A variety of engines three-phase motor, cage Squirrel

The use of this type of motor in applications ترکشن such as لوکوموتيوها, where the engine ترکشن asynchronous known, Day to day increasing . To wire پيچهاي rotor flow field separation apply a magnetic field models based on continuous creation is in the engine the same time there is the engine for a time field magnetic Rotary resulting from AC three phase , the workflow is . Engines simultaneously (sync) the can as a productive flow, also applied. Speed motorAC, in the beginning, to the frequency of feeding depends on, and the amount of slippage, or the difference in rotation speed between the چرخانه field ايستانه., the torque production, the engine was determined to make it work . Change the speed in this type of enginecan be seen by having the category wire پيچها or poles are in the motor that turn on and off them, Speed Square, a rotating magnetic changes are possible. possible .

Engines three – phase

The principle of construction of primary and applied science
, such as higher enginedata , an engines القايي AC a fixed portion of the outer, called the stator and a rotor that within it rotates have that is between them, Ando a distance, the precise BS been there.Are virtual, all engines electrical field magnetic Rotary to regurgitate روتورشان used to have.A motor three phase القايي AC only kind that is in the IT field, magnetic rotating normally by the stator because of the nature of nutrition pointers it is produced.

While the engines DC by means of electrical or mechanical for the production of this field rotating in need.A motor القايي AC single phase Requires a device of electrical external to the production of this field magnetic _li_hammer action stop is .

Within each engine, two series of آهنرباي magnetic embedded it is . In a motor القايي AC a series of magnet self-lubricating to خاطراينكه feeding AC to پيچه of the stator is connected in the stator insertion have been . Because of the nature of intermittent feeding the AC voltage based on the law of the lens, secondly, on the electromagnetic to the rotor enters the correct simulation ولتاژي that in the secondary of the transformer induction can be used . Thus, the series of the other magnet lubricating upload the magnetic fields that ports .

The name of the engine القايي from اينجاست. The interaction between the magnet, the energy anyone or NT ( torque ) it provides them.In conclusion, the engine in the direction of The گشتاو arisen spin for him .

Building engines three – phase

engines three – phase , consisting of three parts are :
1. The stator
2. The rotor
3. Bowl games ( hub cap )of the

The stator

of a core of iron شياردار for fixed can be made . Inside شيارها three groups rewinding to the case and their principles, which together 120 degree electrical difference phase have . Energy electric production for the three phases of the stator to circuits outside the pass will be . The stator of several pieces of thin aluminum or iron style is made.The parts in the form of a cylinder, you empty to punch and strong, have been(core stator) with شيارهايي that شكا one shown.Wire پيچهايي of wire coated in the شيارها جاسازي have been.Each group پيچه with the core a manner that it engulfed a آهنرباي magnetic (with two bridges) to work with nutrition, AC form shows.The number of قطبهاي a motor القايي AC to connect inner پيچه Of استاتوربستگي there.پيچه of the stator directly to the source of the energy attached.They as if have connected him with establishing feeding AC a square magnetic Wheeler is produced.

The rotor

part, swivel, productive of the core iron شياردار are made, and the inside of The شيارها wire of copper to produce the eruption of the magnetic supposed to be . This eruption by Voltage Direct Current is produced .
In آلترناتورهاي big energy electrical in the stationary part ( stator ), the machine is produced . But in آلترناتورهاي are usually small energy electrical in part, swivel ( rotor ) of the be . The part in which energy electrical is produced آرميچر say .
The rotor of several pieces مجزاي narrow steel that between them, the bar of the town of copper or aluminum placed is made . In the most common type of rotor (rotor cage سنجابي) the bars at the end of their electrical and mechanical gamut rings that are connected have been . Almost 90% of the engines القايي of the rotor cage سنجابي are, and this is because it is this type of rotor thou hast life and is . The rotor of a nuclear multi-piece, cylindrical, O with axial, that cracks parallel to جادادن media within it are in the .

Any gap, a bar copper, or آلومنيومي or alloy is included . In the bars to be permanent by the Ring Of انتهايي they continue that form two of a power circuit, a short is established . Because this type of Assembly, the right simulation Cage squirrel is the name for it is selected . The bar of the rotor exactly with the axis parallel are not . Instead, due to important or biased installation can be .

Because first, but the engine to reduce sound exposure without sound كاركرده and for that of the total harmonic in the gap are away.
The second reason is the tendency of the rotor to Hong spreading less to be . Dent of the rotor due to absorption, magnetic direct ( pure ) attempt to have that in front of a dent of the stator him to stay . This happen when it happen that the number of indentation of the rotor and the stator against them .

