SpectraRay2 sentech ellipsometry software

نرم افزار بررسی لایه نانومتری محاسبه الیپسومتری ضریب شکست ضریب میرایی بندگپ پارامترهای اپتیکی و الکتریکی
SpectraRay2 sentech ellipsometry softwareReviewed by Mohammadmarashi on Feb 20Rating:

.Spectraray2 is the best Ellipsometry software

It is realy easier than other ellipsometry softwares such as deltapsi or other apps.

It also has less bugs than its elder version.

Spectraray2 also has an option that makes a fitting more accurate and incredibly faster which we call “TOOL” , It will let you fit the curves manually

To activate this option you should go to Model Parameters

Spectraray2 sentech

Once you activate tool of a parameter and press ok the Model Parameters window will be closed and you’ll see a new window which is called TOOL

Spectraray2 sentech tool

To see how it is helpfull please use the animate button for the tool of a thickness parameter

SpectraRay2 sentech ellipsometry software