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In more ago, about the types of rig drilling Jack Up described in this entry I’m going to you with the components of the drilling rig, jack up the familiar, I think. In a division. in general, a drilling rig is a type of Jack-Up can be divided into two parts, Afghanistan.

The Hull (Hull)

Base (Legs)

The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up – body (Hull)
The order of the body, etc. episode Barge shape, drilling rig industry. All required equipment, rig, etc., ranging from drilling equipment (Drilling Equipment) locations, the life of the staff and administrative offices (Accommodation), the tanks (Tanks), the warehouses and… on the inside of the hull or the deck (Deck), and it was discontinued. The hull, the mast must be designed to, and to be made, which in addition to having the proper space, and the optimal use of it for the installation of equipment of sufficient strength to bear the loads incurred during the operation has the. In addition to this, because Jack Upها during transit at sea, exposed to the waves of the sea are located. structures, they should be bearing loads caused by waves, and, generally, work in the environment of the sea will have.

The components of the drilling rig, jack up

Shape (2 – 2) – Connect the base to each other with a variety of Matهای A figure, rectangular and dual

The body more for triangular or quadrilateral is made. Because masts between the sea of Afghanistan. the method of naming certain that for the buoys are used, in case, they also apply to it. so that’s the end of it, that the drilling of that side is done., the Aft or Stern called. In the event that an observer to the kind of stand that this is the back of the head he is; on the right, his Starboard Side and the left side Port Side is referred to. How to deploy equipment in the body of the Jack Up is such that the weight distribution to The Shape of the right in the body of the place. This problem when floating-being of the body and how when the drilling operation is important. The most important parts of the body Jack Up is as below:

Location employees (Accommodation)

Since the drilling units offshore, mainly in the areas of offshore drilling their employees and rig for at least two weeks to complete it to the head of the court. ” all necessary measures for the location and the comfort of their rig, the prediction is.

Powering the welfare of the employees when living in units of the sea and create the perfect atmosphere to relax them. dispel or reduce fatigue, physical and mental, resulting from the work and being away from home and, consequently, reduce the coefficient of wrong (which sometimes may cause damage جبرانناپذیر crafted) plays an important role there. Depending on location, staff, rooms, one or two for the location of their rig is embedded. A few of the rooms have a bathroom and a bathroom are proprietary, but for most rooms, etc. between any two room, a service bathroom and a bathroom for common use is to be placed. The rooms and items inside it such a design is that the comfort of the employees, in case the rest of them the best way possible, can be provided. For example, systems of ventilation and the amount of insulation the walls is such that favorable weather conditions in the room to provide. Appliances in the room in terms of the type, shape design, layout, and how to install also the rules and regulations specific to their own, which in, standards, and books help to تفصل expression of the clash. Usually, people living in a double room in two shifts, different work that it would cause any person in the shift relax in your room only. Also the rig to the canteen (Mess Room), the kitchen (Galley), cellar and cold storage for food storage, etc. units, washing machines (Laundry Room), the places for relax and recreation, such as a gym and TV room (TV Room) and … equipped device. Shape (2 – 3), lounge dining area, a rig shows. Also, the administrative offices of the technical documentation., the Department of communications and navigation also in the Accommodation place, they are. All parts have been told in the different classes of Accommodation that is usually four or five floors, is supposed to have. Fit the space allotted to each episode, with the type of operation and equipment relevant, important for industry. In addition, how the layout of the right places, he is also very important.

The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up

The components of the drilling rig, jack up – Shape (2 – 3) – dining hall
Also, the design of the corridors and stairways should be so done that the space of motion necessary for the commute, personnel and transportation equipment needed, etc. exist. Usually, in the construction of places of materials used that in the event of the occurrence of events such as flood, fire, certain problems created is not. As an example of substances that in case of flammable gas, toxic, produce, etc. to make parts of the above is not to be used. Conditions, ventilation, light, the amount of insulation against sound and the issues of the hands should also be with the type of use is that of space, is, in full compliance. Due to the importance of the top Accommodation in the units in the sea of Afghanistan. the rules and standards lot, for it is written, in that they are the minimal conditions necessary for this episode, go here. The Bureau of shipping American Bureau Of Shipping), which in the name of brevity, the ABS is famous in a pamphlet under the title (Giude For Crew Habitability Installations), the necessary conditions for different parts of the Accommodation in terms of light, temperature, moisture, sound and … in order to provide comfort, staff Sunnah.