Rotor by inhibition of us, in the end, zinc, shaft mounted ; one end of the axis in the mode of normal for the transmission of power, louder, on the other hand, used . May be some motor, the axial stopped on the other side( non-swivel – non-transferred manufacturer of force ) for the connection apparatus sensor mode( status ) and speed have . Between the stator and rotor crack air is available . Due to the induced energy from the stator to the rotor moved the show de. NT produced to rotor force data and then for anyone to it, force him . Regardless of the rotor using the general rules for the era of one is .

The cause of the received energy electrical part fixed in آلترناتورهاي this is that the force driving the electrical ( voltage ) produced in آلترناتورهاي three phase with the shape سينوسي difference of phase 120 degree Electrical is . It is the amount of voltage produced in آلترناتورها not be more than the limit allowed, and the transfer of the voltage with the flow of the top, thereby increasing the dissipation of energy in the wire and the voltage drop, the end of the line, therefore, at the beginning of the line, the amount of voltage produced by the Transformers increase, and at the end of the line in several stages, for the use of consumers, and household and industrial in too much voltage is allowed ( 380 220 ) reduce it to be . In a power plant, energy, or electrical consistently for three

Phase is produced; or because :

• Economic is more, because the آلترناتورهاي three – phase volume of intakes compared to آلترناتورهاي single phase with be the same .
• Be the moment the three phases in the consumer never to zero, is not it? therefore, be three phase changes moist than to be in the network, single phase , there is . In commissioning engines three – phase the need for wire nuts, Bootstrap, and religion, and therefore the volume of the engineare reduced, it will be . رکتيفاير of three – phase DC voltage is رايپل moist, and voltage output direct current, in رکتيفايرهاي three phase relative to the voltage of one hand in رکتيفايرهاي single phase is more smooth .

Basically, the engines alternating compared to Engines direct current of building, easier, etc. useful life of more, and the repair and maintenance convenient, more that are caused excellence benefit of the engine,the engines , the DC will be . Machines electrical three phase to two groups of main machine ( of sync and machines القايي ) classification are that in terms of building, workmanship, and application differences of are pretty large . But based on the work of each FST, they create a magnetic field models based on rotating, it is in between the two types of machine AC القايي easier and cheaper and has more as the engine used, but the machine sync when building more complex and the price گرانتري is often referred to as productive to employ .

For applications needs to be higher, from engines القايي three phase AC ( or multi – phase ) is used . The engineof the difference of the phase existing between the phaseof the Fed multi – phase electrical to create field الکترومغناطيسي rotating inside the … use . Often, the rotor includes a number is an incarnation of the copper is in steel have been placed . Through the induction of الکترومغناطيسي field magnetic Rotary in this incarnation, the induction of flow of it. that result, lead to the creation of a magnetic field models based on balanced and causes that the engine in the direction of the circulation of the field to move in them. this type of engine is called the engine القايي famous .

This is the engine To move him, should have always been the engine with the numerous less than the frequency of the power supply if the motor spinning, because otherwise, the field balancing in the rotor create will not . Engines القايي AC three phase is widely used in the control of commercial and industrial use are . They, as well as enginesof with the rotor winding eaten or cage سنجابي classification are .

The engine, the starter are no capacitors or پيچه starter or switched out of the center or the device آغازگري use does not. They torque starter on the degree of medium or high production of a commodity.The range of force production and efficiency of this engine,from medium to high, with the same of single Phasetheir comparison will be.The use of general they like آسيابها (and ليث, the device won and shaping wood and metal) drill pressure pumps, compressors conveyor belts also, the apparatus, printing apparatus farm cooling in electronic and other كاربريهاي mechanical is.

Engines three – phase sizes are different from the land of the tribe of less than one horsepower of the power of several thousand horsepower are made . The motor almost has a characteristic speed constant, and so the plan will be that characteristic گشتاورشان variable is . Some of them have a torque commissioning high and others with torque commissioning are low . Some of these motorsare designed society that the current way اندازيشان normal and in others the current high is . The enginefor ولتاژها and the frequency of the standard are made and engines three – phase voltage dual very common . From this The enginefor machine tools, pumps, elevators, etc., fan, and Crane, and many devices and other use are .

Engine cage

Almost 90 percent of the engines القايي AC three phase , this نوعند.That the rotor them from the type of cage سنجابي is initially described . The range of classification force them from one up to several hundred horsepower.Engines of this kind is in the category of a horsepower to the top have, in comparison with the same of single – phase, low-cost trend and can be in the starter in pressure heavier used them.

In a motor , cage سنجابي , etc. درمرحله design پارامتهاي different should be chosen. A motor with a resistance رتور small preferred to be particularly characteristic of the work machine improved existence . The resistance of a small lead to a slip اسمي small to be that this would lead to efficient and high رگولاسيون good speed to him . You’re welcome. flow commissioning and torque started small, be .

