Calcium hypochlorite

What Calcium hypochlorite is?

Calcium hypochlorite (Perchlorine) a substance of white color of antiseptic that for the sterilization of water, vegetables, fruits, dishes, bathroom, toilet and polluted places can be used. Percent purity or purity powder chlorine 60-70 percent.

Perchlorine a chemical compound containing the ion perchlorate -ClO is. Name آیوپک calcium hypochlorite is. This article for powder packing, the gallon, 45 kg sold. White powder chlorine has a 33.5% to 39% chlorine granular calcium hypochlorite or chlorine powder has 65 to 70% chlorine by weight is.

Calcium hypochlorite (Perchlorine) a solid white color which contains 65% of the chlorine and is easily dissolved in water. Perchlorine very stable and can be used for a long time to be saved. Calcium hypochlorite, a substance, corrosive with a strong odor. The reaction between calcium hypochlorite and organic materials can be heat sufficient to create a fire or explosion cause. Should be away from organic materials such as wood, fabric, and petroleum products to be kept . Hypochlorite, calcium, easily absorbs moisture, and chlorine gas to form.

Calcium hypochlorite can be used in mixing tank/maintenance resolved, and the method of sodium hypochlorite injection village . From the other side, where the pressure can be Atmospheric reduced, such as a storage tank, etc. tablets of calcium hypochlorite can be directly in the water stream, free solved.



Calcium hypochlorite (Perchlorine) an inorganic compound with the formula Ca(for OCL)2 is. This article article, the main active commercial products called bleaching powder etc. powder, chlorine or chlorinated lime, which is to purify water and as a matter of bleach used. This compound is relatively stable and is compared to sodium hypochlorite (bleach liquid) chlorine is more accessible there. Its appearance, solid white. Due to breakdown slowly in moist air, the smell of chlorine to the intensity of the offers.

In chemistry, hypochlorite anionic with the formula ClO2 is. With several cation composition can be, and hypochlorite that make that possible salt هیپوکلرو acid is also considered. Common examples include sodium hypochlorite (liquid dishwasher or household bleach) and calcium hypochlorite .

Perchlorine some form of chlorine, which is very in Iran micronutrients. In the city, because unauthorized, being chlorine gas, etc. Perchlorine every day consumer, like new finds. Also for swimming pool, very full consumption.


A variety of Perchlorine

Also Perchlorine in two types of powder and granules, to be marketed, which has the following specs are:

  • Round white chlorine is that chlorine is applicable, it 39ـ5/33% is.
  • Granular calcium hypochlorite that has 70-65 WT % chlorine is applicable.

The preparation and injection of calcium hypochlorite , etc. Perchlorine the best and the most accessible and cheapest گندزدای water, especially for emergencies, and control اپیدمیهای transmitted through water and the high consumption of it by the water represents the severe pollution of water.

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Sell calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite (Perchlorine) more perchlorates salts are commercial. Perchlorates, solids, bi-colored, which are soluble in water are. Anion perchlorate, the resulting separation of acid, perchloric and salt it when dissolve in water. Most of the Salt perchlorate compounds in non-aqueous solution are. Ion perchlorate highest reaction between potassium chlorate, the generalization of the findings are. Perchlorate containing chlorine in the highest number of oxidation is. Table potential to further reduce chlorate show that unlike in the world. perchlorate is the weakest oxidizing in between these four chlorate is.

Package of injection, calcium hypochlorite, etc. perchlorate and chlorate in acidic conditions compared to the conditions of the game strong oxidizing are more. More compounds, perchlorate, particularly metal salts الکترومثبت, such as perchlorate, sodium or potassium perchlorate, etc., zinc oxide, are not unless heated.

Perchlorine or chlorine, solid mean?

In fact, Perchlorine material in white color that has the property of disinfection to disinfect the water of vegetable-and fruit-the dishes, the bathroom, the toilet and a solution of contaminated used to be.
This material is usually in the market with the purity ۶۰ – ۷۰ percent supplied.
Operating many of the communicable diseases of intestinal cholera, etc.) موجوداتد much planning that are seen with the eye are not.
These creatures, with the use of eating-the vegetable-and fruit infected or through transfer them by hand, or insects to food and other containers, etc., humans, as it is nutrition intake and have entered through the human body, and it is the patient will live.
One of the common and most consistent way to prevent getting affected humans to contagious diseases housewife intestinal disinfection of drinking water and the use of fruit and vegetables with a solution of Perchlorine can be.