The components of the drilling rig, jack up – tanks (Tanks)

Due to operating conditions masts offshore drilling, and away they are from the Centers for providing materials needed, in order to storage and maintenance of different materials on the mast tanks different, the prediction is. The type, number and volume of these tanks in different designs vary, but we can say that Ohm tanks that in the majority of units are as follows:

Mud tanks (Mud Tanks), the tanks, Preloading, etc. tanks for drinking water (Potable Water Tanks), the water tanks, drilling (Drill Waters), the fuel tanks (Fuel Tanks), the tanks oil (Oil Tanks), the tanks were collected surface water (Bilge Tanks), the storage tanks, raw materials and … shape (2 – 4)

The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up

Shape (2 – 4) – tanks Jack Up

how to position the tanks within the hull of the Jack Up and shape (2 – 5) is a sample map of tanks shows.

The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up
The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up – Form (5 – 2) – map of Tanks Jack Up
A brief explanation of each of the tanks are as follows:

Mud tanks (Mud Tanks)
The tanks in order to the preparation and storage of drilling mud on the rig sites are.

Tanks Preloading) Preload Tanks)
These tanks are large volumes of body to the youngest. During installation of a mast with filling the tanks by pumps, saltwater, live rig, heavy and operation Preloading is done. These tanks under the title of the Ballast Tanks also are known.

Tanks fresh water (Potable Water Tanks)
This capacity for storage of freshwater required staff unit drilling is used. Water stored in these tanks by آبشیرین now prepared for washing used. In some دکلها of water, mineral direction of the water used, and in some other provisioning of drinking water required by The آبشیرین now are.

Water tanks, drilling (Drill Water Tanks)
Fresh water needed to make drilling mud, or wash the different parts of the rig and equipment by ship to the drilling rig is moved again, and in the storage tanks will be.

Fuel and lube storage tanks (Fuel Tanks)

Fuel required equipment unit drilling ship to the location of the rig is transported from the ship to the rig pump is the storage tanks are.

Fuel tanks daily consumption (Fuel Daily Tanks)
Fuel from the tanks, filtration to these tanks is transported and equipment, the fuel consumption of the tanks receive.

Tanks oil (Oil Tanks)
The oil required by various devices in the storage tanks will be. Different types of oil in tanks separate are kept.

Tanks were collected surface water (Bilge Tanks)
Water accumulated at different levels in the effect of rainfall or washing, etc. through the ducts embedded into these tanks are imported, and after separating the substances polluting the environment of it. to the sea is poured out.

The design of the Hull (Hull) and different parts of the rig should be such that all surface waters to the tanks moved crafted, etc., in other words, water in any of the boxes, collect them.

Storage tanks, raw material
For storage, the additives to the drilling mud, such as barite, etc., bentonite, as well as cement, sand and water tanks in the unit, drilling of embedding is.

The location of the landing helicopter (Heli Deck)
Due to the distance between the operational areas and the beach for the transfer of certain materials, and personnel of the helicopter is used. For this reason, the rig is a place for landing, the helicopter is considered. This part is usually at the top of the Accommodation is to be placed. Design and manufacture of this part to the extent that Iran would have the breadth sufficient for the performance of the helicopter there and structures it to handle loads applied from strength enough be.

In the past this part in the front of the rig (the front part that dig it fit the face and under) data (Figure 2 – 6), but nowadays this part usually on the right side (Starboard Side) to be installed (Figure 2 – 7).

Helideck on the front Jack

Shape (2 – 6) – Helideck on the front Jack

Helideck on the right side of the Jack up
Shape (2 – 7) – Helideck on the right side of the Jack up

In this place equipment refueling and also equipment fire to deal with possible accidents prediction is. Because due to rainfall, or the use of means fire, and … the possibility of جمعشدن water or other liquids. there is to expedite in, clean them and prevent the entry of water or other fluids to other areas, etc. مجراهایی for leaving them on the floor of the rig, the embedding is.

The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up – crane (Crane)
In order to transfer equipment, such as the pipes of the ship to the drilling rig, as well as handling supplies on the drilling rig, etc. جرثقیلهایی embedding is. The number., the capacity and the radius of the performance, Lantern & işıldak (depending on the type of drilling rig is variable. Usually the Jack Upها two to three crane is installed. (Figure 2 – 8) a Jack Up the Four Foundations, which has two cranes is shown.

Crane (Crane)

Shape (2 – 8) – Crane Jack Up

Telecommunication equipment (Communication System)
All the units in the sea of people, etc., ranging from ships, etc., oil rigs, etc. drilling units and … to determine their position, communication with the beach or other units Marine in order to cater the needs or requests help in an emergency or get information, to telecommunication equipment equipped are.

