Application of ozone generator system in various industries

Water purification using industrial ozone generator is a process that uses ozone gas to purify and disinfect water. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that can kill bacteria, viruses and other organisms in water. It is also effective in removing chlorine and other disinfectants from water. Ozone water purification systems are a safe and environmentally friendly way to purify water.

Industrial ozone generator for water purification is also relatively affordable and can be easily installed in most homes and businesses. This post discusses the benefits of using ozone water treatment systems for industrial wastewater treatment.

What you read in this article:

  • Using an ozone generator in the pool
  • Use of ozone generator in fish and aquatic farming
  • Ozone as a strong disinfectant
  • Oxidation properties of ozone
  • Application of ozone generator in water and wastewater treatment
  • Application of ozone generator in drinking water disinfection
  • Odor control by ozone oxidation
  • Application of ozone generator in cooling towers

Using an ozone generator in the pool

Different equipments are used in swimming pools for water purification. One of these tools are water disinfectants that commonly use chlorine. But you can use an ozone machine instead of chlorine. Because it can disinfect water in a short time and does not leave harmful and dangerous compounds.

Use of ozone generator in fish and aquatic farming

Nowadays, due to the expansion of the industry, the need to increase the utilization in all industries is felt. In fish breeding ponds, one of the ways to increase dissolved oxygen in water is to use an ozone generator in the aquaculture industry . In fish breeding ponds, by injecting ozone into the water, harmful substances and viruses can be destroyed and the amount of oxygen in the water can be increased. In this way, the death of fish and their loss are prevented.

Ozone as a strong disinfectant

Disinfection properties of ozone indicate its high oxidation potential. Research shows that disinfection by ozone is the result of its direct effect on bacteria and the breakdown of the cell wall of bacteria. In this respect, it is different from the action mechanism of chlorine in the disinfection process. Considering the high disinfection power of ozone compared to chlorine and other disinfectants, less time is needed to complete the disinfection process. Studies also show that ozone is more capable of killing viruses compared to chlorine.

Oxidation properties of ozone

Ozone has many uses in drinking water treatment, such as taste and odor control, color control, iron and manganese removal, in addition to disinfection. The power of this oxidant is important in clarifying low quality water sources such as recycled water. Ozone completely oxidizes minerals and causes them to settle and remove them. The main importance of ozone lies in its ability to break down organic compounds with iron and manganese.
Ozone is strong and effective in removing color-producing organic compounds, so it has been widely used as a good polishing agent for wastewater and color remover in drinking water. Ozone is also able to destroy phenolic compounds and other taste producing compounds in drinking water. Research has shown that ozone can convert the pesticides malathion and parathion, which are carcinogenic and dangerous compounds, into (safe) phosphoric acid.

Application of ozone generator in water and wastewater treatment

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidation tools for water and wastewater treatment professionals. Ozone can be used after the industrial water treatment device or after the sewage treatment package for disinfection. Ab Sazeh Company has been a pioneer in the ozone water and wastewater treatment industry for several decades. We design and manufacture a full range of ozone generators from laboratory products to the largest ozone water purification systems in Iran.

Ab Saze company’s ozone generators are always among the best in the industry in terms of performance, quality and reliability. To get more information about this product, you can contact Ab Sazeh experts and take advantage of our free consultation about this product and the price of the suitable generator for your work.

Application of ozone generator in drinking water disinfection

The oxidizing and disinfecting properties of ozone make it ideal for water purification. Ozone breaks down bacterial cell walls, which chlorine cannot do. It is produced on site, so there is no need to store chemicals. Ozone works over a wide range of pH without creating byproducts.

Unlike ClO2, ozone does not react with natural organic matter. Among all oxidizing biocides, ozone is the most effective chemical disinfectant against Cryptosporidium. Both ozone and ClO2 are very effective in killing bacteria and viruses. However, ozone has much lower CT values ​​than ClO2. Both are very effective in controlling biofilm growth. In addition, ozone’s oxidizing properties can also reduce iron, manganese, and sulfur concentrations and reduce or eliminate taste and odor problems.

Odor control by ozone oxidation

Another very efficient technology for the treatment of organic matter is the use of advanced ozone oxidation. The main advantage is that where other odor control systems struggle with high humidity, advanced ozone oxidation can still effectively oxidize odor compounds.

Despite claims that it can remove ammonia odors, ozone does not oxidize ammonia. However, it also purifies (disinfects or kills) the microorganisms that produce ammonia – which is an added side benefit in this case (mostly for agricultural use).

Application of ozone generator in cooling towers

The use of ozone in the cooling tower has many advantages. Ozone is a strong disinfectant and a useful alternative to chemical biocides in cooling tower water treatment. Unlike other biocides (such as anti-corrosion agents), it does not affect and does not disturb its performance. Ozone generators produce ozone by using oxygen in the air, that’s why the use of ozone is very economical.

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