Each additive in the resistance رتور the characteristic opening of the improvement that the current opening of the reduction and torque opening of the increase of AMR, but a characteristic of the work of ordinary machine and ruin it. Torque the failure of standard to measure the ability of the engine in front of the added loads, the short-term. رتوري times راكتانس a small torque, the failure of the great created here, but in front of the increase of a particular رابدنبال there . Since ملزمومات design to work normal and permanent engine , and at the stage of commissioning opposite .

In a motor القايي cage سنجابي , a commissioning the good along with the performance of permanent normal and when can be gained that the resistance رتور is Otto ماتيك speed change him. بطويكه in stop mode, the resistance and increasing the speed is reduced, and at velocities near the Speed Nominal Amount of which is quite small, be . Such a change is affiliated with spreading resistance value رتور to the frequency of The رتور the fulfillment of existence. In stop mode, etc.

the frequency of The رتور and equal to the frequency of the stator is . These two books speed frequency رتور decrease in the speed of a name to a range of 2 to 10% the frequency of the stator it. Rotor, such a design to be its resistance at the frequency of the stator is large and reduce the frequency of The رتور., the resistance is low and at a frequency equal to 2 to 10% the frequency of the stator, small to be . This type of changes in the resistance رتور using رتور with bars profound or رتور cage سنجابي double can be gained .رتور cage سنجابي with Groove depth, etc. have شيارهاي deep narrow it is .
We can imagine was that the teeth inside the groove by a few the teeth inside the groove by a few Hadi thin, which is parallel connected to each other, have been replaced to be . In velocities was low when the frequency of The رتور ballast difference راكتانسهاي هاديها causes that the distribution of flow in the teeth of upper and lower different crafted . That Hadi high maximum flow and Hadi low the lowest current to pass through it .

Due to lack of distribution of uniform flow, etc. resistant effective Hadi increases and the راكتانسهاي they decrease . When the speed to near the speed of the name is due to the reduction of the frequency of The رتور, etc. راكتانس layers پائيني levels of existence . Therefore, the distribution of the flow inside the groove, mainly due to resistance equivalent رتور decreases .
رتور cage سنجابي double includes 2 Hadi connect short in each slot is

Classification engines cage

engines cage سنجابي القائي three phase broadly used. Fits any apply, مشخصههاي particular of the speed –torque speed flow is necessary . باانتخاب suitable رتور in terms of resistance and راكتانس and the depth of the groove or double being, it can be engine ofthis design was that characteristic of the requirements will be . Engines with the capacity of بالابراي work بردهاي specific design are . In engines , medium and small (approximately less than 150كيلو Watt ) design based on the classification of the standard is done . Standards above, according to the characteristic of the speed – torque and speed – current over time, and to meet the needs of most Engines القائي determination have been .

In the work of The بردهاي engineering., the choice of a way of doing that are characteristic of the engine to the characteristic needed my mind to be . Some of the countries استاندارها was specific for lay people.
*A motor, Class A, has رتوري resistance and راكتانس is low and slip, small, efficient coefficient and high power at the time, name, etc. of torque failure. high torque, bootstrap, ordinary, etc. وجريان, bootstrap, this is high . Engine Class A, the behavior of the factors in the mode of work permanently from your show . But the behavior of commissioning answered no. Sticking it with the complete of 2% in the engines with a capacity of up to 4% in the engines with the capacity of low change for him . Torque the failure of two times the torque rating is .

The range of torque starting torque nominal for engines up two times the torque rating for the engines , small is in the engines , Big Flow Opening of the 8 times the current name and in engines , small, 5 times the current name is.
*An engine Class B, also has a slip rating small وگشتاور commissioning the ordinary is. Flow, bootstrap, motor, Class B, 70 to 80 دصد flow commissioning the engine كلاسA similar. The راكتانس رتور an engineClass B is larger than راكتانس engine similar class A is . Torque commissioning using a رتور groove depth or double provided. Due to the increasing راكتانس scattering رتور, etc. of torque failure از2 times the torque rating slightly less than that . Also, the power factor in the load name for the quantitative levels of existence .
*In the engine Class C from رتور double used .Resistant رتور at the moment of commissioning of the resistance of the motor, similar to Class B is greater than . Also, the current commissioning small, there is. In theengine Class C in comparison with كلاسB similar torque, the failure of smaller, etc. the efficiency of times a name less and less slip times the nominal larger (slip of less than 5% ) is.