A variation of this equipment for a single Marine in such a way that units can be in any condition and any area, especially in an emergency, with units deployed in the sea and the dry communicate, messages sent or received are. In addition to telecommunication equipment mentioned above that the possibility of communication with the outside environment provides, every single Marine to a system of telecommunication Internal for connection of different parts with each other in need.

Telecommunication equipment to communicate with the outside,
Areas of the Maritime in terms of communication to the four categories are divided into. Areas where they have the possibility to communicate with the beach through the waves with high frequency (VHF) possible in … the area A1 (1A Area), in the areas where they communicate with the beach through the waves with the medium frequency (MF) to provide the area A2 (2A Area), the area through satellite communication capability with the beach to have Area A3 (3A Area), and finally, the areas in which none of the above نگنجد area A4 (4A Area) are called. It is noted that radio waves according to their frequency in the following classification are:

3/0 up to 3 megahertz: MF (Middle Frequency)

3 to 30 megahertz: HF (High Frequency)

30 to 300 megahertz VHF (Very High Frequency)

300 to 3000 megahertz: UHF (Ultra High Frequency)

According to the type of operations, the drilling rig, Jack Up, equipment, Telecom, it, so, it is considered that area A3 cover. All telecommunications equipment in a room, that room Communications (Communication Room) is called in the county (Figure 2 – 9).

The components of the drilling rig, jack up
The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up – Shape (2 – 9) – the telecommunications room
Ohm telecommunications equipment that is on a Jack Up used is as below:

SSB Transciever

SSB , which stands for Single Side Band is, a transmitter – receiver, is a radio in the frequency band of 2 to 30 MHz operation is appreciated.

– E. P. I. R. B (Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon)
This vehicle is one of the most important and most famous telecommunication equipment, and perhaps safety in units of counts. The device mentioned in the body (Hull) is the unit of marine embedding is in an incidence of traumatic that the hull into the water to swallow goes with the release of signals that represents the name of the unit, the Marine and the position of it. the satellites of the incidence of traumatic informed appreciated, and the satellites of the nearest and دسترسترین units, demand help.

– Marine VHF Radio
This radios to send and receive messages in the frequency band 150 to 165 MHz are used.

– Aircraft Radio Beacon Transmitter
The device inherits the direction of make contact with the helicopter on a drilling rig is to be placed.

– Watch Receiver
It broadcasts on Channel 16 VHF band is adjusted, and is always ready to receive information. Usually, the messages of an emergency these channels will be sent and occupied it for a period of time more than a minute is forbidden.

– Satellite Communication System
Generally, equipment, and systems that process of exchange of information with the use of satellites doing under this name are known. The exchange of messages can be used for audio (Voice) or text (Text) is.

– Yanuar, Facsimile
Device, Facsimile, or the same, Fax, and Yanuar in order to send a text message, or get it used. Although due to the existence of the internet, nowadays, the use of them, and especially the use of Yanuar dropped, but due to the importance of safety in the drilling rig, and that the ability to receive and send any message in any place, in an emergency, there is still this system on a drilling rig is embedding is.

– Navtex
All the information related to the affairs of the Navy. Labs. forecasts the weather and issues from the hand to the face written by this device, receiving device.

Telecommunication systems within the drilling rig
Besides telecommunication systems has been said that the direction of The Associated drilling rig with the outside of the rig, the prediction has been, for internal communications also telecommunication systems is provided. In the drilling rig, a call center, there is the relationship different parts of the drilling rig, such as rooms, the staff, places, administrative and … provide.

Also, the necessary facilities for a page (Page) persons in private or public in different parts of the rig been built.

In addition, telecommunication systems, topical, such as Walky Talky to communicate the employees a part with each other, the prediction is. For example, the system plays an important role to create a connection between people, based on the Rig Floor and Derrickman played appreciated. (Derrickman on the Derrick at a height of approximately 25 meters from the floor of the rig based, the operation of inserting the tube in the Finger Board and the exit tube of it does).

The components of the drilling rig, Jack Up – base (Legs)

Fitting base

Most of the structures of the base of the Jack Up a combination of three-dimensional connect the above is, that a total of a single form that can withstand a variety of forces acting on the base of the Jack Up have is. All the forces acting on the structure of the Jack Up in all the connections, what in the fitting available on a page (One Place Joints) and what fittings three-dimensional, and multi-drawer (Multi-Planer Joints), etc. to be careful about analysis of the straddle. Another type of connection that the T-shape is known, in fact, a certain type of connector Y shape in which the angle between the beam main (Chord) and shooting movies (Brace) at about 90 degrees, respectively.

