Chlorine Dioxide System

Today I want to present a new treatment with chlorine dioxide, launching a system of disinfection of incoming water by chlorine dioxide in an important producer of wine, juices, gazpacho, etc. Leading company nationally and internationally.

سیستم دی اکسید کلر سیستم دی اکسید کلر سیستم دی اکسید کلر

The treatment is carried out proportional to the flow of water inlet to the storage tanks. We also make an extra contribution to keep residual in times of low water consumption in the plant. In this way, it is possible to reduce the amount of by-products that the process water has, making the packaging healthier after processing. The reduction of by-products from the process of disinfection of process water and the elimination of chlorine in the process complies with European regulations on chlorates and trihalomethanes, requiring a residual for water disinfection is 0.15-0.20 ppm chlorine dioxide.

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