سنجابيcage motor * class Dبه for single-groove, the thickness of and راكتانس, tees, design be .Torque, bootstrap, top ( about 3 to 4 times the torque nominal ) and flow commissioning, it is small .
But in spite of the correction characteristic mode commissioning characteristic mode of work permanent, infinite, in place of their shows . This زجمله can be made to the slip with a name up ( 5 to 50%) and work efficiency, low noted .

Class F is the combination of the characteristic of convenient in work ائم ( slip 2 to 4%) وجريان commissioning small it is . But in front of the torque, bootstrap, وشكست a little, to create new life .For this reason, unlike engines cage سنجابي apply a wide range’t.

Engines القائي with رتور wire, carpet, has been
one of the characteristics of the engine of القائي رتور wire, good is to the engines cage سنجابي it is to compromise between the profile mode, commissioning and work permanently, etc., there is not . Wire, good رتور and thickness of a small design is and that in a state of permanent efficiency of fit and slip a cause to be.Characteristic of a commissioning by adding resistance درمدار رتور correction are .
In the conditions that the torque commissioning great need of. resistance external رتور so determined to be the highest torque in the commissioning will be created. The act of reducing the flow way انداري also are looking for, and as soon as رتور speed was the resistance of the external The engine decreases. Is one engine at the stage of commissioning, with the maximum torque acceleration measured him . Of these, that part of the losses رتور in the resistance of the external cause may be, increasing the temperature of The رتور under commissioning is low .

Choosing the perfect resistance رتور., the cause of the maximum capacity of the torque used, therefore, in the recent applications that commissioning and conditions ترمزي the beginning, in the beginning, is a required course(with high torque ) from the engine رتور wire layout has been used.

Because of the availability of wire, good رتور., the flexibility and control of engines رتور wire, good is more than the engine of the cage سنجابي is . It is possible to change the resistance رتور and the injection voltage to رتور there . But in front of ضعفهايي compared to the motor cage سنجابي there . Including can be made to the price high, needs maintenance and repair of frequent جاروبك and ring the slider رتور and reduce the strength of The رتور mention .. so, like engines , cage, سنجابي apply a wide range’t.


when the engine of القايي directly to the line voltage connected course of commissioning great draws . In conditions that impedance internal power supply or the capacity of current output, it is limited to. commissioning the engine caused a drop of the line voltage will be . As a result, other loads connected to its power supply fails can be permanent . Therefore, it is necessary to use methods course needs to be limited . The behavior of engines cage سنجابي under commissioning according to its type (class engine )different desires. as in Section 5-1-3 person .

Commissioning engines رتور, wire, short circuit with the resistance of the external رتور carried out the commissioning was limited, we show that in the section 5-1-4 person . Other time, there is that in the case of engines , cage, سنجابي and also about رتور wire, carpet, has been the work of winning are . For example, we can reduce the voltage feeding, changing the frequency esta tour or increase of impedance esta tour named.

In engines رتور wire, good has also injected voltage درمدار رتور also in order to reduce the flow commissioning can be use as . Of these methods, except in the method of increasing the impedance of the stator to control the speed of the engine, as well as that are used in parts of the next, the chapter discusses their principles.
Methods conventional reduction of flow commissioning, reducing the voltage nutrition is the key to the star – triangle or اتوترانس to be done .Method of Star – triangle on engines applicable is that in normal conditions the form of triangles, about the exploitation of their principles . With the change in wire layout of the triangles to stars, voltage and current commissioning coefficient and torque of a particular coefficient reduced his Lord . In commissioning, model shemale with a ratio of conversion of ar, current, starting torque, commissioning, respectively, with coefficients and reduced his Lord . In both methods change the status of the mode commissioning mode permanently, if the key is used, the possibility of the occurrence of flow of transient high-amplitude T is . Cut the key from the power supply causes the esta tour zero and field Battalion esta tour to be removed .

Through constant when big رتور flow رتور continue raising, and field رتور cause induction of voltage on سيمبندي the stator is . Phase voltage القائي in esta, the tour will depend on the status of the field رتور is independent of the phase voltage of the network is . At the moment, and reconnect the motor to the network, a voltage new is the phase voltage القائي of field رتور and network in thephase front of the sterility and consequently the flow هجومي شديدي will be created.
Engines usually with 2 wire insulation in the stator design are . So that in a state of ordinary, usually every two wire layout are parallel in the circuit will be in the stage of commissioning is just one of the wire package in the circuit of life. This would increase the impedance equivalent to the engine , and consequently the flow commissioning is limited . This method, called the method of commissioning with wire, good كسري called to be .

Brake spreading

like engines , dc methods, different brakes, electrical engines القائي used that to 3 categories the following groups are :
brake generator the
brake with the inverse spreading nutrition
brake dynamic or rheostats no provision
, unlike the engines dc Tomer dynamic in engines القايي a few were possible .