Connection type T-shaped double (Double T Joint) in appearance, almost the same type X shape of the industry, but act like a hybrid of the two joint, Y-shaped or two-joint T-shaped cling to act. In general, the structural Truss shape of the base of the Jack Up from a plethora of connections mentioned between the beams, the main and subsidiary is formed. In Figure (2 – 10) are examples of the types of simple connections, beams, main and subsidiary to each other, as شماتیکی shown.

In general, the sustainability of the masts Jack Up to two main parameters, namely, the length of the base and dimensions of the hull, Jack Up depends on. The location of the center of gravity (Center Of Gravity) rig Jack Up the relationship intimately with the amount of stability it is. so that with increasing the length of the base of the Jack Up, etc. should be the distance between the base and also the dimensions of the main body rise. the sustainability of the set Jack Up maintained.

The components of the drilling rig, jack up
Shape (2 – 10) – different kinds of fittings

The mechanism of moving the base

Raising and lowering the base by systems called the Jacking System is done. Move the base of ducts embedded in the body of the rig is done. When the base of the seabed have been, Systems, and Jacking hull of the rig to the top drags, and when the rig in the floating mode, only the base of the top and bottom of the area. System Jacking consists of several units (long on each base.

These systems come in two types are found, which include system, hydraulic Ram & Pin system, Rack & Pinion that the electric force moves.

System hydraulic (Ram & Pin)
In the past, the Jacks hydraulic for raising and lowering the base and the body was used. A system of hydraulic Jacking usually include one or more Pistons on each base, along with پینهای ملحقه to it. Usually a رانشگر central hydraulic for all the base used was, but in some units, any base for your رانشگر hydraulic Independent found. This procedure because of the difficulty of a task for the personnel, low speed, and leak much oil, nowadays, instead of your systems gear شانهای is given (Figure 2 – 11).

The components of the drilling rig, jack up

The components of the drilling rig, jack up – Shape (2 – 11) – system, move the base is with the use of jacks, hydraulic
Gear system شانهای (Rack & Pinion)
In this system, the shoulder (Rack) on the columns base (Chord) to be installed and move the base to help gear (Pinion) are. Gear, the driving force behind your الکتروموتورهایی for which they are embedded in. receive (Figure 2 – 12). The force of each motor through a gear box (Gear Box) to the gear is moved. For example, for a rig tripod that every base of its three columns, and each column by four-wheel, gear, moves, etc. a total of 36 gear and motor, and 9 shoulder there.

On most of Jack Up, etc. systems of control for all units-Jacking is embedded. In the control system, Jacking, etc. کنترلرهایی to get up and down each of the base there is that the power consumption to measure and power consumption on each of the systems, Jacking shows. Also, the warning siren for alarm system, and نشانگرهایی to specify the amount of draught Jack Up, and some of the base that under the Hull, located, in which the prediction is made. Nowadays, the systems also have to specify the amount of time the snapshot every branch base, as well as on any of Pinionها or jacks system, lifting etc. is installed. In some systems سنسورهایی also to show the amount of deviation of the base of the location of your establishment is considered.

The components of the drilling rig, jack up

The components of the drilling rig, jack up – Shape (2 – 12) – system-Jacking of the type of Rack & Pinion
Mechanism, install and fix the base to the body of the Jack Up
After moving the base in order to levitate or establishment on the sea bed, to avoid any vibration and movement, the base should be in proportion to the body, fixed be. When floating, being the body and due to the movements of the Roll and Pitch caused by the waves of the sea, the base may be in the position of your move freely that this problem can cause the occurrence of bugs and خرابیهایی for the basic components or the system-Jacking in the points of contact of the base with a body crafted. To overcome the problem (s) … there are different methods to connect a sturdy foundation in place to work is taken. The foundations of the platform by following ways relative to the body fixed are:

System Rack Chock

In this method, the components of the mechanical lock is used on each base are installed, and by engaging with the rack, the Rack, it is possible to move from the base of the stripping works. Locks, Rack, etc. by means of jacks, hydraulic, move them, and to avoid taking them out of their position, when جکها back back, the back of the locks by the guarantor of sturdy metal, are (Figure 2 – 13).

The base should be together when the flotation of the body and time when the deployment on the seabed by the locks mounted to the body and towards it are fixed.

System Leg Guide Chock

This simple means includes an orb of metal that is on each tube, the base is welded, and when fully in place, distance between the base and location of the establishment, it overwhelms. Wedge with the use of axial forces friction to the side of the top, the weight of the podium bearing them.

System Shimming

For some of the basic cylindrical shape. the metal parts of the half circle named Shim in the upper location of the base, etc. is installed. Shimها usually in pairs for each base they serve. Some systems Shimming has the metal parts are very heavy are the must of its products handy for carrying and attaching them to use.

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