Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

Introduction of wastewater treatment by MBBR method

  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
  • Adherent growth with mobile media
  • Small plastic parts cause the growth of attached bacteria.


Steps of wastewater treatment package  by MBBR method

  • Garbage to preserve MBBR media
  • Balancing tank
  • MBBR tank
  • Sedimentation tank
  • Chlorination tank
  • Sludge digestion tank

packing media waste water treatment

Components of growth unit attached with MBBR mobile media

  • CS structure with epoxy coating
  • Small size garbage collector at the entrance
  • Sludge pump
  • Blower roots or side channel according to the size
  • Fine Bubble Diffuser
  • Chlorination package
  • Media packing
  • Automatic switchboard with emergency switch


Where is attached growth with moving media used?

  • Wastewater treatment of hotels, restaurants and towns
  • Wastewater of entertainment and sports centers
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)

Advantages of MBBR method in sanitary wastewater treatment

  • Better removal of cyanide, formaldehyde and phenol
  • High dilution ability and reduction of sedimentation pond load
  • Increasing the settling power of the resulting materials
  • Increasing the speed of the aeration process and, as a result, lower energy costs
  • No need to return the activated sludge from the secondary clarifier to the aeration pond and the sufficiency of the stuck sludge
  • Optimal use of small space
  • Nitrification power
  • No need for repairs and overhaul

The disadvantages of this process include the following:

  • The need for more aeration and therefore a stronger blower
  • Higher energy consumption than other methods

Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)

MBBR process design parameters to remove BOD and nutrients

parameterthe unitRange of values
Anoxic timeh1-1/2
Aerobic dwell timeh3/5-4/5
biofilm surfacem²/m³200-250
BOD loadingKg BOD/m³.d1-1/4
Amount of hydraulic load of the secondary clarifierm/h0/5-0/8


MBBR/SC process design parameters

parameterthe unitRange of values
Biofilm surface aream²/m³300-350
organic loading ratekg BOD/m³.d4-7
MLSS concentrationmg/l2500-4500
MLSS concentrationmg/l1500-2500
Hydraulic dwell timeh0/6-0/8
Re-aeration tankh0/6-0/8

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