three-dimensional Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine, three-dimensional industrial robotics

Laser cutting fiber, three-dimensional robotic mean?

Laser cutting machine, three-dimensional robotic with the source of the laser fiber for profiles, three-dimensional cutting, laser, metal cutting, animated, three-dimensional, flexible, multi-dimensional and multi-angle, extended, and is of an industrial robot (usually with 6-axis) with a printhead, laser cutting, three-dimensional , that at the end of the arm (arm) robot mounted, is formed. Laser cut 3-dimensional metals with the robotic arm on the metal parts of the curve, three-dimensional, etc. pipes, metal parts, automotive, kitchen accessories, electronic components, is used now with the best cutting system, laser, three-dimensional metal for sale with favorable price is available.

  • Laser cutting machine, robotics, 3D capabilities, cutting parts with different angle and … geometric shapes and various non-standard parts have is. The structure of the device, for جرثقیلی has been having a huge space, move the arm cut, flexible he is. Laser cutting machine robotic technology is very advanced and has arm cutting its ability to move in ۶ axis for perfectly controlled, and the ability to cut up ۳۶۰ Is there.

In addition to the robot and heads laser cutting, three-dimensional, etc., other components of the device include:

  • Source laser
  • Gas transmission system, auxiliary
  • Compartment


Buying guide Czech and installment cutting machine, robotics, three-dimensional

Buy the cash method with excellent discounts

Mega car for customers who cash purchase of your doing discounts, special is considered. Percent discount, considered according to the type of device and the cost of all are variable and has a chance to bargain! For you, your loved ones will provide. For more information and the amount of the discount and other benefits intended with the numbers listed at the top of the page, please contact us. Also, you can through the form of consulting the end of the page, personal information and device type you specify. Experts set in the shortest possible time, contact you and request your handle will be.

The purchase to the method of installment (Czech)

Mega car in order to support domestic manufacturers your products for installments (Ido) is also sold worldwide. Dear customer, in this way you a percentage of the total amount of advance payment of the deposit, then الباقی amount for checks and monthly payment for you. For more information numbers listed at the top of the page, please contact us. Also, you can through the form of consulting the end of the page, personal information and device type you specify. Experts set in the shortest possible time, contact you and request your handle will be.

Buy with loan knowledge base

Facility rate of ۱۰درصد

  • The maximum total payback time 2 years
  • Determine the time breathing and refund proportional to the amount of the facility, etc. cash flow and financial status and credit the buyer
  • The aim of developing products market knowledge-based
  • The amount of support to fund 70% of the price of the product fits be and need the company of the applicant

The criteria for the dedicated

  • Granting this facility is limited to the products, the knowledge-based companies is.
  • At least ۳۰ % The amount of the contract is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • This facility to bet on originality deal, but in the absence of the beneficiary of a joint and the lack of increase in the price of the product for the face, etc. is granted.
  • The amount of the facility to the company, knowledge-based (the seller) is paid. Guarantees and repayment of the facility is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Provide the facility to the buyers State or public entity, non-governmental, subject to the escrow bank guarantee or وثایق sturdy possible.


In possession of a pre-contract, or the issuance of the invoice, valid in which the amount of the price of the units, total price, time delivery, and whenever possible delivery terms, etc. obligations of the parties, how to pay, education, training, location, installation and commissioning (if required), the After-Sales Service and … exist.

List price laser machine, three-dimensional



Service before and after sale laser 3-dimensional

  • Nowadays, customer service (service before and after sale) to one of the main indicators for the purchase of machines, because of the sensitivity of the devices, industrial, logging machines with the most recent technologies of the world and the need to have the necessary expertise and enough direction of the user from the need for more team support or after-sales service professional for permanent in next to you.
  • Company mega car having technical forces and certified technicians can meet the need of customers before buying and after buying responsive.

Customer service = improving the level of customer satisfaction by means of awareness of customer expectations relative to the device or machine

Unit customers a mega-machine sections including advice before buying, and consulting and training after the purchase of the machines ( after sales service) you have.

