Planning for language learning

Planning for language learning

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Planning to learn the language, get to the purpose that you have in mind, ensuring. Planning to learn English maybe a little difficult and time consuming to use. but in no way should not formulate it superficially passed. If you also intend to prepare a program for learning the English language or a regular schedule and codified for Learning English are at home, the more miss.

Continue the procedure of planning a daily basis to learn English and tips on planning for learning languages with you in the midst of our lives.

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The first step of planning for language learning: how much time this situation?

Our expectations from planning to learn English and as a result it must be close to the reality be? ie, should not be in the short time expected results are very good to have. According to the research that has been done, a person to reach the top level of the average in the English language to 480 hours of practice and learning needs. Namely, if in the planning for learning a language in 1 hour a day to give, etc. the process of learning to ۱ year and half a time, there is a need.

More students when planning daily for learn English time, much less think. For example, after 3 months practice for 10 minutes a day (a total of 15 hours), motivation to lose their. So, keep in mind that a comprehensive app to learn the English language more to a marathon, the similarity is both of speed.

We recommend about 1 hour study on planning to learn the language to consider. When you start learning, try to make more time in planning daily to learn English , consider; can, because with the passage of time and the progress of the process of learning even easier and less time Big Bro will be.

The second step is planning for Learning English: how time, divided we?

A comprehensive app to learn the English language should include all the skills quadruple (reading, writing, and … hear, speak out) be. Therefore, when preparing the resources used in planning daily to learn the English language to this note.

If you are a beginner, etc. in a regular schedule and codified to learn English in the home must be part to learn the basics of grammar as well as word learning assign. With the passage of time and familiarity with the principles of grammar, you can share grammar in planning for learning a new language at home, reduce and exercises, listening to replace it (learning the words, you will continue to proceed).

If is higher, rather than learning directly in the planning for learning a language, you can a part of planning routine to see a movie or TV series, listen to music and read a book to assign. Rather than giving time to expand the circle the words are also in the planning daily to learn English, do not forget.

The third step, planning daily to learn English: how to practice on?

One of the main parts of a comprehensive program to learn English, how to practice skills is different. Continue to practice in planning, to language learning, we’ve explained:

For grammar, if you are a beginner, you must first principles of the basic grammatical get to know around the understanding of the structure of the English language in mind. With the study of the rules relating to the names., the period, etc. adverbs, etc., the application فعلها in different times and… in planning daily to learn English, you are building up the foundations of you are. So make sure you make time in planning for learning a new language at home, to the study of the rules of grammatical assign.

To expand the vocabulary, make sure a dictionary is a good school. What is beginner’s luck and how advanced the. planning to learn English, you should include the part to learn new words and new and the correct pronunciation of them. Regular schedule, and codified to learn English at home only includes reading of new words with meanings, they are not. You have new words in the form of example, study well and get them when writing or talking, planning, rutin is also used for fun.

Skills audio , it also should not be in the planning for Learning English will do. Note that this skill in the map way of learning the English language directly on your ability in the conversation will have an impact. To improve this skill, you can use audio files with proper in planning to learn the language to use. To files, listen up. new words, take notes in. repeatedly listen to them and sentences to repeat up the structures of the verbal in your mind take shape.

Sample of a comprehensive program for Learning English

Continuing the example, for a comprehensive application to learn English to Earth. You can make some changes according to the level and reach your goal, but offers it in planning for Learning English use.

  • Tuesday: you can first week on the road map, learning English to speak infront of a mirror assign. Also, you can your voice, record, etc. listen to it and you identify. On this day, you can practices such as memorizing words with the flash cards are also planning to learn the language instead.
  • Sunday: the second day in a regular schedule and codified to learn English in the home, it can also (with a little change) to the skill of conversation and talking assign. For example, you can with your friends to English your conversation.
  • Monday and Friday: May these days, a lot of time to study and practice don’t have to … but again, could be used in planning to learn the language used. For example, you can the words of the dictionary your personal review or accuracy as compared to the English Language, Listen.
  • Wednesday: bad these days in planning for Learning English skills audio pay. For example, you can, at home, or even at times, Dead, (use the bus and Metro) to podcasts diverse listen.
  • Thursday: this day in planning for Learning English you can take to day grammar to convert. You can in addition to the study books and relevant resources, to increase the circle of vocabulary, including build, and in the structure of the sentences the grammatical that you want to learn to concentrate.
  • Friday: on Friday, planning to learn the language more contains solved exercises, tests, mini-review and bug fix is. Of course, if the week of hyperthyroidism you, you can film or serial to the original language, watch.