Boiler Antiscale

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Anti-fouling dm for cooler, radiator, etc. the pool, the boiler
Product name : anti-fouling

Type of packaging : gallon 20 liter – barrels 220 liter-تانکر1000لیتری

Product Iran – manufactured exclusively chemistry

Review and overview
Material, anti-fouling dm mean?
The chemical composition, with the scientific name of the anti-fouling known to be in the market of chemical to which a solution of dm also say. Combining anti-fouling for cooler, radiator, etc. the pool, the boiler is very widely used is.

D. The combination is that of the formation of sediments and particles circulating in the water, as well as from corrosion and water transfer to the production line to prevent.

A few wonderful application of anti-fouling

Material, anti-fouling, boiler and boilers : boilers available in the industries is very exposed to dangerous conditions are. The most important factor to increase the efficiency of these devices, sanitation, and refining them. Water circulating in these devices have impurities that cause corrosion in them are, and may cause the formation of hard deposits and compact they are.
Machine boiler
Package type anti-fouling
This product in packaging gallon 5 liter and 20-liter reliable supply can be.

AdvantagesPositive Patented product chemistry,

Positive optimum quality,
Positive ability to send as bulk, barrel, and tanker
Positive percent of high concentration
Positive , no color and smell,
Positive warranty and services the wake of the sale,
Positive send instant
Positive ability to send a pallet wrappingDisadvantagesTechnical specificationsGeneral characteristicsProduct name :Anti-fouling dmPercent purity :40%Grid :IndustrialPackage typeGallon 20 liter :yes

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