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Injection pump, fertilizer, agriculture, material, natural or artificial, containing the chemical elements that improve growth and productivity of plants can be. Injection pump manure are fertility of the natural soil to increase or replace the chemical elements taken from the soil by previous products are.Soil fertility quality Khaki is that it enables the compounds in adequate amounts and proper balance for the growth of plants at a time when other factors (such as light, moisture, temperature and soil structure) favorable ones. provide. In cases where soil fertility is not good, there is a natural material, or made to supply the nutrients needed by the plant to be added . These are the injection pump manure is termed, although this term is generally minerals, non-organic, non of lime, or plaster are applied

Essential nutrients plant

Cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus to follow and learn why the farmers fields to fertilize them up productivity have.
Cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus to follow and learn why the farmers fields to fertilize them up productivity have.

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In total, the plants are at least 16 element need, most notably carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc., nitrogen, etc., phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, calcium and magnesium . The plants the carbon out of the atmosphere, and hydrogen and oxygen from water earn. Other nutrients from the soil can be taken. Although plants contain sodium, iodine, and cobalt are, but apparently these are not essential. This is about silicon and aluminum is also true .

Analysis, chemical, overall, show that the total supply of nutrients in the soil, usually in comparison with the need of crop plants is high . However, much of this potential supply to form a sturdy package, which is fast enough to the products release will not be until the growth of satisfaction on the part of have. For this reason, the farmer is interested in measuring the supply of nutrients in comparison with the total supply of nutrients. When the reserves existing a nutrient reduced, the lack of it, to be a limiting factor in plant growth, can be transformed. However, excessive amounts of some nutrients may reduce the performance of the be.

Determine the need for nutrients

Determine the dietary requirements of a product is one of the essential aspects of technology, injection pump, fertilizer, agriculture . The appearance of a product on growing may indicate a need to injection pump manure to be, although in some plants need more nutrients or different, may be easily visible. If such problems exist, should its nature be detected in quantity, lack of it, to be specified, and the amount and type of infusion pump, agricultural fertilizer needed for a product to be determined. There is no substitute for careful examination of the plants and the soil conditions at the farm, and to follow it, simple experiments, infusion pump, fertilizer, agriculture, rapid testing, tissue and plant analysis, soil and plants does not exist.


Sometimes plants the symptoms of poor nutrition indicates. For example, chlorosis (yellow or green), but reflects the lack of sulfur and nitrogen. Lack of iron causes tissue, white, or yellow color can be. However, the symptoms can be incorrectly interpreted. Plant disease can be looking like a lack of minerals create the work. as different creatures can appear. Drought or cultivated, or the application of the injection pump, agricultural fertilizer, each of which may be symptoms of a lack of it.

Farm after the diagnosis, the results may be tested in the greenhouse, or do the test strip on the farm approved. In the experiment, the band, etc. elements of the injection pump fertilizer suspected shortage, alone or in combination are added and plant growth, the resultant can be observed. At a later stage, should the amount of the deficiency determined.

An experiment on the farm can be with the addition of nutrients to the product with different rates did.

Reply derived from the performance in relation to the amounts of nutrients supplied represents the power supply of the soil, unfertilized according to bushels or tons, the product will be. If the performance increase is too much, the practice shows that the soil, a small amount of a food substance is. Such tests, track and field, is possible, practical or not, because it might cost a lot in time and costs. Laboratory testing of the soil in most areas is available. They tested chemical soil to estimate the availability of nutrients, they do. Kit commercial soil testing results can offer that, depending on the techniques and the interpretation may be very inaccurate they are. In fact, the most accurate system includes laboratory analysis of the content of nutritious components of the plant, such as leaf. The results, when the response function to the application of the injection pump manure in the tests field correlation have, etc. can be the best estimate of the shortfall offer. Further development of techniques of remote sensing, such as photography, infrared, etc. in the hands of the study and may, ultimately, to the most valuable techniques for such turn.

The economy of injection pump manure

A practical purpose of determining the amount of nutrients to add is. Since the farmer wants to know when buying infusion pump, manure, how much profit should be expected, etc. tests as the estimated increase in the production of the product that add nutrients arises, interpretation, they are. The cost of nutrients shall be equal to the value of the product, or even against alternative methods, such as investing money in something else, with the potential returns more balanced be. Law of diminishing returns in the technology of injection pump manure into good example has been struck. After a point known. input equal of chemicals increases the yield less and less. The goal of the farmer, the use of injection pump manure in such a way that the most profitable rates of consumption to the work place. The application of the injection pump, manure, ideal also consume too much and untimely minimizes not only for the farmer is vain, but for the waterways adjacent is also harmful. Unfortunately, water pollution caused by runoff injection pump, agricultural fertilizer, etc. that the effectiveness of it far beyond the farmer and farms is an external effect is negative, which costs and market prices amorphous terms, don’t be.