Control speed

in this section, the principles of methods of controlling the speed of driving of the device in which they ازمبدلهاي semi-conductor Controlled Use shall be examined . Methods trendy include :control with source voltage variable frequency constant
control with voltage source frequency variable
control resistance رتور
control method of injection of voltage in the circuit رتور
methods 1 and 2, in the case of engines , cage, سنجابي and رتور wire, carpet, has been وروشهاي, 3, and 4 only in the engines رتور wire, good reliable use .

Controlling speed with the source voltage and variable frequency, constant
torque, a distance of air in the engine القائي proportional to square of voltage nutrition is .
Shape of the overall curve of the speed – torque is similar, but with the square of the voltage change is not . Control the speed, باتغيير voltage Fed to the species, this was done, that the desired speed torque load by the Motor Supply can be . What follows that increasing the voltage the higher the voltage rating not allowed to be so in this method, increasing the speed until the speed rating possible .

Because گشتاو in slip, characterized by the square of the voltage is proportional to time. therefore, the flow رتور directly proportional to the voltage nutrition is .In conclusion, the ratio of torque to current by reducing the voltage Fed decreases . Also, the torque available for a time investment of thermal specified for the engine decreases .Torque it also مجذورولتاژ tees will be . Therefore, operation at velocities was low, and the conditions of thermal, natural engine , in addition, possible that the torque load with reduced speed, reduced him, for example, can be used to loads پنكه of as the category of the bar, of the variable referred to.

For having a large range

ا زتغييرا ت speed, it is necessary to Engines with a slip rating high to be used, and therefore, engines Class D cage سنجابي with slip between 10% to 20% in the time a name or engines رتور wire, good with the resistance of the external high applied already are. In engines رتور سيمبندي been through that toll copper رتور in the resistance of the external cause to be ( out of رتور )compared to engines كلاسD more are . Therefore, it can be from the engines كوچكتري also used, but this does not necessarily lead to having constitutes a cost lower than it. because the cost of higher related to the maintenance of a motor رتور wire, carpet, and also مقاومتها the additional external there.
If the losses گردشي, waste copper, stator and losses core regardless of. the efficiency of the engine from equation (5-15) for the following can be gained .
equations (5-15) and (5-19) demonstrate that that with increasing slip, power, resulting to reduce casualties, and copper رتور increase of the Lord . In conclusion, the efficiency of the engine at velocities low, reducing the large will be .

Motor with rotor torsion bar

Engine with belly slider, or the motor rotor torsion bar kind of engine القايي cage سنجابي is.Here is the stator in the engine , like the engine , cage, سنجابي is a series of پيچه the zinc rotors, ” you are in a state of مداركوتاه not, but to a series of رينگهاي slider termination are.This پيچه in the add مقاومتها and خازنهاي external سودمندند.A slip is necessary to produce torque, maximum final, directly, with the resistance of the rotor is proportional to.In the engine with a belly slider effective resistance of the rotor by adding the resistance of the External the belly of the slider decreases.
Therefore, the possibility to get the slip higher and the torque is maximal final velocities less there.
A resistance of the external I توانددر speed, almost zero, the result shows that گشتاو maximal final very large with the current starter, tees, produced for him.When the engine is accelerated to be the amount of resistance can be reduced, up specifications engine for things with a high level of pressure suitable to be.When the engine quickly original seems خازنهاي the external circuit outside are the يدين means that the engine as a motor القايي standard work for him.
This type of engine for pressures Mana (works with constant pressure) that chemists torque, the final should be, in speed, almost zero production, and the motor دركمترين time and with the least consumption of current speed, maximum acceleration, s is ideal.

Part bottom engine with belly slider

in which the Rings along with the collection براشها is to maintain regularly needs داردكه in terms of price , the standard being as it is a motor , cage سنجابي impossible for him.If پيچه are shorter شوده and the starter does not usually flow بالااز rotor in a state of stop عبورمي said that in the limit of 1400 percent.Weak and fragile countries were in this mode, the burst گشتاوري in the limit of 60% of production activities, which in many كاربريها such a possibility to support such a thing is not.Change مقاومتهاي rotor curve speed torque adjustment is گرددكه means by the numerous that the government of the engine in pressure for human neoplasm disease that could be adjusted.The capacity of the completed pressure can speed up to 50% speed سنكرون decrease.Especially when the pressure from a variety ofSM, with the need for torque – velocities, such as پرسهاي print or compressors is . Reduce speed to below 50% efficiency because of the dissipation of energy in مقاومتها to drastically reduce it.This type of engine in كاربريهايي with spin-torque and velocities, such as پرسهاي print , compressors , conveyor belts , lifting and elevators are used.

