Volvo Diesel Generator

The introduction of diesel generator, Volvo

Diesel generator, Volvo, combines a diesel engine with an electric generator are.
Electric generator electricity production does. In today’s world where the price of fuel, resulting in increased demand and reduced supply is increasing, you have a fuel affordable to meet the needs of your pick.
The price of diesel fuel is relatively higher than gasoline, but gasoline energy density has a higher, namely, in comparison with the same volume of gasoline, more energy can be of fuel oil extracted.
Technologies six-cylinder and injection molding, electronic, other competitors, destroys, and of benefits like size, saving in fuel consumption, high accuracy, long life uses. Volvo Penta is one of the downline, the group VOLVO, etc. specializing in the production of engines productive, energy, engine, automotive, and marine engine is. And take care of the environment.
quality, VOLVO, Swedish, world famous in 1927, was founded. Strong brands, its duration file with the original value, it is related: diesel generator, Volvo series Starlight Volvo diesel engine, famous, fuel injection, electrical works that complies with the standard EURO II or EURO III and EPA to release the exhaust is. High quality products comments desirable from domestic and foreign customers, the business has.

Diesel generator, Volvo

The benefits of diesel generator, Volvo

  • Diesel engine , diesel generator, Volvo, VOLVO DIESEL GENERATORS in comparison with the gasoline engine for the following reasons much more efficient, and more preferred is:
  • Diesel engines, modern, on disadvantages of models previous which the noise of the higher costs of maintenance have overcome have. They now are silent, and in comparison with gasoline engines with a size similar to the repair and maintenance of lesser need.
  • They ناهموارتر and more reliable they are. No spark is not there because the fuel to self ignite can be. The lack of plugs, or wires, sparks, maintenance costs will decrease. Cost of fuel per kilowatt-productive thirty to fifty percent less than gasoline engines is.

Engines, diesel generator, Volvo technology, full control electronic fuel injection with high performance and high reliability are used. They have performance benefits, launch, good stability, voltage, performance, reliable, low emission etc., low noise, etc., repair, and maintenance of comfortable, high efficiency, good, and good ability to adapt to the Plateau are. With better performance, better quality and guaranteed service more compared with similar products, etc. the products are by the Department of Starlight Volvo Genset recommended.

Diesel generator, Volvo what is

System, diesel generator mean?
Diesel generator, Volvo (DG) (also known as Diesel Genset known), the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (often an alternator) to generate electrical energy. This is a special case of the generator engine.

Get catalog diesel generator, Volvo:

Catalogue of diesel generator, Volvo

Diesel generator, Volvo

History of company Volvo

Volvo company, the largest industrial company in Sweden with a history of 120 years old and is one of the oldest manufacturers of engine and diesel generator set, Volvo in the world. Since the production of its engine to over 1 million, the device is reached, and is widely used in the power sector, automobile, engineering has been used. Machinery and ships them even for generators power are ideal. Company VOLVO, etc. in the meantime, the only manufacturer in the world which is based on diesel engines four-cylinder and six-cylinder inline focus of this technology is in a leading position is located. Series generator, VOLVO with original packaging, with full set, certificate of origin, etc. certificates, approved, certified, inspections, Inc. certificate, customs declaration and so on will be imported. Our company as the partner of OEM VOLVO hundreds of ژنست with high performance, for domestic users has to offer.

Feature Diesel Engines Volvo

  • High ability to withstand the load, and the performance is fast and reliable cold start, and. سوپرشارژر low resistance and injection system responsive lead to high resistance to the motor load in a recovery time is very short.
  • The heater in the inlet manifold can be installed and makes the engine in low temperature, to be clear.
  • Work stable, low noise, design the optimal body attenuation, etc. exact matching توربوشارژر and cooling fan low speed. Pollution less, low operating cost, etc., smoke typical exhaust is less than 1 unit of the Bush and …
  • Fuel consumption down
  • Small and exquisite: design looks elegant and exquisite in comparison with other products.
  • Parts applicable international real identify global network services, global. Volvo, the Swedish center is great for maintenance, training, and distribution of spare parts in China, has launched.