The services in advance of the sale laser 3-dimensional

  • Advice for free
  • Appointments in person at the location of customers in order to ease them in transit
  • Talk to the previous clients of mega-machine
  • Hits from devices sold in the workshop of previous customers
  • Hits of devices and production line in the factory, mega-machine
  • Possible visit of the machines of the world, in the factories, the main European countries
  • Holding technical training courses to familiarize with the machines before purchase and offer the certificate
  • The corner of the service mega car before buying the device.

After-sales service of the laser 3-dimensional

All machines mega machines with 12 months warranty and 10-year after-sale service are offered to customers, because nowadays, with the advancement of technology and knowledge, and the incidence in the construction of machines, from simple structure in production to Advanced have been changed, resulting in the same amount of knowledge that in the past, of the machines, there will definitely نیازمان for the benefit and use new machines reply data will continue.

Therefore, all the technicians and technical support teams, mega machine, your efforts are to meet the needs of customers in the direction of the easy user with the highest productivity of the machines of the world are.

  • Comprehensive support from our customers for FAQ and fix problems in virtual networks and provide online support for 24-hour and immediate (identify the needs and problems of the characteristics of the customers and provide solutions and meet urgent)
  • The dispatch of the technical team and certified technicians mega car in the shortest time possible, in the sight of the customer in case of any problem or lack of the ability to work with machines
  • The supply of the essential parts of the device used to shorten the sleep time devices and machines ( having stock original parts is essential machinery for the spare and also vast connections with foreign companies, and having company based in Turkey, ignorance, ease of import main parts in the shortest time)
  • Provide expert repair on the inside of the set and lack of need for repairs, parts, original on the outside of the set mega-machine ( e.g. clean room or clean room, the direction of the service heads laser cutting machine, etc.)
  • Holding technical training courses to familiarize with the machines and how to work with a device after purchase and resolve the ambiguities, and provide a certificate
  • The installation of the machines on the customer’s location
  • Supply parts of original, and the original machines from the most reputable brand in the world
  • Provide service periodic maintenance of the machines


List price laser machine, three-dimensional


Source laser

The most common type of technology, the laser-to-use laser fiber into two, the main reason is:

The blade-laser along a system of joint, such as a robot, 6 axis, if through the optical fiber to be done, etc. easier.
Parts (usually pipes, bends, components impressions made. هیدروفرم or deep drawn / extracted) thickness have limited time. usually less than 6 mm (0.24 inch) and from a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, etc. alloys of copper, aluminum, steel, plastic, titanium, etc., are made.
Material thickness thinner components, three-dimensional in comparison with the systems for cutting sheet metal, laser with less power needs. In general, for cutting machines, laser, three-dimensional, etc. together with the robot or syansy 5 axis. the power supply usually from 1 kW to 3 kW.

Gas transmission system, auxiliary

A robot system, laser cutting as well as a system to deliver gas auxiliary needs. This law is a good that the developers choose when more than one channel and route to different types of gas, such as nitrogen, oxygen, etc. are allowed on the latter.


Wave length of laser sources, laser fiber with sources of CO2 is different and requires certain precautions are. In fact, when processing materials with a laser fiber, a compartment safety approved to protect the operator is required.

Types of industrial robots, laser cutting machine

  • Cartesian or robot linear
  • اسکارا SCARA
  • Cylindrical
  • Delta
  • Polar (spherical)
  • Vertical

Crafts, used machine, laser three-dimensional

  • Robots displacement Handling
  • Robots welding Welding
  • Robots stroke Painting
  • Robots, presses and packaging, Palletizing
  • Robots cut Cutting

Product specification-robot laser cutting, three-dimensional mean?

Robot laser cutting, three-dimensional sort of system, laser cutter 5-axis robotic arm for industrial laser generator fiber and head cut, tracking system with high precision for cutting sheet metal and pipes, flexible in different thicknesses, with the multi-directional and multi-angle.

