Pure Teflon thread

Teflon fireproof thread or pure Teflon fireproof packing is woven from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, Teflon) fibers. PTFE materials have low friction and excellent chemical resistance. These fibers are flexible, chemical resistant and self-lubricating and withstand high speed and linear pressures with minimal shaft wear. PTFE can be used as a seal for valves and pumps. Teflon fireproof wire is especially suitable for corrosive environments, high speed machines or machines that work with contaminated materials.
There are two methods for weaving pure teflon washers: the first type is that first a core with a diameter of 3 mm is placed in the packing structure and teflon wires are woven around it. In the second type of this fabric, like other fireproof fillers, only Teflon wire is used. In both types of fabric, there is no structural difference in the products, and only in the cotton type, the pressure tolerance is slightly higher.

Properties and application of Teflon refractory wire: Polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon can withstand up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit and is suitable for use at pH between zero and 14 and can also withstand pressure up to 2500 psi. The non-wetting, slippery and low friction properties of these materials are well known. This can help reduce power consumption and heat generation relative to the packaging axis.
One of the main reasons Teflon is used in fireproof wire is that it is not affected by a wide range of aggressive liquids, including acids, bases and very strong solvents. Perhaps the most important point is the ability of this compound to resist strong oxidants such as nitric acid, chlorine dioxide, high concentration sulfuric acid (Oleum), etc.

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