Electric motor, agriculture, what characteristics are

Nowadays, there is no electric motors do a lot of things difficult. Agriculture, too, of this rule, not separate, and like other industries, the electric motors is dependent. In fact, there is no electric car, a lot of devices, agriculture, reliable setup is not a product, don’t be.

Features electric motor, agriculture,

Electric motor, agriculture, typically of type Single are. These devices for a variety of applications, ranging from horticultural Farms, home and commercial usable and has a great ability to do things the hard and exhausting life. The electric motors in order to frequent use, and faced with the challenges of the Common Agriculture were made and torque, the high they produce.

Electric motor, agriculture, efficient, has a compartment fully enclosed with fan cooling, lubricating (TEFC) are. These engines to protect the environment, internal or external to the insulation-Class F, equipped with a power of 2 up to 10 horsepower is available.

Electric motor farm or Farm Electric Motor in irrigation systems, crop, etc. gearbox reducer in conveyors, etc. capacity xHamster devices, mill, etc. crushing and so on to the trend. So have to work in the toughest conditions on ready, durable and reliable they are. The subject, more importantly, repair and maintenance of engines of Agriculture that have the attention of the users of such cars are placed.

الکتروموتور هلمکه Helmke explosion-proof electric motor atb

General specifications electric motor, agriculture,

Integral FarmFractional Farm
HPHP 2-10HP 1.2-3
Round motor۱۸۰۰۱۸۰۰
Type of fanTEFCTEFC
Protection ratingIP-55IP-54


Take care of electric motors, agricultural

To reduce the cost of the board and increase the life of the electric motor, agriculture, perform the inspection of mechanical and electrical is essential. This oversight includes the review being sturdy base, etc. couplings, monetary connection to the straps or chains, and bearings is. When connecting the motor to the equipment has a flange should be the utmost precision in order until the coupling is aligned properly. Otherwise, the vibration happens, and to the bearing and other components, motor damage, serious looks.

The main reason for the malfunction, electric motor, agriculture, Randy being too belts connected to the device. For the Prevention of this problem according to the time راستایی equipment and prevent stiffness, too much lace, is essential. Do not install the correct components connected to the device have a large impact on the performance and useful life of the electric motor is.

الکتروموتور موتوژن

Strategies for increasing the useful life of electrical motors,

For more of the useful life of electrical motors, farming first action, supply of electric current is stable. Also, moisture, arable land caused the injury, the motor and electrical components, it will be. Hence, have the electrical connectors, the device is continually reviewing and being healthy, they are especially terminal, and background image were assured. It is necessary to remind that in these motors, capacitor damaged or faulty, leading to increases in temperature and downtime, complete with electric motors can be, and costs a lot to use to impose. So at the first opportunity, have them with capacitor healthy replaced.

Other technical considerations, in conjunction with the electric motor, industrial such as adequate ventilation, etc. prevent the increase in temperature. protection against overload, etc., short-circuit and so on in the electric motor, agriculture, there are also.

الکتروموتور هلمکه Helmke

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