But the usual and repair them

1-if a motor multi – phase way public forms may be of the following is:
a) فيوز burned.
B) ياتاقانها have been worn out.
C) once the engine is high.
D) phase has been discontinued.
As a better, or a group the better the connection, the short is.
And) wire of رتور Shell have been.
D) fitting the internal false are.
H) ياطاقان گريپاژ him.
I) كنترولر is broken.
I)Wire short circuit to the body of the connection there.

2-if the engine , multi – phase, good work, not spirit, it is possible to following criteria:
a) فيوز burned.
B) ياطاقانها have been worn out.
C) the better اتال short is.
D) phase inverse is.
The) phase has been discontinued.
And) fitting parallel cut have.
B) wire short circuit to the body of the connection there.
H) wire of رتور Shell have been.
I) voltage with frequency correct’t be.

3-if the engine to آهستگي spin ممكنست that spirit, the following pre-Come is:
a)better or the group the better اتال short they are.
B)the better or the group inverse are.
C) ياطاقانها have been worn out.
D) an additional burden on the lead engine, has fallen.
The) fitting false have(phase inverse is.)
And) wire of رتور Shell have been.

4-if the engine is too hot, Be:
(A) the time the engine is high.
B) ياطاقانها worn انديا tight are.
C) the better or group اتال is too short.
D) motor with a phase rotates.
The) wire of رتور Shell have been.

Based on the work of the engine القايي three phase

With a آهنرباي نعلي shape and a one-piece aluminum can be a set with the axis of joint construction . If the magnet revolves around a joint with speed enough to move in. [the piece aluminum start to anyone in the direction of the magnet will be . He cut the lines of magnetic field models based on magnet by-piece aluminum, etc. in it the flow of the induced and the flow القايي , in its turn, a magnetic field models based on the existence of (a) that the effect of cross it with the field magnet گشتاوري created piece of aluminum began to move the will . Quickly move the piece aluminum necessarily less than the speed of movement of the magnet will be possible to cut the lines of the field by it . This simple set represents the basis of the work القايي engine is .

Production of field rotating

if a آهنرباي permanent or a آهنرباي electrical around day بچرخانيم. the field of Rotary is produced that in the car of sync in the same way, field rotating into the hands of God .
But the way of the other, together to create square, rotating, there is a ” wire winding with a difference of phase of the site, 120M into a network of three – phase difference when 120M connect to toil .”

Tip : to his current three phase can be field rotating could produce, without being آهنرباي movable used .
In practice, wire, winding in the environment, and the core of iron that to the cylindrical shape is the distribution of the flow of the wire winding, the poles of which are . So, due to the difference of phase of the site, 120M, between a winding and the dispute phase , when 120M between the flow, the field دواري ‘ knowledge .
Note : If a magnet is rotated, or the current of the three phases of the winding, hence the name, where they are completely symmetric in the environment of a cylindrical distribution are presented. the current crafted square Rotary production will be .
Machines of alternating three – phase, on the basis of creating the field, rotating the work they do and in engines , three Phase field rotating by the stator is produced .
In the case that the rotating stator of the three-wire winding when compared to each other, 120M difference phase have produced it. the speed Square, a rotating against the frequency of the network will be . Field rotating in such a way, just have a North Pole and a South Pole Magnetic is .

Note : The Speed field rotating function network frequency and number of Poles of the wire short circuit is .
The polarity of the magnetic consistently binary was from the direction of the speed square, rotating based on the number of pairs of Poles can be calculated with :

[ Round upon the second R . P . S ] F = speed of the magnetic field rotating
, and since that is usually the speed per minute is desired, etc. can be quickly field rotating depending on the RPM of The زابطه under acquired :
[ ns ] = R . P . M 60f ns =
F : frequency of the network depending on the HZ
P : number of pairs of poles, wire, carpet,
ns : speed square, rotating based on rpm

The flow field in rotating
if the field rotating in the clockwise of the hours move on. it’s the right-and the contrary it is left-handed or damage to property . With nowhere to place connecting the two phases of the three phase power supply, etc. will be the direction of the circulation field, rotating to change that .
Slip machine القايي
In machines القايي , the speed of the moving rotor speed square, rotating difference, and this difference cause the induction of current in the circuit رتور be . The amount of this difference in the speed of the slip is called .

