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In the supply chain, it refers to a reputable trading company,

which is a supplier of goods or services. Professional buyers,

by evaluating the suppliers of the goods and services they need, prepare a list of reputable accepted suppliers,

who can meet their needs in the shortest possible time when they need a particular product or service.

This list is called the Vendor List.

What is a vendor list?

Professional buyers (buyers who have several thousand suppliers) evaluate the suppliers of the goods and services they need, prepare a list of reputable accepted suppliers, so that when they need a particular product or s Vendor List For Piping ervice in the shortest time To meet their needs, another reason for preparing these lists, which in the Iranian market is called Vendorlist or AVL, and its exact name is Approved Vendor List, is the supervision of the purchase of EPC contractors by the employer company. In this way, the contractor undertakes to buy only from the list of suppliers of goods and services approved by the employer company or the vendor list.

Frequently Asked Questions about AVLs

How to become a member of a vendor list?

Determining this trend depends on the policies and strategies of the vendor listing company, and this trend is different in each company (professional buyer), so the process of entering the vendor list Vendor List For Piping of different companies is not the same.
The initial registration stage of some vendor lists is online, some in person, some mail correspondence with the secretary and automated tracking, and also some vendors do not register and their AVL is subject to another vendor list, for example, company “A” may He says that the people approved by Company B are also approved by us, but more important than the registration process is the later stages, which, if not done correctly and completely, can take up to several years to achieve the result.

What is the date and method of editing vendor lists?

Vendor lists should be dynamically adding and removing companies based on continuous evaluations, however, some companies adjust and edit their vendor lists once a year, some companies at regular intervals. Shorter or longer (even once every few years) or set up a vendor list for each project.

Removal of a company name from a vendor list occurs only because the company is referred to a blacklist of suppliers, after a supplier of a product or service has joined a vendor list, and when cooperating if the supplier correctly fulfills the contract obligation. Failure to do so or fail to meet the expected quality of the employer will be blacklisted.

Do all vendor list providers Vendor List For Piping provide membership

endorsements to their accepted suppliers of goods and services?
In answer to this question, it should be said that normally the employer company should have a way that the supplier of goods or services is aware of its presence in the vendor list of that company, but the methods of informing companies are very different and these methods are useful for Suppliers are at different levels, for example, some companies can be inquired online, some companies provide annual reports of their vendor list member companies publicly, some provide a written confirmation letter, some only provide a tracking code. They give and answer questions orally, some only answer in person and some only provide this information to their contractors.

Is a company membership in a vendor list a guaranteed purchase from that company?

No, it directly depends on the level of competition between companies with similar products on that vendor list. In fact, membership in vendor lists means being a candidate for limited tenders, or it means that the purchaser chooses the best of them (whether in limited tenders, general tenders or small purchases).

Why should we subscribe to vendor lists?

Limited Tenders A major buyer in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries will be notified only of the company’s vendor list members for each commodity, in addition to which companies prefer to have public tender winners selected from their vendor list members. Thus, membership in vendor lists is a candidate for selling goods and services to the industry’s largest customers, who have a purchasing volume equal to hundreds of regular customers. In addition, obtaining a certificate of membership in the list of reputable suppliers is an added value to the honors and credibility of the organization.

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