Injection pump manure can make changes to profitable agricultural help . Operators can cost per unit of production will decrease, and the margin of returns relative to the cost of the whole with the increase of the consumption of injection pump manure on the original products cash and feed increase. Then they are in a position that protection from dirt and other that when changing the ground level of the products, the surplus to other purposes required is a return on their investment.

Injection pump manure dildo

Injection pump, fertilizer, agricultural chemical, modern, include one or more elements of the three most important elements in plant nutrition are: nitrogen, etc. , phosphorus, and potassium . The elements sulfur, magnesium and calcium in the second degree, the importance of the group.

Ammonium nitrate
Ammonium nitrate

More injection pump manure nitrogen from synthetic ammonia to come . The chemical composition of (NH 3 ) or as gas or water solution can be used, or a salt such as ammonium sulfate, etc. ammonium nitrate, phosphate and ammonium can be transformed, but the waste from packing houses, waste, refined, and sewage injection pump, manure, livestock, as well. Resources common it is, since the amount of nitrogen it is high and easily in the soil to ammonia, turns, etc. urea is one of the concentrated most injection pump manure nitrogen is. This is a combination of cheap prices is that in the injection pump, manure, mix, and also alone in the dirt, used, or on the foliage spray can be . With the formaldehyde injection pump, manure, methylene urea, gives, which fix nitrogen slowly, steadily and uniformly, and makes a year save a full time consumed.

Injection pump manure phosphorus include calcium phosphate, which is of stone or bone phosphate comes. With the amount of calcium phosphate with sulfuric acid and phosphoric super phosphate solution, and more super phosphate triple, respectively, to come. Injection pump manure, potassium, namely, potassium chloride and potassium sulfate of potash reserves are extracted. Of the combinations of commercial potassium, produced, almost 95% of them in agriculture, as the injection pump manure used.

Injection pump manure mixture contains more than one of the three material major nutrients – nitrogen, etc., phosphorus, and potassium. The air injection pump manure, a phrase, it is customary that represents the percentage of the elements of the food plant on an injection pump fertilizer agriculture. So, a grid 10-20-10 mixture contains 10% nitrogen, etc., 20% of phosphorus and 10 percent potash is. Injection pump manure mixture can be up to hundreds of methods formulated village.

Injection pump fertilizer agriculture organic and methods

The use of injection pump manure and compost as injection pump, manure, probably as old as agriculture. Many systems of traditional agriculture still to this injection pump, fertilizer, sustainable agriculture relies are and use them for the productivity of organic farms, approved, etc., in which the injection pump, manure, synthetic are not permitted, etc. is vital.

Injection pump manure, farmyard

Injection pump, agricultural fertilizer, agricultural
Injection pump, agricultural fertilizer, agricultural

Among the sources of organic matter and nutrients, herbal, infusion pump, manure, livestock is of significant importance has been. Injection pump manure to the meaning of the waste from the stables and warehouses, including waste and straw and other materials, the bed is. Lots injection pump manure by livestock production . Such injection pump fertilizer کشاورزیی in maintaining and improving soil value. Due to the existence of nutrients, plant, humus, and organic substances contained in it

Due to the potential maintenance of the pathogen, the human rights National Organic Standards USDA recipe gives the injection pump, manure, Raw should be a maximum of 90 or 120 days before harvest, depending on the part harvested from the product in contact with the ground is.

Used. Injection pump manure compost is five times in 15 days converted to a temperature of 55 to 77.2 degrees Celsius (131 to 171 ° F) is reached., the limit on the current consumption does not. Since the injection pump manure must be carefully managed to make the greatest profit from it, acquired, some of the farmers may be reluctant to spend the time and effort it takes not to have. Injection pump manure, should be carefully stored to lose nutrients, especially nitrogen, is minimized. Should be at the right time on the right type of product applied. It is also possible to obtain the full value of the nitrogen and potash contained in the injection pump, agricultural fertilizer, etc. to the injection pump manure extras such as oxide of phosphorus is needed.

