Memorize English Vocabulary

Memorize English Vocabulary

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Memorize English vocabulary to expand the circle of vocabulary is essential; and as, you know, learn these words directly on your performance skills in the four language (reading, writing, etc., listening and speaking) impact. To keep the words in different ways, that is, of such as to the method of my time. memorize English vocabulary to approach, illustration, etc.

In this article , magazine, serving from US, intention, we have different methods keep the words of the language, to introduce you to memorize English vocabulary to use them.

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1. The use of the book

If desire, mind, maintaining the vocabulary of the language to help the book keep the English Vocabulary practical use. variation of books for this purpose will be surprised. Book memorize English vocabulary there are different types of that in the continuation of the best of them introduce:

Oxford Picture Dictionary

This book, in fact, a dictionary is to place the description of the words from the images they use, has. This book memorize English vocabulary with categories of words in the different bands, and images, rational and high-quality, maintenance of English vocabulary to the experience enjoyable for you will.

This book memorize English vocabulary included is a CD that can be used in addition to helping to keep vocabulary and language skills, aural (Listening) and the correct pronunciation also help. Any surface that note, purchases and use of the book to keep the English vocabulary to keep the vocabulary, language, strongly recommend.

Absolutely Essential Words 504

Be sure the name of this book have heard. The book of 504 words of one of his books famous and known to memorize vocabulary in English. This book memorize English Vocabulary English vocabulary in the form of courses, the separate and examples varied to teach you. This book of exercises is also to keep the English vocabulary without forgetting the guarantee.

1100 Words You Need to Know

Book 1100 words is also a book memorize English vocabulary with global recognition. This book helps you memorize the vocabulary of the language to a habit convert. This book, in each lesson, the words in a text to continue the exercises for you to memorize English vocabulary with examples of diverse practical use.

2. The use of the software retain English Vocabulary

These days, we all interest, we have, where possible کارهایمان with the use of mobile phones do. For this reason, in addition to books, the use of apps as well to remember the words of the English is very popular.

Any apps out keep the English words with a specific technique to his, only a small fraction of the time you will have to keep the vocabulary, language, aims. but in adherence to the plan, they have to memorize the English vocabulary words, etc. can be used on them to learn English words into account. In the continuation of the few apps memorize English vocabulary for fast learning of

English Vocabulary introduction, we have:

  1. The app keep the vocabulary, language, VoLT – Vocabulary Learning
  2. Apps memorize English Vocabulary
  3. Apps memorize English Vocabulary Quizlet
  4. App Memrise

3. Keep the vocabulary, language, method, Word Family

Memorize the words with the English way of Word Family (Learning words within the family of a dictionary) for that the higher level of the medium or that the applicant participate in the tests, the TOEFL and the IELTS are, very convenient. Planning to memorize English vocabulary with this technique helps you to make more natural talk and circle واژگانتان to extend.

For example, the verb Receive to consider. Words that are in the family, this verbs are placed include:

  • Receipt
  • Recipient
  • Reception
  • Receptionist
  • Receptionist

Etc. By learning such words, not only memorize the English Vocabulary easier it is, but when speaking and writing vocabulary more at the disposal of the will.

4. Grouping words

A great technique for fast learning English vocabulary and increase vocabulary, English, learning them in a topic specified. To remember words, if this is the vocabulary, the smallest has nothing to do with each other, have not avail not. Instead of this, try the vocabulary related to the world with each other learn. For example, the vocabulary related to airport, hospital, university, etc.

Grouping of words is one of the methods  is; and we recommend you make it when you plan to keep the words in mind.

5. Methods my

Approach my one of those روشهاییست that the credit learn the English words using the book and valid no. In fact, the less teachers باسابقهای also, you can find that memorize English vocabulary to approach my will to his disciples recommend. This is … not bad, with this technique, keep the vocabulary, language, also was familiar.

The purpose of the method my, make way for the transfer of new words from short-term memory to long term memory is so the words do not. Keep the vocabulary in English to the method of My Time. Person A Word of the native language that chorus, and close to the English word is with a picture mentally to the original word association show. For example, for the word Absorb, etc., is said to water the lead will absorb; thus absorb meant to attract up.

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6. Technique illustration

Memorize English vocabulary to the method of the illustration. Method of maintaining the English vocabulary to the method of visualization believes if one word in mind, our video to create a horse. learn it possible not in … because the brain images, the better receives and analyzes. These techniques keep the vocabulary, language, are also among the methods to memorize English vocabulary so is not valid.

To understand memorize English vocabulary to methods of illustration, the example call: when on a cloudy day the clouds look at you. with a little care, you realize that each one of them, the video evokes them. Memorize English vocabulary to the method of the illustration also is. For each word, have in mind, the video evokes it. that helps you meaning and application of the word recall.

Tips to memorize and learn fast English Vocabulary

  • when you memorize English vocabulary and browse casual’t forget it.
  • Watch movies and TV series in English also greatly to memorize English vocabulary is effective.
  • The use of words that in conversations, etc. examples and… also memorize English vocabulary without forgetting guarantees.