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Package chemical injection with the place, the hook

The construction of our

Supply pump

Accessories دوزینگ pump

Engraving nastaʿlīq means ” the first text in the dimensions 200 times thinner than the diameter of the hair

Package chemical injection

Package chemical injection پرامینت accumulator, then press

Nano technology

Software microscope پروبی SEM images version 2

Supplier of chemicals

Filter membrane

  • Sizes 8 inches and 4 inches
  • Pump دوزینگ Claire
  • Units coagulation
  • Unit settling
  • Clarification

Package sewage treatment human health


Brands of diaphragm pump

  • گراکو Husky
  • ‘aro Aro
  • سندپایپر
  • ویلدن
  • پمکار
  • فلویمک

Company harness the technology, tools