Injection pump manure injection pump manure are approximate 0.5-0.25-0.5 (percent nitrogen, etc., zinc oxide, phosphorus and potash) with at least two-thirds of nitrogen in the forms does the effect of grading can be.

Considering that the nutrients, mainly in the form of non-minerals that are by the plants cannot absorb them. the microbes in the soil to decompose organic substances and convert nutrients into a state of “” are needed. In comparison. injection pump, manure, artificial now to shape of the mineral are and can directly by plants are attracted. In the calcareous soil conditions that correctly tillage veils, returns resulting from the injection pump, manure, artificial, usually more than the amount equivalent to the injection pump fertilizer agriculture. However, injection pump, fertilizer, agriculture, livestock, health benefits of indirect there are a lot of. Humus meet that with the increase in the capacity to absorb and store water. increase aeration, and with the support of the activity of the lower organisms, etc. of the physical characteristic of the soil improves. Injection pump manure inserted into the soil surface to prevent erosion caused by heavy rain and reduce the evaporation of water from the surface can help. In fact, the value of the injection pump, agricultural fertilizer, as a matter of mulch straight possible is more than worth it as a source of essential nutrients, the plant is.

Injection pump manure, green

Nitrogen fixation
Nitrogen fixation

In areas of relatively wet or injection pump, manure, Green can yield and the quality of the soil will improve. It is cultivated and ploughed can be a product, injection pump, manure, green because of the beneficial effects, although during development it may be why be. These products, injection pump, manure, Green, usually one year are, what علفها or cereal tourists, are, that the roots they contain bacteria that are capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen are. Including the benefits of the injection pump, manure, Green can be used to add nitrogen to the soil, increasing fertility, public, reduce erosion, improve physical condition and reduce the waste of nutrients caused by washing noted. The disadvantages are: the chance of failure to achieve growth satisfying. There is a possibility that the cost of cultivation injection pump manure from the cost of the use of nitrogen more trading be. The possible increase of disease, pests, insects, and nematodes (parasitic worms); and the probability of discharge, soil moisture by-product.

Products, injection pump, manure, Green, usually in the fall are planted in the spring before planting the crop summer under cultivation process. Their value as a source of nitrogen, especially legumes. for certain products, such as potatoes, cotton, and corn (maize) without hesitation. For other products, such as peanuts (peanuts, etc. of your cereal), this action is suspicious.


دوزینگ injection pump relative دوزاترون دوساترون دساترون

Soil and not as injection pump manure used compost in agriculture and gardening, mainly as a modifier, because the content of a little bit of plant nutrients are. May the soil be included, or on the surface of the mulch, be. Of heavy usage is common.

Compost is basically a pile of organic material decayed, which is from the remains of plants, mature to be made. Usually, the addition of nitrogen during the decomposition recommended. The result is a fragile matter, which, when added to the soil for nitrogen with the product, the competition does not. When properly prepared it. free of odors unpleasant. Compost usually contains about 2% nitrogen, etc. 0.5 to 1% phosphorus and about 2% potassium. Nitrogen compost slowly becomes available and never have to nitrogen of mineral resources not near. This slow release nitrogen, etc., washing reduces and availability in the whole growing season increases . Compost upload basically injection pump fertilizer کشاورزیی with the content of nutrients are low, which explains why large amounts consumed. The maximum benefits of compost on soil structure (density, better, spaces, vents and water storage), and the performance of the product, usually after several years of use occurs.

In agriculture, the practical use of the plant, compost, have been using the remnants of the amateur to be compared. The beneficial effects of most of the soil is usually caused by working less to simply following the remnants of the amateur . Also, since half of the organic material in the compost from the heart. the remnants of the newly applied with the same speed, twice the area of that debris compost the cover content. cover. In areas where injection pump, fertilizer, agricultural, commercial, expensive, cheap labor, and equipment are simple, etc. however, the compost needs are met, and makes a practice is reasonable.

Sludge, wastewater, solid debris from the wastewater, the Organic Agriculture approved are not allowed, although in other environments, non-organic, are used. After processing, suitable, as the injection pump, agricultural fertilizer and as modifiers of soil for use in grass, parks, and golf courses sold. Use بیوسولیدهای human in agriculture is controversial, because of concerns that there are even treated wastewater may contain harmful bacteria, etc., virus., the remains of the medicinal, and contain heavy metals.