You can باتوجهبه the thickness of the sheet metal power laser fiber to choose from. Power supply, laser generator fiber, three-dimensional contains 1000 watts., the 2000-watt, etc. 3000 Watts and other specifications. Systems cooling a variety of lasers with various power and to ensure the normal operation of lasers been equipped with. However the … باتوجهبه The radius of the work, a mechanical arm, and the size of the part that should be cut to be the length of a laser optic fiber transmission to be selected to meet the needs of cutting you meet them. Gas, auxiliary, used for laser cutting machine fiber, robotics, three-dimensional 99.99% oxygen, which is the cutting precision, speed, and اثربخشبودن cut will greatly improve.

The benefits of laser cutting machine, robotics, three-dimensional 5 axis industrial

Robotic arm industrial laser cutting machine, share, help, cut, animated, three-dimensional, flexible, multi-dimensional and multi-angle for metals with different thicknesses do.

  • Laser cutting machine three-dimensional perfectly with the robot and industrial technology, laser cutting, fiber integration is automated production to the maximum possible. This indicates the high-tech laser cutting is.
  • Harmony 5-axis or 6-axial creates an area of something great, which is to the long distance access it. in addition, has a great ability in پوششدادن /production and cargo capacity up to ensure the process of cutting over Route 3, the next in the work space.
  • باتوجهبه being slim wrist of the robot and the structure of the compact, so laser cutting machine, robotics, 3-dimensional, Can operation with high-performance in a limited space fulfill.
  • Speed, laser cutting can be used to achieve the best precision machining with high-performance adjusted.
  • Lifetime long, intervals, long-term maintenance, routine, etc. low noise.
  • The robotic arm can be used with the handheld terminal control.
  • Packaging, etc. Switch, etc., welding and other functions can be changed hardware and program modification, the researcher said.
  • Other components of the device can be used to chiller for خنککردن of laser source and the device, smoke stuck that sometimes must be equipped with systems high voltage distribution (upstream) to remove smoke and dust is can be noted.
  • Systems, laser cutting, robotics, includes components, there are many, which is why with the aim of reducing the level occupied by a piece in the board and the amount of carbon footprint (footprint), some of the producers درحالتوسعه systems are very compact, but also very flexible they are.

Technical parameters of laser cutting machine, robotics, three-dimensional

Technical parameters of laser cutting machine, robotics, three-dimensional 5 axis industrial metals based on the table below were divided into

Source laserRaycus (IPG, MAX, RECI for Option)
Be laser1000W (1500W, 2000W, 3000W for Option)
Wave length of laser1080nm
RobotFANUC Robot
The system stimulantJapan Yaskawa Servo Driver
Head laserRaytools 3D Laser Head
Accuracy موقعیتیابی/locate frequent0.05 mm
Graphic format supportedAI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST, DWG, LAS, DXP
Installation and setupFloor stand/ Inversion type / wall-mounted (base insole/ type inversion / wall)

The auxiliary system, and a backup for laser cutting machine, robotics, three-dimensional, industrial

System coolingChiller temperature, dual / double with filtration system
System cooling source laserAir conditioning
Gas system auxiliaryThree sources of natural gas, dual pressure
Heads laser cuttingCapacitive follow-up focus

Applications of laser cutting machine three-dimensional industrial robotic arm, for metals

