The cause of the hot electric motor mean? + Ways to reduce the temperature, alternator, industrial

The cause of the hot electric motor mean? + Ways to reduce the temperature, alternator, industrial

Electrical motors, like any means industrial complex, the other has several moving parts, is different. ازمشکلاتی that more electric motors are to be installed, improper electrical motors, etc. abrasion bearings and harmonic distortion are vulnerable. One of the most common performance problems in electric motors, the warming is too much.

What amount of heat, causing damage to the electric motor on it?

Experts suggest that the increase ۱۸ degrees Fahrenheit (۱۰ degrees Celsius) of temperature, coil engine can affect the insulation, wire, screws, impact, and longevity, it ۵۰ percent decrease is the increase in temperature, regardless of the duration time, temporary or long-term hot coil is, that the impact of not turning back on the lifetime of the device, you will be.

Since the temperature is too the most important enemy is the electric motor with its face, the question arises: How can being too hot, to avoid, and the cost of replacement or repair, electric motor, to a minimum of? Naturally solve the problem of hot of the engine with the understanding of the most probable reasons for the overheating starts.

Common causes of increased temperature too electric motor

The better the article is all about electrical motors, please read because the electric motor you are a car is complicated, and to balance the precise knowledge of the environmental factors and support needs to work so well. Too much heat in brushless alternator could be for different reasons, happen. The most common causes of hot electric motor include:

The use of electric motors inappropriate

Engines in sizes, types are produced. Motorized choose that Voltage Preferential and performance levels necessary for the project and question you. The important thing will be that the electric motors that power and گشتاورد excessive production ممکنند can consume more power and have to other equipment connected to the electric damage) and a motor that is too small to be able to load-bearing pressure on the engine, not, which increases the temperature too electric motor is

The source voltage is wrong and inappropriate

Voltage or high voltage very low can be to engine damage. When the alternator Industrial you support voltage has the right not to carry out the performance standard should be flowing more or less from the power supply pull that this case also cause damage to the motor or even a fire …. It. that cause overheating too much, parts of it.

The environment around inappropriate

An alternator, Industrial, for the exchange and transfer of heat to the environment, and space, the right needs to be the best your performance will be. If your device is in a warm environment or the small IS for the cool of the problem faced is the possibility of damage to the engine several fold. So, keep in mind that space enough magnets to the electric motor to work out a comment.

User incorrect of the electric motor

Some of the motors can continuously work, or so-called permanent work are, while some other user specified time are used. Make sure that your engine Just according to the specifications that you use. If you want an engine, non-permanent work for a long time use, time required to cool down between cycles to be.

The height of the electric motor

One of the tips is so important that more people into it carefully, do not place and height from sea level, the location of the installation with electric motors you is that on its performance impact. May be your device at higher altitudes well cool not because forecast رقیقتر is. It is important that the motor that choose to install electrical motors, you are perfect.

The lack of ventilation in the electric motor

If an obstacle in the pores of the shell, electric motor, you will be the cause of the problem in the air conditioning, alternator, Industrial added. the hot air out of it, not inside the collection system is causing the damage is. Scheduling regular time for the repair and maintenance of motor can reduce the risk of help.


How hot motor block, and it’s cool, we keep up?

To prevent problems and injuries related to the heat of too much need to have the proper equipment, planning, and accurate preventative maintenance industry.

۱. How to choose the right :

The first step that every industrialists, professionals have before purchasing the engine, the electric fashion should note, This is sure to be electric motor appropriate for the application of the right to buy does. Check that the size, voltage, and گشتاورد manufacturing, all in accordance with the specific needs created you to be. That you can profile the characteristics of the electric motor including گشتاورد voltage and amp consumer in the home price, electric motor compare, if in case your needs are not sure, you must go with the experts in the field, consult.

۲. Convenient location:

When the motor is suitable for your company you have selected., the appropriate place for it in the industrial space of your create. Remember that the place that your engine can put on the probability of warming too it affects. It from other sources of heat, keep away, etc. enough space give it and make sure the vents, air conditioner, open.

۳. Check and inspection consistent with the right tools :

When starting to use the electric motor of your can. remember, that constantly and temperature profile characteristics of the functional motor to constantly check below, or from the sensor for use.

Final words

If all of the items that are at the top, was told to review any and properly these cases, sure, and again, the electric motor you cool it. this could be a sign of this is a problem in the interior parts, it is there. You must be an expert to ask, electric motor, you will examine, be difficult to find.


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