A review of the circuits three phase
ولتاژها and flow in a circuit, three phase
Connect the Triangle
performance, engines القايي three – phase
engines القايي single phase

Probably more of a variety of enginefrom the engines

القايي AC single phase is used.Logical, that must be the engines have the lowest گراني and the cost of keeping domestic most used. Engine القايي AC single phase best manifestation of this description is.It is not from the name it can be attained in this type of engine is the only one پيچه (پيچه main) is a power supply: single phase working for him.All engines القايي single – phase rotor of the type of cage سنجابي is.
القايي motor , single – phase , Bootstrap is not.When engine to one, nutrition, single phase is connected پيچه original has know all about it intermittent can be.This alternating magnetic field models based on a ضرباني production for him.Peace inducing rotor stimulation will be.Because the magnetic field models based on the Original ضرباني is توركي that for spin motor it is necessary triggers his life and cause vibration of the rotor and not spin it to be.Hence, the engine القايي single phase to the device, the beginning of Die-Cast need داردكه the تواندضربات beginnings to rotate the motor, the production of knowledge.
Device, the beginning trader engines القايي single phase basically پيچه an extra in the stator is (پيچه help) is in the form of three is shown.پيچه starter could have خازنهاي series or switched out from the center of the IS.When the voltage feeding is established, the flow in پيچه original more resistance پيچه main ولتاژتغذيه to drop that Voltage to current conversion will be).Therefore, during the flow پيچه starter pack to the resistance of the device starter to increase the voltage feeding can become.Interplay between heaven and magnetic, which پيچه the main and the device starters, the formation of the field برايندي are they that direction, the circulation of him.Engine circulation in the direction of the field presented the beginning of it.
When the engine up to 75% away their authorized reaches a switch out of the center of The پيچه start of the Circuit out for him.From this moment on, engine : single Phase can be تورك enough for the continued functioning of your hold.
Except for all kinds of special with Capacitor start / capacitor run عموماهمه engines , single – phase only for the use of the top of the 3/4 hp used to be.
Depending on the variety of techniques starter engines القايي single – phase AC on the classification of its vast knowledge in the form below described are located.

motor with phase broken

Motor , single phase capacitor permanent
Engines , single phase with capacitors, Bootstrap, or engine with Bootstrap power factor controller
Engines , double power factor controller


one of a variety of engines , DC, square, wire, short circuit the engine ينيورسال is. Name of the engineof this fact is taken that the enginewill be together with the flow of DC and AC applied, although that often is practically the enginewith nutrition, AC working people. The principles of work of the engineon the basis of which, when an engine DC, square-wire short circuit to alternating plug is used. the current in wire, short circuit, Square, and wire, short circuit آرميچر (and of the magnetic maintainance) simultaneous change that, and therefore, the force, the mechanical induced consistently, no change will be. In practice engine Should be for a particular design, with the flow of AC compatibility, have an impedance/reactance should be considered the sterility) and the engine of the final, generally with the performance intakes compared to an engine equivalent to DC would be pure.
The advantage of this enginethis is that it can be fed AC zinc enginesof that has مشخصههاي kind of engines , DC are applied, especially given that this enginehave torque commissioning is very high and the design is very compact in velocities are high. The people of a place this enginerepair and maintenance, and the problem of reliability them, that due to the existence of کموتاتور is created and thus the motorare seldom found in the industry are, but semblance Engines , AC in دستگاههايي such as blender and tools, electrical that sometimes are, are .

Motor with pole rivets

Engines three – phase conversion

القايي motor, AC pole shade housewife

Engines with poles shades only a پيچه original and have پيچه starters, don’t.Starters, eating, and by the specific plan, it is the ring of continuous copper of the part away when a small portion of each pole motor, ring for him to be done.This shade is the pole’s two-piece shall cause to be field exposure of the weaker in the shade folded relative to the other section and, in addition, it created them.The interaction between the first axis to rotate is imperative.
Because the motor with pole shade eaten پيچه the starter , switch starter or capacitor not in terms of electrical, simple, and cheap.Also, the speed of it راصرفا by changing the voltage or by a پيچه with a few different rounds can be controlled.


Build engine with pole shade folded in terms of mechanical permit mass production to make it.

In this enginethe engines once consumption are known.This indicates that replacing them cheaper than repair them.

Engines with a pole, the shade of the housewife, many specs have a positive.But several about the فايدگي have.Torque starter, tees, it is usually 25 to 75 per cent of the torque point is.This engine engineي-loss ballast, that the numerous, about 7 to 10 percent the speed of سنكرون there.Generally, the efficiency of this type of motor is very low (under 20%).
The cost of the initial lower it for power or less applications, with people less suited to him.Perhaps وسيعترين use them in فنهاي multi-speed for indoor use is.But torque, low engine has a pole shade to for most كاربريهاي industrial or commercial in which they work, continuous or cycle of the circulation of most common non-usable for him.Figure 9 curve, the speed – torque for a variety of engine القايي AC single phase shows.