  • Like systems, Laser Cutting Machine 5 axis. robots, laser cutting machine, three-dimensional widely in many parts of applications are used. Even if parts of the functional, both of these technologies is almost the same, etc. differences, there are real.
  • Laser cutting, three-dimensional robotic for cutting metal and molded carbon steel, stainless steel, steel, stainless steel, steel soft, aluminum, steel, plastic alloy, copper, iron, brass, with the advantage of high speed, high precision. high efficiency and high cost performance, high availability. This laser cutting machine three-dimensional, the first cutting of metals is for the metalworking industry is considered.
  • Cutting machines, laser, three-dimensional, robotics, can be used for profiles, including the metal parts of the curve, three-dimensional, etc. the round, the square, etc. pipes, rectangular, or pipes, triangular, etc. pipes, an Oval to be used.
  • Laser Cutting Machine 5 axis three-dimensional robotics is widely used in electronic parts, components, automotive, technology, aerospace, manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, rocket manufacturing, robot manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, ship, cutting sheet metal, kitchen utensils, etc. pipes, cooling and ventilation, crafts, metal crafts, sports, and other industries use.

Vehicle storage, etc., motorcycle storage, and aerospace

In sectors such as automotive, motorcycle, aerospace, etc. modeling three-dimensional analysis of the FEM to the design and construction of Parts has changed. Considerable number of mechanical parts trendy with profiles three-dimensional complex; too like the bend, the hydrodynamic form added. the template is. the foundry or collections, pre-welded alternatives are. The focus of a lot to the design of the components lighter and reduce the number of fragments that a montage of them is made, etc., in order to make better use of material and achieve a performance of more there.

The use of the robot on the type of components can approach valid for the problem of the complexity of geometric pieces, thanks to the 6-axis robot, the printhead laser cutting, three-dimensional, which can be used freely to any point of the piece reach is.


Another part that may be from systems, laser cutting, three-dimensional use. sector contractors. In fact, the use of bots in this sector is still very limited, is mainly due to the difficulty of flexibility in production, which is a quality essential to a contractor.

Cutting system, laser, three-dimensional robotic suitable for this type of production should be easily the … ability to launch the application of your piece, direct and fast in the device and have the system easily  be. By considering these factors, some of the builders systems and laser cutting, three-dimensional, etc. systems, compact and turnkey for laser cutting, three-dimensional robots development for the country. A robotic device is able to processes the cut is very complicated to do, and production quickly change and flexibility required contractors to provide.

Do laser cutting, robotics, can be flexible be?

How to make a cutting system, laser, robotic, choose we are flexible also be? To achieve this goal, the following key points to consider:

  • Software programming
  • To plan quick a new operation, etc. the software should be a category production of new Offline Mode planning for. while the device is processing another batch is.
  • Files Share, From, Software, CAD, third person enter.
  • Quickly cut paths identify you.
  • Identify and solve the limitations and potential improvement cycle to work is a simple and intuitive.
  • Cycle your working simulation of the production, to safely get started.

Set up direct in our laser machine, robotic

When the app is offline mode was developed, etc. to the device, the processor assigned. A system is flexible to allow you to a lot of changes directly in the machine, do this for the development of samples of primary or molded hands, small is essential.

A system of laser cutting flexible to automate the parameters of the cut based on a number of factors such as cutting speed, thickness, Type, Material, Cut, and tilt heads laser cutting, three-dimensional optimization works.


List price laser machine, three-dimensional

The main components of CNC cutting, three-dimensional

Source / resonator

Source laser cutting machine is a device that the manufacturer of the laser light has been ruling the motor car is one of the original episodes and expensive laser cutting machine can be. Electric current passing through a series diode, causing the light emitted and to the atom, elemental hit a specific makes sparked it can be. Back the atoms to normal, causing the emitted light, which will be the same as the laser light is. Now, brands imported source laser cutting machine, including the source IP TV IPG, etc. source ROFIN, etc. سورسSPI and … With the development of technology, the source ریکاس RAYCUS and source Max Max manufacturing country, China also became known.