Application of diesel generators

Diesel generator Volvo to produce electrical energy by using diesel engine coupled with an electric generator can be used. Diesel generator can be used as uninterruptible power supply in case of power outages or in places that have nothing to do with the electrical grid, there is no use.

Technical specifications diesel generator, Volvo

  • Range of power: 68KW-550KW
  • Strong ability to bear the burden
  • Smooth performance, low noise engine
  • Fast performance, and reliable cold start
  • Design looks elegant and exquisite
  • Low fuel consumption, etc. low operating cost
  • Less emissions, protection, economic and environmental
  • Network services in all over the world. supply spare parts of abundant

The structure of the standard generator Volvo

  • Warranty card original factory diesel engine (with all accessories, three filters, electrical system)
  • Manual AC generator for air conditioners
  • The base structural steel guide the operation of the engine
  • Cooling system radiator fan removal operation generator
  • Shaft connection flange test report categories
  • Starter motor 6 in., 24 VDC motor, charging, generator, diesel
  • Filter, air, filter diesel, filter, oil, certified product
  • Control panel airborne
  • Protection switch forecast MCCB
  • Battery setup 24 volt and line battery
  • Bumpers sets
  • Silencer industrial efficient
  • Documents, the characteristics of the random

Diesel generator, Volvo

Installation, generator, Volvo

Select the compartment, generator, Volvo

  • ژنست of diesel generator, Volvo, require that the environment around for ventilation and exhaust favorable to be.
  • Space operational enough
  • Reasonable layout
  • The possibility of the placement of fixtures flammable does not exist.

By installing generators, Volvo

  • As long as that land has a cargo capacity enough of. Platform Foundation is not required.
  • Generators, diesel Volvo from the device, shock absorption, effective use, and the foundation does not need to treat isolated no
  • For the size of the platform of the foundation, please refer to the “installation guide”, see.
  • No anchor pins should not be for the platform of the foundation of booking to be.

Cooling system and air generators, Volvo

  • ژنست standard diesel Volvo of the system cycle water cooling package they use.
  • According to the conditions of the compartment, there is a cooling system type fission or heat exchanger systems to adopt them.
  • Incoming and outgoing air should be in the plan a reasonable amount of the reflux heat to prevent.
  • Incoming and outgoing air should be minimum requirements for clearance to meet them.

The supply of fuel generators, Volvo

  • Diesel generator, diesel engines, Volvo series GF should to tank The Daily also equipped they are.
  • Difference in height between the tank and the unit in accordance with the requirements.
  • Tube harvest and back oil must be the size required to meet.
  • The system of oil supply in accordance with the code, the fire extinguisher is installed
  • When fuel quality is install the oil separator and water is recommended

Exhaust system ژنست, Volvo diesel

  • ژنست of diesel generator, Volvo, according to the standard, equipped with silencers, industrial are
  • The exhaust system should be much gooseneck reduce the total length of the exhaust pipe as much as possible helps.
  • When the length and the amount of the knee beyond the standard limit, he or she must the diameter of the exhaust pipe will increase.
  • دمها must be between the pipes, exhaust and collections in order to isolate installed.

Technical specifications diesel generator Volvo model TAD530GE

  • The possibility of direct injection
  • Governor electric
  • Engine 4-stroke
  • Has a system of natural breathing
  • Has a maximum power of 83 kW

Connect the cable ژنست Volvo

  • Air switch for generator, Volvo diesel under 500GF of air switch formatting to use that in the right side of the generator are hanging .
  • Air switch for Volvo diesel generator on top of 500GF from the air Switch and cabinets, Console-type frame, and uses in the compartment can be installed.
  • Connecting soft cable connection is recommended.
  • Recommended cable in the cable channel and put the permeability and treatment prevent leakage to do.

Suppress the sound of generators, Volvo

  • Processing, noise reduction in the engine compartment can be noise ratio up to 60 dB (A) decrease.
  • Diesel generator, Volvo, anti-noise, anti-noise, a wonderful, anti-noise trailer or anti-noise car can be noise up to 70-80 DB (A) decrease.

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