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water hammer

One of the main foundations

of the original design of the pumping station and transmission lines, water for the protection of valves, etc. fittings, pumps and tubes, the calculation blow the Ram is. Company industry scholar as a designer and manufacturer of specialized equipment to deal with the impact of the Ram, such as surge tanks under pressure, surge tank, one-way surge tank double-sided proudly ready to cooperate with all employers, consultants and contractors, and partners in this regard. In the calculations the blow of the RAM, all the effective factors in the occurrence of the impact of the Ram in the worst possible scenarios, with the consideration of the horizon, the plan review and prospectus calculations official preparation will be. Calculations hit Rams underlie determine the type of equip deal with the impact of the Ram possible and technically accurate accessories (compressor, compressed air, Level Gauge, magnetic, … the location of the sensors on the surface of the gauge, philosophy, Control Panel, Power Control, etc. and fittings, instrumentation, etc.) can be.

This company is

the only manufacturer in the package surge tank, not as an engineering company in the direction of the proper performance and reduce the cost of your project are required to design, or design calculations, the base surge tanks, including calculations, hit the Rams, who knows.

All calculations hit the Ram by the software with a valid water hammer (Water Hammer) will be performed.
Please do the calculations to hit the RAM than to send the file water Jamz (Water Gems) action or form the required profile from here Download and after the completion of the send or by our experts, Free Consultation here. To learn more the manufacturer of the software company Bentley click here.


Some of the results of the calculations of the company in accordance images above is visible.

Software Training Water Hammer

Dating company Bentley


Company Bentley (Bentley) established in 1984. Company Bentley (Bentley), a software development company has been in the United States is deployed.The company’s activity is in the field upgrade, production, design, and support software and computer services for industrial projects can be. The software of the company in the field of construction, town-building, architecture, building, water and wastewater, networks, electric power plants, projects, railway and… concerned. The company’s 20% of your income again in the field of research and development (R&D) investment does.


Familiarity with software Bentley Water Hammer

Bentley Water Hammer

is one of the software Full application of the company Bentley and the most powerful software simulation., the analysis and modeling of transmission lines, water and the pumping station is. This software, all the numerical calculations the complex impact of the RAM with complete accuracy and speed will do. Also this application is in between the employers, Consulting Engineers, contractors, industry, water and wastewater, Iran, common and reputable.

To summarize, software, water hammer, a very detailed simulation of the phenomenon of awesome beats the Rams, for you will bring. In software, the Hammer will be able status of the pumping station or transmission line in the transition state (Transient) in the worst of conditions, including off the pump or closed valves or any any other situation that creates the phenomenon of blow of the Ram geared check.

Also with the models, types of equipment, deal with the impact of the ram the most suitable furnishing, use, or with suggested strategies and systems, plumbing, engineers, City-Building help to costs and save yourself a lot of work and also be able to stream transient pipes, municipal water to control them. The software in many of the city the world for the preparation of the preparation of calculations, the impact of the RAM and the preparation of maps, plumbing, water, urban, and well used.

Key features software Bentley Hammer:

  • Analysis and modeling of advanced plumbing, water, urban-scale Wassy
  • Avoid the damages caused by inappropriate design of the plumbing system
  • Reduce the costs of production, operation and repairs
  • Modeling systems to cover pipes, water
  • Increase the life of your water and reducing the frequency of Service
  • The management of the flow transient water and perform economic calculations

Education software Bentley Hammer


Company industry scholar due to the importance of the phenomenon hit the Rams, in addition to the calculation blow the Rams, design and manufacture of Tanks, bumpers (surge tank) in order to increase knowledge, employers, Consulting Engineers, contractors, respected water and wastewater industry to be able to hold online classes and in-person training software Bentley Hammer and offer certifications. For more information get in touch with us.

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