The device, to prevent the swing and jump, the sudden power urban V220 and three-phase electric power to protect all the appliances and industrial used the stabilizer with system microprocessor voltage input measures and due to increase or decrease the voltage on the input’s detected, and the output voltage ۲۲۰V or ۳۸۰Vثابت with accuracy %۱, and for linear and continuous in the output of offers as well as having the core loop of copper tube for air conditioners charcoal with a spin on the surface of the core of the annular fixed output offers

Hed cut

Hed cut, part of the output laser light is that of a nozzle, etc. several lens concentrator system and focus the laser light is formed. Hed cut to a rail and servo motor is attached, and by means of it in the direction of the z axis move is. There is a sensor on the side of the printhead cutting makes up the distance from the surface of the workpiece steadily and, the moment the control signal to the controller sent. In the wake of sending the Signal. Command removable printhead cut to the servo motor send, and height adjustment is done.

Controller device

Control system, an operating system in a laser device to control movement in different directions, x and y and z and also control the output power of the laser has its quality determines the stability of the performance of the laser device can be. In laser devices of the two controller separator is used. One of the Controllers., the duty control of the moving heads cut in the directions X and Y, the gas output cut, be the light, lasers, and … is responsible. The controller no longer a controller circuit, the loop was closed and the task of controlling the height of the printhead cut it. The most common software used to program the device, using male CE software CYPCUT is well with controllers will communicate.

The lenses of the device

After the transfer of the laser light by the optical fiber, etc. is necessary light on a point focused up enough energy to cut, at that point provided. Task-driven and focused the laser light on laser cutting machine by several lens is. Lenses inside the heads cut embedded. The lenses of the laser often on all devices, laser cutter are used, which includes the lens کولیماتور (line A), the lens focusing (concentrator) and the lens protector (protectivee lens) can be.

A work desk and a cover

The workbench part is that the plate on the printhead cut, it is possible to move and move there. Sides of desk work, rails, accurate and gear shoulder is with سروموتورها involved and the possibility of relocating the exact heads cut provides. Piece work is also using a plate that for Sawtooth cut have to be kept. Also, in order to relocation easier sheet, of the pellet, and bound at the edges of the workbench has been used. In some of the devices be cut up, due to the high safety, etc. work table in a cab, the operator exposed to the laser radiation of the low. Also on some devices, lasers, desk, refillable and has quickly switch plate, the direction of the cut increases.

Servo motor

(Servo Motor), generally an electric motor is a series of electronic circuits, such as the drive in next to it is the electro-motor contains a shaft of action circulation is responsible for the electronic equipment and also the task carefully to electro motor, are responsible for, and this accuracy includes the control angle, control the acceleration, speed control, and … can be. سروموتورها move the printhead cut in three directions X,Y and Z do.


During the process of cutting, laser machine, some of the electrical energy spent to produce laser light, the heat conversion device. There ۴ sensors control the temperature inside the source, the laser helps the temperature of the diode laser, continuous control, and damage to the source laser to avoid.


Frequently asked questions about laser cutting machine

Laser robots fit into place or handling Handling mean?

Material handling capability of the robot to transfer the objects used. Put the robot at the end of the arm (for example, the clamp), the robot can effectively and exact product from one place to another pass. Relocation, auto parts, causing the ease and speed of transfer and the process of making it. the manufacturing process to optimize the production time will decrease.

Laser robot cutting Cutting mean?

Machine, laser cutting machine, robotics, three-dimensional source, the laser is equipped with industrial robot for cutting metal dynamic, flexible, three-dimensional and multi-angle is. Laser cut metal with three-dimensional robotic arm is widely used for cutting metal parts of the curve, three-dimensional, metal tube, auto parts, etc. kitchen utensils, etc., electronic components and … used.

Laser robot welding, Welding mean?

Welding with robot feeder, Wire (Wire filler) work needs. A torch with high heat at the end of the arm, the metal will melt the welding process possible. Available tools on the robotic arm for melting metal G is the desired parts to be connected. If needed, metal wire more to the arm and torch pane.

Do laser cutting machine, three-dimensional affordable?

Machine laser cutting robot three-dimensional for small workshops because of the high amount of the robot, and the costs keep-effective, but for the factories that molded the mass and shift-work readouts are due to the reduction in the number of forces human to save will be.


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