Multi-Stage pumps, types, components and application

A pump is a device that is designed and produced in different types and models. Depending on the type of use and the type of fluid to be transferred, the structure and components of the pump can be different. One of the types of pumps that is widely used in various industries such as construction, agriculture, air conditioning, is the Multi-Stage pump. The Multi-Stage pump in the category of centrifugal pump is . The reason why it is called a tiered pump is the presence of several impellers and their tiered structure inside the pump. The presence of multiple impeller stages in the stage pumps that are placed one after the other has given them the ability to create more flow and head than other centrifugal pumps, and therefore for applications that need to pump water to higher heights and with higher flow rates. They have more, they are suitable. In general, Multi-Stage pumps are divided into two types: vertical Multi-Stage and horizontal Multi-Stage, which in the article on the difference between vertical and horizontal Multi-Stage pumps have been fully investigated and compared . In the continuation of this industrial article, the introduction of Multi-Stage pumps, their types, components and applications will be discussed, so stay with us.


What is a Multi-Stage pump?

The Multi-Stage pump is in the category of pumps whose function is centrifugal or centrifugal, and it in the dynamic pump is placed category. The Multi-Stage pump uses several centrifugal impellers and diffusers in series, and for this reason, it has the power and ability to transfer fluid with higher pressure and flow rate. The number of impeller stages in these pumps can be different depending on the need. Because of their features, Multi-Stage pumps are used in high-rise buildings, agriculture, and utility systems.

Types of Multi-Stage pumps

  1. Vertical Multi-Stage pump
  2. Horizontal Multi-Stage pump

In general, Multi-Stage pumps in terms of structure include two types of vertical Multi-Stage and horizontal Multi-Stage. As the name suggests, vertical Multi-Stage pumps are installed vertically and are suitable when there is a problem of lack of space. Also, the vertical Multi-Stage pump is more balanced due to its placement. The horizontal Multi-Stage pump has a horizontal structure and is installed in the same way. The horizontal Multi-Stage pump has relatively easier maintenance.


Multi-Stage pump components

  • the butterfly
  • I saw
  • body
  • Diffuser
  • water seal
  • bearing
  • suction part
  • Discharge section

Multi-Stage pumps have the above main components, each of which performs a task for the proper operation of the pump. As explained earlier, several impellers are used in series in a multistage pump. The most obvious feature of Multi-Stage pumps is the use of several impeller stages and diffusers. Multi-Stage pumps are designed for clean fluids such as water, and the type of impeller used in this pump is generally a closed impeller type. In order to avoid damage caused by the possible entry of any solid particles into the pump impeller, it is better to before entering the pump. use a strainer

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Multi-Stage pump impeller

The impellers used in Multi-Stage pumps are closed impeller type. Stage pumps are designed to create high pressures. In addition to placing several propellers in series in the pump, the type of propeller shape must also be such that it can provide high pressure, and for this reason, the closed propeller is suitable for having such a capability. The impeller of Multi-Stage pumps can be made of different materials according to the properties of the pumped fluid. The impeller material of the Multi-Stage pumps available in the market is steel 304, steel 316, cast iron and engineering plastic. For example , Leo LVS series vertical Multi-Stage pump is made of 304 steel impeller and Leo EVP series vertical Multi-Stage pump is made of engineering plastic impeller.

Multi-Stage pump shell

The shell or body in Multi-Stage pumps, like other pump shells, has the task of keeping other pump components together, and in fact, it is a cover that protects all pump components integrally. The shell of Multi-Stage pumps is also produced from different materials according to the working and environmental conditions. The Multi-Stage pump shell is available in 304 steel, 316 steel and cast iron materials. For example, Leo LVB series vertical storey pump of 316 steel and Ebara COMPACT series horizontal storey pump shell is made of cast iron. shell is made

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How Multi-Stage Pump works

The performance of Multi-Stage pumps is centrifugal; This means that they use centrifugal force to make the fluid flow. rotates with the rotation of the electromotor rotor by the coupling In a multi-stage pump , the pump shaft . The propeller blades are mounted on the propeller shaft and therefore the propeller assembly rotates. The fluid enters the chamber from the suction part, and with the rotation of the impeller inside the diffuser, centrifugal force is applied to the fluid, and the fluid is transferred from around one impeller to the next impeller, and with the continuation of this movement, the fluid trapped inside the chamber is directed towards the discharge of the pump. will be

Application of Multi-Stage pump

Multi-Stage pumps are actually designed with the aim of creating a higher head and flow rate than other centrifugal pumps. Also, according to their structure, they are suitable for transferring and pumping clean and dilute fluids such as water. They are widely used in situations and cases that require moving water to high altitudes, such as tall buildings and large agricultural lands. In the following, the applications of Multi-Stage pumps are mentioned:

  1. In large and high buildings to strengthen pressure and water supply
  2. In agriculture, to supply water to fields and gardens with long distances
  3. In utility systems, central heating and air conditioning
  4. In desalination systems and large urban and industrial treatment plants
  5. Pumps used in booster pumps
  6. In large washing systems and industrial car washes

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One of the types of pumps used to supply water to tall buildings and water supply to large agricultural lands is the Multi-Stage pump. Multi-Stage pumps are designed in two types, vertical and horizontal, and use several propellers in series to flow and apply force to the fluid. There are companies that produce Multi-Stage pumps in both vertical and horizontal types. Leo company is one of them that offers both types in the best quality. to buy the Leo LVR stainless steel Multi-Stage vertical pump with a 304 steel body and impeller, as well as the Leo EMH stainless steel horizontal Multi-Stage pump You can refer to the relevant page . You can also contact our experts to buy and inquire about the stock and price of other Multi-Stage pumps of different models and brands.