
  • 4.DF with Cation, big up the average. دایمرها and تریمرهای Octagon edge of the common
  • 4.DG with Cation, big up the average. Chains and تریمرهای Octagon edge of the common
  • 4.DH with Cation, big up the average. Sheet and تریمرهای Octagon edge of the common
  • 4.DJ with Cation, big up the average. Frame multi-faceted
  • 4.DK with Cation, big up the average. Structures tunnel
  • 4.DL with Cation, big up the average. Structures such as fluorite, such as
  • 4.DM with Cation, big up the average. Not classified

04.F – هیدروکسیدها (without V or U)

  • 4. En hydroxide with OH, without H 2 O. tetrahedron corner joint
  • 4.FB hydroxide with OH, without H 2 O. Octagon isolated
  • 4.FC هیدروکسیدها with OH, without H 2 O. the corner joint Octagon
  • 4.FD hydroxide with OH, no, H 2 O. a chain of octagonal edge of the common
  • 4. FE hydroxide with OH, without H 2 O. sheet Octagon edge of the common
  • 4.FF hydroxide with OH, without H 2 O. multifaceted different
  • 4.FG hydroxide with OH, without H 2 O. unclassified
  • 4. FH هیدروکسیدها with H 2 O + – (OH); Octagon isolated
  • 4.FJ هیدروکسیدها with H 2 O + – (OH); the corners of the octagonal common
  • 4.FK hydroxide with H 2 O + – (OH); a chain of octagonal edge of the common
  • 4. FL hydroxide with H 2 O + – (OH); sheet octagonal edge of the common
  • 4.FM Hydroxides with H 2 O +- (OH); not classified
  • 4.FN هیدروکسیدها with H 2 O ± (OH); frame Octagon with corners and/or figures in common


04.G – هیدروکسیدهای اورانیل

  • 4.GA without cation extra
  • 4.GB with a cation, an additional (K, Ca, Ba, etc., Pb, etc); can, especially with the multi-faceted Pentagon UO 2 (O,OH) 5
  • 4.GC with Cation extra. Especially with the multi-faceted hexagonal UO 2 (O,OH)


  • _ یدات or یدات is acid salt یدیک . Molecular formula it I O 3 – is.
  • یدات anionic, which is acid یدیک to be formed.
  • یدات can be with the revival of پریودات with Tío ether hand, to bring, etc. product from this reaction is a sulfoxide is.
  • یدات are the compounds similar to chlorate are, but chlorine-یدها instead of iodine are.
  • یدها can be easily from their reaction with سولفوراسیدها and naming them diagnosed.

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