Hose for Garden

Hoses, garden industrial, and how they work

From hoses garden for the transfer of water at short distances or long, can be used. They can be used for watering the plant, washing machine or any other activities that the water needs to be used. Since the hoses, the garden is very used, should be different tasks to do. Firstly, they Of course have water in the location of your choice and deliver.” But here simply stops, while all the water or the application is not the same. Do with water super clean work and you want to be 100% sure that no contamination to the material hose does not exist? Then take a garden hose with an inner layer without PVC, which for these conditions is made, and the needs of your match. Whether the storage space is limited? Then a hose, spiral, etc. hose, garden or hose garden expandable to where it comes. Are you looking drip irrigation system are you? Then the hose, not a possible solution. For each program, the products, there are several for which the conditions are. For a quick start into the world of hoses garden, this article, that is , the coffee shop industry written to read.

The diameter and length of hose, garden industrial,

When choosing a garden hose parameters there are several you in the right direction tips can help. The diameter of the hose is a good starting point. The size of a conventional internal 13 mm (1/2 inch), No. 19 mm (3/4 inch) and 25 mm (1 inch). It is important to know that the garden hose has a diameter of external and internal. If you want the hose to male connect, connect., the inner diameter, the more you becomes relevant. Also, the total length of garden hose is important, because a hose too short to Destined you don’t like a hose too big, the space of all non-essential occupation and cause pressure drop becomes superfluous, which is often not desirable.

The materials used in hose, garden industrial,

More hoses garden of several ingredients, are made. Even some of the hoses, the garden of a maximum of 8 layers of different have been made. All these layers of different organic materials have been made. The outer layer must be strong, because during the concrete and stone to be drawn. Often, PVC for the outer layer can be used. The inner layer can be made of different materials, in Washington. If hoses, garden, for the purposes of drinking water is appropriate, most of the material safety PU for the inner layer can be used. All materials used together, the range of the temperature set, which is often between -20 to +60 degree centigrade is. Hoses garden can often pressures up to 30/50 time (435/725 psi) to endure. To measure the pressure in the system, a pressure gauge is placed, for more information about this article we will take about the barometer for applications the water, read.


Hose garden that’s just a outer layer is easily wraps, and confounding can be. Excluding some items, hoses garden have been reinforced. Between the layers, foreign and Domestic an amplifier made of metal, plastic or another type of strong material can be added. This reinforcement makes the hose resistant to pressure is called good against damage protected, faster, worn out, and be faster, wrestling can be. Especially for hoses garden that strict conditions are used, this feature is very important.


To connect a garden hose to a set of. sprinklers or milk to the coupling you need. In most cases, a garden hose through the couplings, such as the Gardena connected. This coupling intensive of the two parts there. The first part of a threaded fitting (with the standard 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch) and click on the part you want to hose, garden Connect is installed. The second part of a quick connect, that is, the hoses, the garden has been installed. Using the quick connect, you can hose it easily to all areas where the hose is installed like to attach.