Cummins diesel generator

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Generator Cummins or Cummins diesel generator a diesel generator open 50 Hz starter automatic three phase 1675 KVA that has a Cummins engine KTA50-G8 and alternator Stamford PI734D is.

1675 KV amp Cummins clearly from the expertise of more than a century, the builder, the builder speaks – with each unit tested at one of the manufacturing plants with a high rank to ensure the highest standard of product.

1675 kVA to deploy across the entire range can be early as possible, the function of continuous and apps ready to work, fixed a diesel, industrial, rugged 4-cycle, which is be a reliable, low emission and fast reaction to load changes the offers.

Control unit for diesel generator Cummins , etc. interface electronic microprocessor PowerCommand® 3.3 is that the features set up and improve and integration the complete system provides (including Start/Stop, remote and adjust the exact frequency and voltage, etc. and also displays the warning message and status). In addition, the protection AmpSentryTM, auto power off and measure the output it provides. If this generator to choose, you can be sure that the electricity, reliable, and comfortable, you’ll have access.

Cummins diesel generator

Features of Cummins diesel generator

Products power system includes sets, generators, diesel and gas from 15 to 3750 KV amps. alternator., the diesel engines with the power of 49 5500 HP, etc. engines movers, generators, electrical systems, storage, battery and power system integrated that sets generators and Cummins diesel generator, control parallel and technology, electrical, etc … can be.

Diesel generator Cummins mean?

Set generators Cummins Power Generation, etc. systems, electricity generation, fully integrated, which are performance, reliability and versatility, optimized for apps, ready to work, the fixed offer. Features. Heavy-duty motor – diesel, industrial, 4 cycle, water-resistant, strength, reliable, and fast response to load changes offers.

Technical specifications diesel generator کامینر model X1.3-G2

  • Has a system of natural breathing
  • Have the cooling system, water cooling
  • Type of Governor engine: electronic
  • Be emergency: 8.8 kW
  • Rated power: 8 kW

Get catalog Cummins diesel generator :

Catalogue of Cummins diesel generator

The performance of Cummins diesel generator

From that time, the diesel engine is one of the most powerful and most reliable types of electricity production in the world has become. In motors, internal combustion, leading to the expansion of gases with high temperature and high pressure that gets to turn the piston to move up and chemical energy to mechanical energy, work ethic.

Technical specifications generator, Cummins series, 4BTA3.9-G3

  • Type of generator: Stamford STAMFORD, England,
  • Be emergency: 30 kW
  • System cooling: water cooling
  • Type of Governor motor: mechanical
  • System breathing: natural

Technical specifications diesel generator کامینر model X2.5-G2

  • Model generator: Stamford STAMFORD, England,
  • Has be emergency: 22 kW
  • Type of Governor engine: electronic
  • System cooling: water cooling
  • System breathing: natural

All kinds of Cummins engines

Cummins engines of the most powerful and most reliable engines in the truck Class 8 are on the road.
Existing models of Cummins, include:

  • VNL 300.
  • VNL 400.
  • VNL 740.
  • VNL 760.
  • VNL 860.
  • VNX 300.
  • VNX 400.
  • VNX 740.

Cummins diesel generator

Cases, the use of generators Cummins

The diesel generators are allow electricity to replace or supplement the electricity grid electricity to produce. Generators of electricity and thermal power plants on the basis of a principle of the act: both the fuel to create motion, or mechanical energy, burn and it is converted into electrical energy can provide.

The history of the Cummins diesel generator

Who generators Cummins’s builds?

Company Cummins nowadays, the products, brand Onan by Cummins Power Generation, one of the companies, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc. And is a global leader in the design and manufacture of products and services, the production of electricity are made. The products, brand Onan in recreational vehicles, sea, etc., Mobile, commercial, and apps ready to residential use.
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Cummins diesel generator

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