The production of calcium hypochlorite

Perchlorine salt perchlorate for industrial oxidation, aqueous solution sodium chlorate by electrolysis produced. From this method for the preparation of perchlorate, sodium used. Claire with milk of lime in the presence of sodium hydroxide reacts. In this process, the slurry Perchlorine in several stages can be prepared. Then, with filtration and drying the granules Perchlorine comes.

Its main application is for fuel rocket. From the reaction of acid, perchloric with بازهایی, such as hydroxide, ammonium, salt is produced.
Perchlorate, ammonium, high value can be used for electrochemical production. Perchlorate can be made with a drain flashing in the presence of chloride production.

In fact, Perchlorine substance chemical formula Ca(ClO)2, which is used in the industry very much is.Since that calcium hypochlorite oxidizing strong can be considered, when working with it have safety tips into consideration . In a cool, dry place and away from radiation, direct sun, flame, sparks, heat sources, etc. materials, incendiary, etc. materials, corrosive and oxidizing and reducing, etc. materials, organic and fossil fuels to be kept.

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Application Perchlorine

Calcium hypochlorite (Perchlorine) , as an agent, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-odor in filtration systems, drinking water can be used.
As a matter of bleach in the industry کاغذسازی and also for the production of textiles used.
Rectorate is mainly used as an oxidizing in devices of chemical production and control static electricity in food packaging is used.
As oxidizing in the propulsion of rockets, fireworks, and in the industries producing chemicals, and some ammunition, and for the construction of matches can be used.
Calcium hypochlorite is usually to clean the pools is public and disinfect drinking water can be used.
Generally, the commercial material with a purity of 65 to 73% with other chemicals present, such as calcium chloride and calcium carbonate, etc., resulting in the production process can be.
In the solution, etc. calcium hypochlorite can be used as a disinfectant for public used, but sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is usually due to calcium residue prefers to be.

The difference chlorate and perchlorate mean?

The main difference between potassium chlorate and calcium hypochlorite (Perchlorine) is that the chlorate anionic is that of the decomposition of hydrochloric acid comes to hand while perchlorate anionic is from the breakdown of acid, perchloric comes to hand. Chlorate and perchlorate cations containing atoms of chlorine and oxygen.

Conditions on safety and maintenance Perchlorine

Package of injection Perchlorine. barrels پرکلر due to sensitivity to heat and moisture should be in a cool dry place and be kept. Also, they kept in the sun or warm environment the risk of burns associated with. Barrels پرکلر should not be in the vicinity of the aromatic substances and flammable like gasoline, oil, fuel oil, or agricultural pesticides, especially poison, phosphorus, and materials, disinfectants, such as کرئولین placed, and of this work was to be.

Price calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite (Perchlorine) has the molecular formula Ca(ClO) 2 and a molecular weight of 142.974 warm on the moles. CAS number it 7778-54-3 is. Its specific gravity 1.21 g cm cubes . When dissolved in water, can, chlorine, and oxygen to sterilize the pool water or industrial wastewater to provide.
This combination, in the group space orthogonal Ccca ( Ccce ), with Z = 4 crystallized can be.

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The structure is based on separate layers parallel patent for curved, ac, etc., consisting of cations of calcium, which is the anion of chlorite coordinate are. Atoms O, iPod, charters quadratic almost ideal make up. Within the layers, each anion, four cation, the metal bridge does . Atoms of calcium in the positions of certain symmetry ۲۲۲ are located. atoms of chlorine on the topics of dual atoms of O on the occasion of the public are placed. This combined with chlorite, strontium, etc., Sr(ClO 2 ) 2 and chlorite lead, Pb(ClO 2 ) 2 magnetic moment calculated is .

Package of injection of calcium hypochlorite


The name of the other hypochlorite calcium?

Synonyms calcium hypochlorite contains لوسانتین., The Acid هیپوکلرو, salt, calcium, powder, BK, of chlorine, lime, chlorine, chloride of lime, etc., chloride of lime, etc. of calcium chloride, etc. HTH., the cleaner, mold, X-14, etc. پرکلرون And پیچلر is.

Calcium hypochlorite is?

Calcium hypochlorite is a solid white color which contains 65% of the chlorine and is easily dissolved in water. The calcium hypochlorite is very stable and can be used for a long time to be saved. Calcium hypochlorite, a substance, corrosive with a strong odor.

The purpose of hypochlorite of calcium?

Calcium hypochlorite is a inorganic compound that forms a grain or a pill added to the water can easily become infected by germs, which can be people sick, work. destroy. When this is combined properly used, the microbes that can cause of health problems, numerous insurgents. destroys.