Engines , square-wire short circuit has been

how to create a magnetic field rotating in the engines of a phase
engines , AC single phase
Ordinary common motor, single phase motor سنكرون pole clothing rivets button is often in دستگاههايي to human neoplasm disease process that torque, low need, such as پنكه of electric .اجاقهاي ماكروويوو other home appliances small. Type other engineاي سي single فازموتورالقايي is often درلوازم big نظيرماشين لباسشويي وخشك to dress to work he goes. Generally, the enginemay گشتاورراه View larger رابااستفاده ازيک wire winding way اندازبه cell, a capacitor, Bootstrap, and a key گريزاز center to create them.
When commissioning, etc., capacitors, and wire winding commissioning through a bunch of contact of pressurized shock absorbers, zinc, key out from the center, rotating, etc. to a power source, connected, and they are. Capacitor to increase the torque commissioning engine that helps. When the engine quickly name it. the key to escape from the Center activated., the category کنتاکتها active is used. capacitors and wire winding, bootstrap, series of power supply, isolated basis, in the engine, only with a winding main action will.
Engines single phase in terms of the type of installation to a variety of motor with the phase of broken- motor with capacitor temporary -engine باخازن temporary and capacitor permanent-engine انيورسال -motor with pole rivets division are. Among the engines , single – phase motor انيورسال that in equipment, home-like vacuum cleaner electric -meat of application of the torque and speed of a high are entitled


فيوزهاي automatic
فيوز miniature
building فيوز فشنگي with ball valves, short circuit
A variety of فيوز terms of the type of function
فيوزهاي work
building contactors,
components, forming a type of contactor are
the advantages of کنتاکتورها
advantages of contactor:
کنتاکتورها compared to کليدهاي manual industrial benefits as follows are:
– the consumer can be remote controlled to be.
– Consumer can be from a multi-location control.
– Possibility to design the control circuit automatic for the different stages of the work, the consumer, there
– Speed disconnect and connect the key and the high depreciation, it is low.
– In terms of conservation sure trend, and assured of protection, more and complete more are.
– Life موثرشان is higher.
– When a power failure, the circuit, the consumer also cut out to be the starter re-fellowship; can result from the risks connected sudden device, close up, measured in the grave.
Contactor for the flow of AC وDC are made.The difference between these two contactors in this is that in contactors of AC from one loop short circuit to prevent vibration derived from the mains frequency is used.


Force ship a magnet, electrical current, alternating, etc.

fit in with the chi flow عبوري of it, and the result fits in with The Chi اندکسيون Magnetic is. The number of دفعاتي that the energy maximum and the Zero will be, etc. as much as double the frequency of the network will be run.In conclusion, in a few moments, that the amount of force کششي more force resistant, shock absorber, the contactor will. the core of contactor absorbed and in a few moments, that the amount of force کششي less than the amount of force the spring of. core removable core was released and the location of the first open to be.
Thus, at the core of animated vibration and noise will create the fluctuations can be used by a closed-loop pole surface, the fit of, and about one-half to 3/2 level of each pole is covered from between winning and shake it to fix the village. Practice this ring, it is like a winding secondary ترانسفورماتوري that in the case of a short circuit is located, from which it flows القايي pass that and cause the eruption of the magnetic sub-circuit, the core can be. The eruption stopped by the eruption of اطلي difference Phase is when that force کششي حاطل from the eruption اطلي zero-IT. resources کششي resulting from the eruption of the main maximum would be and in a way that the force resulting from the eruption ماکزييم be, this force would be zero, and because gather the energy to the core of the animated effect of the Redeemer. force کششي in every moment of the force, the resistance of the shock absorber will be more.
Voltage nutrition بوبين is different from 24 to 380ولت are made. In most countries, Industrial, for protection more nutrition بوبين relay, under voltage protected (65ولت)select models. Or for feeding circuit, command, Transformers distinct to the brand.
Knowing the specifications contactor

Type of contactor

according to the type of consumer and the conditions of work. کنتاکتورها has the power and flow عبوري certain for voltage ranges of different simple. Therefore, to the table and profile of the contactor attention enough attention for help and select the game contactor based on the specifications required by the alliance.
To connect the consumer to the network must be the key or کنتاکتوري with proper specification using the contact of the bearing current, starting current, permanent, have also, in case of a short circuit, etc. the flow of the moment a lot of that from orbit, passing him. Or the spark of God that when you connect the circuit to create the Earth. injury is the key to rock the boat.
For this purpose, and for this that came after designing the circuit, the contactor, suitable for connecting a consumer to the network choice, he said, should be balanced by a name related to the contactor familiar way.For selection of the contactor in the power of be from the table of its use.

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