Injection pump hydraulic دوزاترون and میکسترون

Lime storage

to reduce the acidity of the soil extensively in wet areas that precipitation of calcium and magnesium from the soil out and brings in conclusion, the acidic conditions created it. done. Calcium and magnesium of the major nutrients of the plant are that by calcareous Materials Supply are. Milled limestone is widely used for this purpose used. Active agent of it. of calcium carbonate, with the soil reacts to the acidity to cut it. Then, the calcium-to-use plant is available. Limestone, normal), especially dolomite, etc., containing magnesium carbonate also are, so magnesium plant will also supply them.

Marl and gypsum, forms, software, and gross limestone, and are sometimes referred to as calcareous materials, and the like Shell are used. Calcium sulfate ( gypsum ) and calcium chloride, etc., but for the lime out is inappropriate, because although the calcium they are readily soluble is remaining harmful from the people you leave behind. Organic standards by the EU and the US Food and Drug Administration, the United States, some of the factors calcareous limit. For example, limestone, burnt lime, hydrated for organic farms approved in the United States are not permitted.

Lime by mixing uniform it with the surface layer of soil is applied. It can be at any time of year in the land ploughed for products spring or cereals, winter, or in the Meadows, permanent use. After use, etc. plow., the disc or scraping it with soil mix does. Such tillage is usually is essential, because the calcium in most of the soil gently to the bottom side of the immigration does. Limestone, usually by truck, special equipped and owned by operators, custom apply.

Injection pump relative fertilizer, chlorine additive, vitamin دوزاترون France Dosatron دوساترون

The application of the injection pump manure

Injection pump manure may take the form of a solid, etc. of a fluid or gas into the soil be added that this choice depends on many factors. Generally, the farmer tries with a minimum cost of money and labor, yield satisfactory acquired.

Injection pump manure can be used for liquid or solid used. When used as the liquid regions of the trap be collected, etc. is possible as long as need be in the storage tanks and then to the device, distribution or sprinkler irrigation system pump can be . This delivery method will reduce, but odors, harmful, it objectionable. Player injection pump manure solid that can be used for compost are also used, material to the farm, pass, etc., it’s crushed and evenly on the ground plays. This process can be found in the proper time, including the winter did, but rarely when the product is growing.

Injection pump hydraulic and Injection pump relative دوزاترون France Injection pump relative دوزاترون France دوزینگ medication, antibiotics, additives  دوزینگ injection pump relative دوزاترون دوساترون دساترون دوزینگ injection pump relative دوزاترون دوساترون دساترون Injection pump relative دوزاترون France دوزینگ medication, antibiotics, additives دوزینگ injection pump relative دوزاترون دوساترون دساترون
Injection pump manure

Use of infusion pump, manure, solid, granulated or bullet with improved equipment design has been helping. Such devices, depending on the design, they can be injection pump, agricultural fertilizer at time of planting sediment on. product growing your message or material experience. Distributors injection pump manure solid has a hopper wide with holes in the bottom. Distribution with a variety of tools, such as roller, etc. agitator or Sling, endless, which passes from the floor, funnel, etc. can be done. پخشکنندههای player has a funnel tube shape are the material from which the disks revolving happens that it’s at a bar broad distribution outlets. Therefore, injection pump, agricultural fertilizer for most plants and کولتیواتورهای تراکتوری and to drill cereals and some types of Plough is available. They injection pump manure when planting without damage to the grain on the side of the seed are, however, the nutrients during the initial growth easily available. The location placement of the injection pump, manure, due to the variety of products is different. Some crops need to paste the top of the seed are, while some other time, the more successful are that the injection pump manure under the grain.

Injection pump relative fertilizer, chlorine additive, vitamin دوزاترون France Dosatron دوساترون
The application of the injection pump manure

Use of infusion pump, manure, and liquid ammonia is growing, especially ammonia, anhydrous, which as liquid under pressure is used, but when the pressure of the atmosphere can be left to natural gas can be transformed . However, ammonia without water is very corrosive, etc. flammable, and in the absence of correct use is very dangerous. Thus, the functional equipment is specialized. Typically, the applicator blade into the shape of the chisel, which is the tube in the rear part, it is installed to ammonia in the 13 to 15 cm (5 to 6 inches) below the soil level guidance. The pipes of a tank, pressure mounted on the top are fed. Injection pump manure liquid mixture containing nitrogen, etc., phosphorus, and potassium can be applied directly to the surface of the soil or as foliar spray by sprayer farm in which crops grow closer grow, acts of will. Large areas can be quickly used from aircraft cover, alliance, etc. that can be injection pump, manure, liquid and dry your distribution does.

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