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Water cooler pump failure and repair

Water pressure drop in water cooler can have a negative role in the optimal operation of the cooler. The cause of cooling and cold in water coolers should be sought in the water circulation system of the cooler. If the air coming out of your air conditioner is not cold enough, there is a problem with the water supply system.

Note: To improve the performance of the water cooler and prevent damage and other costs, it is better to take this problem seriously. There can be several reasons for a drop in water pressure.

In the continuation of this article, we will examine the reasons for the drop in water pressure and heat of the cooler and will explain the solution to each problem.

Photo of the inside of the water cooler and the water cooler water pump

How to notice the drop in water pressure in the water cooler?

The reason for cooling the water cooler is the water circulation system of the water cooler. This means that when the air conditioner is on but does not cool down, you should pay direct attention to the problem of the water circulation system.

For more advice and information, as well as sending troops in connection with the service and repair of water coolers in the northern and northeastern regions of Tehran, you can contact the Mardani installation company, click on the following contact number:

In two cases, it is possible to reduce the water pressure in the cooler:

1- Water pump self-failure: In this case, you have turned on the water pump button of your air conditioner, but you do not feel any sound from the rotation of your water pump impellers, in which case there is a very strong problem with the water pump motor. Which can be burnt or stopped due to clogging in the impellers, which will soon burn if no serious action is taken.

Study suggestion: 5 ways to increase the life of the air conditioner

2 – Water inlet and outlet problem: In this case, the water pump motor is working normally and you can clearly hear the sound, but still water does not come out of the outlet ducts at the top of the straw, which can be two different reasons. The first is related to the water in the floor pan of the air conditioner, which may not be enough and does not reach the water pump impellers of your air conditioner, or in the plumbing area, a factor such as clogging or interruption and leakage can cause this problem.

In the following, we have examined all the problems that may cause these problems and provided solutions for all of them.

Photo of the lower part of the water cooler and floating

1. Lack of enough water in the water cooler pan

  • The amount of water that reaches the water pump of the water cooler
  • is directly related to the water pressure. The first reason that should
  • be considered in the problem of water circulation system
  • of water cooler is the amount of water in the lower pan of the cooler.
  • The problem of city water pressure, water supply is cut off,
  • water hose is clogged or ruptured, water float is not adjusted
  • and leakage from the floor or drain valve are the main causes of water pressure drop,
  • you can easily repair it without the need for any expertise Cooler,
  • you can check all these cases and if you see any of them, you can easily fix it.

۲. Water pump impeller clogged

  • The job of the water cooler water pump is to rotate the impeller located on the floor.
  • This rotation causes the water in the water cooler pan to be sucked in
  • and the water to reach the litter through the lifting hoses.
  • It is very common for the water cooler pump floor to become clogged
  • and water to prevent it from reaching the impeller. If water does not reach the impeller,
  • pumping will not take place.
  • This will not cause the pressure in the water cooler to rise and the lint will remain dry.
  • To avoid this problem, it is best to check and clean the water pump floor from time to time.
  • In addition to the salts in the water,
  • factors such as the lack of mesh around the impeller or the age of the litter can also cause this problem.
  • In this case, all you need to do to take action on it is to check the water pump impellers,
  • basket and bottom net to remove any deposits or factors such as small pieces of litter
  • and Perform a thorough cleaning so that enough water reaches the pump
  • impellers and the suction operation is performed correctly.

3. Depreciation of water pump blades

Water vane pump cooler blades are made of dry plastic. It is very natural for them to corrode and wear out over time. When these blades lose their shape, it affects the quality of their work.

Fractures or scaling of the blades may also cause the air conditioner pump to get stuck. In this case, without the pump being damaged, it can no longer continue to rotate and do its job.

Fortunately, the water cooler water pump impeller is available separately in the market. It is enough to get a new license and replace the damaged license.

Photo of two water cooler water pumps inside the water cooler

4. Service and lubrication of water cooler water pump

The mechanical parts of the water pump must be lubricated regularly. Keep in mind that in several months of the year and around the clock, your water cooler pump is spinning, especially with the start of the hot season and the start of turning on the cooler, you must have a water pump and water cooler water supply system, service and oil Do something. With a little service you can avoid the next heavy costs.

With the annual service and especially at the beginning of the air conditioner start-up time at the beginning of the heating season, the water pressure problem in your water cooler will be solved. By doing this, you can use your water cooler with peace of mind during the summer season.

5. Problem of failure or lack of electricity to the water pump

There may be a problem with the water pressure in the water cooler pump not rising

Do not pump. In this case, you must first check the electrical connection of the water pump.

To make sure your air conditioner pump is not broken, disconnect it from the air conditioner connections and plug it in separately. If your pump is working, you need to solve the problem of power supply to the pump. Otherwise, it turns out that your water cooler pump needs to be repaired or replaced.

Repairing and replacing a water cooler pump is a specialized job. We do not recommend that you purchase and replace it yourself. If you act arbitrarily, there is a possibility of damage to the pump or even yourself.

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Drying the water cooler water pump and how to fix it
One of the main problems in water cooler pump, which may have other problems, is its drying. The loud sound of the water pump can indicate this problem.

In order for this problem to be solved

and your so-called water pump to shut down, you have to lubricate parts. In this section, we will introduce you to the lubrication method and its tricks:

For lubrication of water pump of your cooling system, special oils for air conditioner service must be used. Under no circumstances should you use ordinary oils such as cooking oils to lubricate a water pump.

Note: The water cooler pump consists of two parts, electrical and mechanical. Electrical parts should never be lubricated. If the oil reaches the pump coil, it may cause the pump motor to connect and burn out.

Photo of 4 water cooler water pumps
Cooler pump lubrication method
The two main parts of the air conditioner pump that need to be lubricated are the bearing shaft and the bushings around it. To lubricate these parts, do the following.

– First of all, you must cut off the main power input to the air conditioner.

– Disconnect the pump from the body of the cooler. The pumps are connected to the body of the cooler by bolts and nuts, which you must open.

– Disconnect the pump wires from the terminal. Remember how the wires were connected to the terminal.

– Disconnect the pump from the water hose inside the grille. Be careful not to damage the net.

– Remove the cap, cap, pump bushing and air conditioner pump impeller from its main body.

– The pump cap and the two upper and lower bushings are the parts that must be lubricated.

– Finally, assemble all the separated parts.

Of course, our recommendation is to

leave the service and lubrication of the water pump to one of the skilled repairmen. This will not cost you much.

Golden tips to improve the performance of the water cooler pump and increase the life of the water cooler
By following the recommendations below, you can prevent the water pressure in the water cooler from dropping. Also, with these cares, you can improve the performance of the water cooler and prolong its life.

– At the end of the heating season, drain the water cooler and disconnect the electrical connections from the main switch.

– At the resumption of the heating season, lubricate the necessary parts. In addition to extending the life of the air conditioner, this also prevents extra noise.

– Decriminalize the water cooler inside the pan. Some people lubricate the floor of the water cooler with grease.

– When starting the water cooler at the beginning

of the heating season, make sure of the water supply steps to the water cooler water pump.

– Every year and at the beginning of the summer season, change the water cooler covers.

– Change the water inside the water cooler pan several times and clean the inside of the pan.

– Make sure that your water cooler pump is in a special basket.

The mesh around the water pump impeller prevents the

infiltration of sediments into the water pump and the drop in water pressure in the water cooler.

– Your air conditioner pump may be weak and may not be able to pump water well. Use more powerful pumps in preparing a new pump and replacing it.

– By inhaling the smell of burns from the water pump of the water cooler, immediately turn off the air conditioner and take the water pump to a repair shop.

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